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Starbound In Starbound, you take on the role of a character who’s just fled from their home planet, only to crash-land on another. From there you’ll embark on a quest to survive, discover, explore and fight your way across an infinite universe.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4055
Genre Fantasy, General, Action Adventure, Sandbox
Company / Developer
Chucklefish / Chucklefish

Starbound reviews ( 7 )

jecoconono, May 19, 2014

Don't follow what the haters say. Play the game yourself and you will see that its amazing. The music, the art, the adventure is all greatly done, and plenty of mods from the community and the fact that you need little to no knowledge to mod the game too, its just a amazing game! Sure, it might be terraria-like but its mostly pure inspiration. Its a great game, and don't forget that its currently just a beta so things will change often.

neowiz73, Jan 18, 2017

Amazing 2D story driven sandbox game, similar to terraria but you are able to explorer a limitless amount of planets that have a very wide variety of creatures, biomes and landscapes. with a lot of hidden dungeons and treasures to find, even recover old artifacts from fossil locations. You can meet NPCs that are interested in being a crew member of your ship that will help enhance your team if you choose to have them along or just leave them on the ship to continue to enhance your ship in various ways. a lot of random side quests can be gained from the various NPCs that dot all of the planets. Build anything like you can in minecraft but with a lot more variety of block types and furnishings to add a lot of appeal to the decor. then you can add people to each building or house and create your own civilization. with the update of 1.2 you are now able to terraform any biome into whatever biome you like. there seems to be more updates to come and more fun to be had in the coming months and years.

Nataruma, Aug 9, 2015

I don't understand why people think there's nothing but a linear grind, when really you have a vast galaxy to explore as you like. Apart from that, you can on your travels come across and collect different outfits, weaponry, furnishings (A LOT) and find weird and wacky locals to interact with. There's been significant content updates since 2014, with another pretty significant update just around the corner from the time of writing this review. Those who keep comparing it to Terraria really shouldn't. I hated Terraria, but I love Starbound because the focus seems more to do with exploration than "survive this horrendous attack on your house", and the tools and crafting system seem more intuitive to me. Not to knock the survival genre game, but it's not my favourite, and Starbound has elements of combat within it, but it doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the game or lay waste to all your hard work within one bad blood moon attack. I'd also like to add that multiplayer really adds more enjoyment to the game, just because everything's more fun with friends, you can also set yourselves interesting challenges with the power of your imagination, like who can terraform a planet faster, or who can build the biggest monstrous building in a set amount of time. The options are literally only as limited as your brain power ;)

Zipprian, Sep 9, 2014

The game is initially very fun and kills a lot of time. After a while it gets extremely repetitive and the different races are really just different visually, they all play exactly the same.

godzillarandom, Oct 3, 2014

Note: I will update this after the full game is out I kinda like this game,It has a potential to be good! HOWEVER,How it's being executed is questionable So here is the basic pros/cons review! Pros: Endless travel places Endless ore Good crafting fun multi-player Fun bosses Cons: Mean developers No mod support KHAN NO UPDATES. Note: Like I said,I kinda like this game at its beta state,It's okay,NOT WORTH BUYING,Just wait til' it updates a little and then buy it,It has the potential to be the best,Yes,Better than terraria,minecraft and "PP". But its in beta state and this is my "Beta" score ,6/10

MAJLich, Jan 13, 2017

Not worth playing. The beginning of the game I was motivated to play. Soon after, the game becomes repetitive as you progress, the controls become cumbersome. It really lacks true depth. I get a slight lag when there is lot going on and slows my movement down to change equipment that causes me to die. There is infinite building but you can't get the detail easily and no benefit building on these worlds. Just a standard building game. I can't seem to get the benefit of more crewman either. The last boss is virally impossible for me at least since it's near impossible to dodge and the lag slows my play down just enough that I can't heal by one click or even two clicks of the mouse. Overall, becomes boring and the controls are too cumbersome for boss battles. What a disappointment. The critics score is too high. Less than average game.

HumanTrash, Feb 13, 2015

Four years and millions of dollars later, the game's dev still hasn't delivered on its promised features. The lead dev's attitude doesn't do much to toward spurned fans, doesn't help, either. "It's not what I promised you when you bought it, but it's practically finished and you've had your money's worth of fun!" In a sane world, this developer would be bankrupt.