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Starcraft Remastered StarCraftВ®: Remastered upgrades the essential sci-fi strategy experience from beginning to end. Welcome back to the original game and its award-winning expansion, StarCraft: Brood War.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1889
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Command
Company / Developer
Blizzard Entertainment / Blizzard Entertainment
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Starcraft Remastered reviews ( 7 )

JuniorPasini, Aug 14, 2017

What a time to be alive, Starcraft Remastered brings me back to late 90's where whe had goods RTS like we dont have today. Blizzard deserve an "A", kept the same gameplay, same environment, but starcraft 2 graphics for just 15 Euros, thats really cheap for a game with this fame (some DLCs are more expensive than that) and if you are not a English speakers (my case) you have a classic game in your mother language, awesome!!! 10/10 ,

darkzealotjg, Aug 15, 2017

This game is the best strategy game of all time. i just want to say that for me as a personal opinion is better than starcraft 2 in a lot of things. Starcraft never looked so great. i still love the units specially the protoss and his dragoons, so can play with this unit again is a blessing. Thanks blizzard for doing this.

Veska, Aug 14, 2017

King is back. Great job, Blizzard. Great job:) Nostalgia and travel time until 1997 when I first played the game. This is one of the remastered games where the prize is ridiculous. Only 15 euros for this? I'd also like to give 30.

Mass40K, Nov 16, 2017

People will have varied opinions on just how good StarCraft Remastered turned out. From a long time player and fan's perspective I was impressed by the game. Sure, it may not be as beautiful as one may have expected but this game serves as a MASSIVE improvement over the original. The ability to switch between original and remastered graphics on the fly serves as an excellent reminder of just how much improvement this version of the game brings. And at a price of $14.99, I'd say it is well worth it. Keeping all the original gameplay and art style intact was a must for me and I am glad that Blizzard did StarCraft justice. In my mind, players will have a preference for which game they prefer; for me personally, I adore the brutalistic challenging nature of Brood War. The story is also leaps and bounds better than SC2. From a nostalgia perspective, this is a remaster done right.

kitto, Aug 17, 2017

solid remastered edition of the old classic. most whining about it, as usual, goes from the people that for some reason hoped for a remake, which sc:r certainly is not. great: new portraits, voices, comic interludes, zoom feature, old school gameplay. ok: new unit and building textures (matter of taste - could've been better, could've been worse) bad: 20 years old game requires online (why?!), problems with saving settings.

somedude14, Aug 15, 2017

Does this game have a great legacy? Yes. Is it great today? Mechanic-wise, it's been greatly surpassed by SC2. So what does a remaster have to offer? A lesser version of SC2 (SC1), now with HD visuals. That aren't even "good", just "HD". Online matchmaking is for 1v1 only, the custom game finder is a mess. There will be feature creep in time to iron out some of the feature issues I'm sure, but at the core, this is just an older version of SC2. Which is like putting your smartphone on the shelf to try a rotary that just got a fresh coat of paint. It's still old tech you've already consumed before moving onto bigger and better things.

night4, Oct 19, 2017

This is a disgusting, shameless cash grab. If I had any respect for Blizzard left, it's gone now. If you're going to remake a game like Starcraft, you need to do it well. This seems incredibly lazily done and it looks almost exactly the same. The critic reviews are inexplicably high.