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StarDrive 2 The core mechanics of the franchise have evolved to incorporate a turn-based strategic layer, featuring realtime battles.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1884
Genre Sci-Fi, Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
Iceberg Interactive / Zero Sum Games

StarDrive 2 reviews ( 7 )

Noctifer, Apr 10, 2015

Really enjoy this game, it feels like there is finally a 4x game that followed in the footsteps of MOO, while still thinking outside the box. UI is clean and easy, complexity is in the choices not the interface. The races feel both unique and clear. Ship design is very fun, combat is good enough. Ground combat is ok, an added bonus the dev threw in that's not as polished but fun and optional. Some reviewers with bad scores seem upset by a previous game (which I liked in spite of the bugs), this is not that game (so wish they'd leave their reviews for that one in that game's area), this is nice, polished, and so far (6 hours in) bug free.

Loyal_V, May 8, 2015

TLDR: superb and engaging. Long version: A month after release and much has been done via patches to address community concerns for diplomacy, weapon balance, tweaks, and AI which is excellent and punished the weak (some people are just bad at 4X). As it stands, the single dev is absorbing and responding to all feedback and incorporating new options.changes regularly. I recommend this because it's the closet thing to a MOO2 successor yet. Clean and intuitive UI, detailed ship design (although not as detailed as SD1), punishing AI which separates the 4X players from the casuals, interesting enemies and ships and many varied galactic map events. Great graphics and effects, the galaxy map is gorgeous. Outside of the sandbox game there is a ship battle arena where you can design ships and fight with them, good for testing things out. Mod support with guides from the dev and a helpful community, this is a very enjoyable game and I've personally had no crashes or bugs in 40+ hours. I suggest even those who posted negative reviews based upon the release version, and especially those who are sore over SD1 and try to poison SD2, to try the game again now.

Durandle, Apr 10, 2015

All round good game. I like the combat and the ship design most. Not a fan of how insanely aggressive the AI is, but that can be tweaked or worked with, since the StarDrive mod community is fairly active.

Eysteinh, Apr 17, 2015

This review is after 1 week of playing. The game very much captures the spirit of Master of orion 2. However it is lacking some features of that game like: Hall of fame, Score and end game victory conditions and MP. What it improves upon MOO2 is the diplomacy system (due to tolerance), different designs for different races (albeit not very balanced), a real time combat system in a turn based game and finally the races feel much more unqiue than the MOO2 races. Overall I have had good fun with the game and it is worth its price point so I give it a score of 6/10. With expansion packs fixing the missing features this game can easily become a 8-9 or even 10/10.

psycros, May 8, 2015

Stardrive 2 starts out with the enticing possibility that it really is a modern answer to MOO/MOO 2. It doesn't take very long to discover this isn't quite the case. The AI isn't just ultra-aggressive but also cheats more than just about any game in recent memory. Forget about winning - its impossible to even keep pace with the computer. And that's on the "easy" setting. Many aspects of the UI are vague and difficult to figure out as well as lacking polish and even the most basic of "smart" features. There are all sorts of side missions that recruited NPCs offer but they require playing an annoying turn-based tactical game ala Front Mission or X-COM..but at least you have a chance of beating them if you're careful. That's about the only victory you can hope to see in Stardrive 2 past the first couple of random encounters with space crystals or pirates. Even the galaxy maps aren't very friendly. If you have multiple fleets around a star its sometimes impossible to click on one of them because they display in the exact same position. There are a fair number of rough edges all round. Want to start a game with a custom race? That's a crashin'. Actually winning a space battle in hands-on mode (i.e. non-auto combat)? That's a crashin' more often than not. All that having been said, this is still an impressive effort from a small indie developer. The game probably just needs a bigger team and about another six months in the oven. The devotion to the 4X perfection of MOO2 is hugely appreciated and I have hopes that Stardrive 2 will be made playable in the near future. Right now its a bit of a mess. Sidenote: there's some bathroom language in at least one NPC dialog which seems totally out of place in a game like this (and most games, if I'm honest).

Youngblood-52, Apr 27, 2015

Meh...there are better out there. The UI is not very user-friendly. The combat is bland with ships rotating around each other. It just seems like not a lot of effort was put into the game play. The game "looks" ok but just isn't very fun.

JERupp, Jun 18, 2015

He didn't finish his first game, and he didn't finish this one. I honestly don't know why I thought it would be different this time around. He's a scammer, plain and simple.