Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed Crack/Patch

Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed This highly anticipated addition dramatically expands the "Star Wars Galaxies" franchise by providing players more than 15 different vehicles for space exploration and combat. Starfighters and other starships are featured in the expansion that can be used for both space exploration and combat, allowing players to join up with allies and fly familiar X-wings and TIE fighters into battle against faction-aligned opponents and AI-controlled ships. Transport ships similar to the well-known Millennium Falcon are also added into the game, allowing players to venture through space with friends aboard. Set in the Star Wars timeframe between Episode IV and Episode V, this first extension to the "Star Wars Galaxies" foundation opens 10 vast and distinct space sectors, spanning from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim, for players to explore while engaging their opponents in intense real-time combat or uniting with friends in battle or exploration. Players can embark on more than 100 new missions, venturing through asteroid fields, nebulae and space junkyards while honing skills in four new space-specific professions. The game also features two new and completely customizable species. [LucasArts]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1269
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Sci-Fi
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
LucasArts / Sony Online Entertainment

Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed reviews ( 6 )

Jaz, Feb 24, 2013

I liked SWG very much, most of its aspects. But i think this expansion was its highlight. I have never seen, before or after, a more fun and engaging space combat in any game, single player or MMO. Too bad Star Wars the Old Republic couldn't just copy paste it, instead of its arcade rubbish.

MattH., Nov 1, 2004

I haven't noticed any lag problems in space...I am running a gig of ram, however. Laser shot consistency has been improved greatly. Really enjoying the combination of ground based and space based gameplay.

RonanO'H, Dec 15, 2009

In my opinion the best expansion ever to hit a game. Star wars galaxies has been totaly wrecked by the cu and nge, the classes are dumbed down and flawed. All the quest count for pretty much nothing as you can lvl faster by killing however I still play this game just because of Jump to lightspeed, and the fact that is highly modable and player cities but mainly this expasion :D. Deafinately the most original and fun mechanics I have come across are in this expansion and I would have left this game 4 years ago if it was not for it. Space PVP is heart pounding, theres a good selection of quests, countless different types of ships, almost unlimited customisation options, ships that you can take others into space in and work as a team to repair/gun ect ect ect... SOE should plug this side of the game is they are going to have any chance of standing up to the might of bioware and th old republic online.

BrianR, Nov 14, 2004

Haven't found any lag myself. This one took me a bit by surprise. SWG, till now, has been a very bizarre combination of visionary design and poor realization of the setting with the occasional bugs thrown in. So I was expecting something far less than what I got. JtL captures Star Wars space combat nearly perfectly. The visuals are gripping and the sound, music and effects, make you feel like you're right in the films. I rigged up a HOTAS setup which worked perfectly with a minimum effort using the in-game keymapping. And I was staggered the first time I walked onto a multi-crew vessel. Yes, rendered in full 3-D. The freebie Yacht, for veteran players, is a house in space and can hold items and be decorated just like other property. Down the road you can earn permission to get a ship like The Millenium Falcon, for freelancer characters, or a couple other heavy craft for Imperial and Rebel players. This isn't a game for the usual MMO crowd. It takes skill and some understanding of how a rather complex machine operates to get the most out of it. There are all manner of components that interact to effect the combat, defensive and maneuvering capabilities of an individual craft. The same hull type can have a radically different internal makeup based on the tactical needs of the player (though all hulls have certain caps on maximum maneuvering capabilities and mass to hold components - a great dogfighter might be agile but it's unlikely to have both great shields and a fast engine). However, folks confused by all this simulation stuff can have a shipwright put a package together for you or just ask friends with the wherewithal to sort it out. And there are plenty of them. Customizing a nice ship in terms of loadout and appearance (there are textures, different hull styles within types, painting kits and certain components can modify a ship's profile) can become a hugely fun, and obsessive, activity. There are a variety of simulation-friendly elements but they ramp up slowly in complexity. I know even some master pilots who swear by the mouse and keyboard but you wouldn't find me without a joystick once you start learning all the dirty tricks and droid/nav computer based options. At lower levels of play JtL reminds one of Freelancer. At higher levels of play, this is very much W-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. Some bugs are still being ironed out but most of us are having a real ball. Finally there are some stars and some wars in SWG. And with JtL out of the way the ground combat system as well as the Galactic Civil War strategic element are going to be heavily rebalanced, revised and revisited. Could be us old hands and Star Wars fans came to the right place after all.

QuixoticKnight, Nov 11, 2004

This expansion pack is hard to separate from the game itself. For the Seasoned User: There are definite benifets to having it, such as fast transport via hyperspace and PVP, which has not flourished due to the relatively novice levels of all starting pilots. Ship writing and dealing will probably become central to the economy... Controls: the controls work pretty well, and although I'd recommend usinga joystick mouse piloting actually works quite well. Apart from that little bit everything is responsive and pretty well calibarted Sound: I had a big problem bieng on the ground in Star Wars Galaxies...there was little if no music. I'd often just go and turn on a CD of my own. Space remedies this problem with well writtne music constantly playing. THe game sounds quite well, except for one ship that sounds just like a land speeder.... Graphics: Nice, clean, crist I can't say I have a problem with them. I will say though that to make graphics to their fullest one better have a pretty well equiped comp and good connection speed Other issues: I have a rather fast cable line and I don't lag at all, but I have quite a few friends where lag is atrocious. Overall Gameplay: Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed is quite fun,but isn't to be looked at standing alone. If you like the notion of SWG, and you like flight simulators this game will be brilliant. If flgiht simulators don't appeal to you, well then I'd say no, and if you don't like paying 15$ a month for an MMO then I wouldn't get it either All in all: The time has come to go to space, so quickly you young want to be Han Solos grab your walking carpet wookie friends and hop in a YT 1300 and fly off into the sunset....

Shawnhargrave, Nov 23, 2013

Worst expansion for a failing piece of turd MMO ever. This turd was bad before but made even worse once this expansion came out. Thankfully SOE pulled the plug on this turd sandwich and killed this MMO for good.