Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Crack/Patch

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Empire at War let gamers play the light side or the dark side in an epic Galactic Civil War. Now, for the first time ever, Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption introduces a unique point of view – the corrupt side. The Rebels have just destroyed the Death Star, and the galaxy is in turmoil. As an aspiring Underworld figure named Tyber Zann, spread corruption throughout the galaxy using new strategic gameplay elements to influence other factions, steal their funds, slow their production, spy on them and more, all en route to becoming the most notorious criminal leader since Jabba the Hutt. New land-tactical options like customizable, upgradeable bases and guerilla warfare allow for innovative battlefield tactics. Take command of and confront new fighting units for all factions (Rebel B-wings, Imperial TIE interceptors, Darth Vader's Executor Super Star Destroyer and more), and take down anyone who stands in your way of ruling the Underworld, be they new battlefield heroes like Luke Skywalker and Yoda or the forces of your most bitter rival – Jabba. Destroy capital ships with the awesome firepower of the second Death Star, and satiate Tyber's drive for the deadliest capital ship in the galaxy, a devastatingly powerful Super Star Destroyer known as the Eclipse. [LucasArts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1712
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
LucasArts / Petroglyph

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption reviews ( 6 )

HenryS., Nov 12, 2006

Star wars: Forces of Corruption is an example of one of those games that really represents the talent of its production team. When I heard that the original creators of the Command & Conquer franchise were going to contribute their talents into Empire at War I was extremely excited. I was pleased with the original EAW, but there just seemed to be something missing from the game. Forces of Corruption seems to fill the small holes of the original game and adds loads of new original content that practically makes it a brand new game in its own right. This expansion pack turns a great game into an epic masterpiece. This is one of, if not the best Star Wars games ever released and one of the best RTS games of all time. The new faction is great and plays totally different to the other previous sides in the original game. Star Wars fans are going to flip out as we can now use the Super Star destroyer as a fully working unit. This is probably the highlight of the game and it adds so much to the mechanics of the already awesome space naval combat. Rebel and Empire fans need not worry both factions have also been updated with killer new weapons such as: B-wings, Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Tie Defenders, and Grand Admiral Thrawn to name a few. If your a fan of the franchise or not this games worth getting. The best part is you get all this for only $29 bucks.

MichaelL., Nov 30, 2006

FoC is an excellent addition to the Empire at War series. The addition of the Zann Consortium adds a more fun and diverse twist to the gameplay. The ZC campaign is for one very very enjoyable experience. I still have yet to try out all the units in multiplayer for both the Rebel and Empire sides. Oh, and multiplayer rocks, three factions, larger maps, new maps, it

TheMasiMan1, Jan 24, 2016

A great game. I like it. Star Wars has inspired another great game. I have nothing to complain about. Good graphics, feels like Star Wars and makes me feel lm actually in the Star Wars universe commanding troops.

RTSFanatic, Oct 30, 2006

I have to say, FOC kicks butt. The selling point for was the third faction in multiplayer and skirmish. I did play through the campaign on Hard, which I found to be very fun and more in-depth than the original game. All the new enhancements like base customization and fleet pathfinder slot really make a difference. It

Prequelhater878, May 19, 2015

This is what DLC should be. This expansion pack to the original game gives you a brand new side to play with: the Zann Consortium. It also adds more units for the two already existing sides. The only problem is the Zann Consortium because they are overpowered, but if you use strategy to your advantage, you can easily defeat them. This is a great game for fans of the RTS genre and fans of Star Wars alike.

Atrixer, Feb 2, 2012

I loved the original game.The story was fantastic. The sound was great. The visuals were good for the time. Galactic Conquest was the only multiplayer I played but I highly enjoyed it and played it to death with a friend, fighting for control of the galaxy in intense large scale land and space battles, along with small fights using tactics with heroes and a few units to raid and fight over things. The game was extremely underrated.I bought FOC on release with high expectation, I was young and bad at RTS's but I enjoyed the story once again thoroughly. The problem I had, came with the multiplayer. The Consortium are extremely overpowered, the rebels are really underpowered and the empire are REALLY good at killing the rebels. The rebels received few weak improvements, the empire revived massive upgrades and the Consortium did what the other factions do, but better. I could go into every little detail about how incredibly poor the balance was in this game but this would take far too long and go into every detail about the game, from fighters to meta game, from corruption to hero units and so on. I'm a big fan of star wars games, especially their older ones, but I really think this game let them down, especially after the original was so damn fun to play. I felt the multiplayer was unplayable, I was not alone as the population of players online was dwindling after just a month.I checked back into these games recently for a bit of nostalgic fun with my friend whom I met on Empire at War over 6 years ago, I still enjoy the original and still laugh at how incredibly poor the balance was, I seriously do not understand how a game could be released that broken, and yet receive no support after such a long time. I believe it really killed the series which is a massive shame, and I'd have loved to have seen a squeal, and still to this day would buy it on release. But much like other much loved Star Wars games such as: Battlefront, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and so on...there was no sequel, leaving fans disappointed and not understanding why when Lucas Arts would make lots of money from it. This game to me was a bit of a black mark on my gaming history, but yet at the same time, something I'll never forget, the timing of the release and the enjoyment I got from the story, and just my general love of star wars was incredible. I don't recommend buying this game, I wouldn't then and I wouldn't 6 years on, but I would say, if Lucas Arts ever read this - Make a sequel.