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Starpoint Gemini Warlords A blend of space sim, RPG and 4X games. Conduct research and construction in your own gigantic space station, command your war fleets and heroic companions to invade enemy territory, build up your stronghold, trade, mine, salvage and remind your enemies why they fear you.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1231
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Iceberg Interactive / Little Green Men
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Starpoint Gemini Warlords reviews ( 7 )

Space_Norris, Jun 7, 2017

To be honest, in overall quality I'd give this 9/10, but I'll go with 10 because of fanatical dev team. Steam forums are full of them, they answer ALL threads within minutes and try to get feedback from every single player. That is nothing less than admirable for todays standards. And you can recognize what players asked for in many updates. I was already lured to this series by previous Starpoint Gemini 2, and then noticed they actually gave that game for free for 48 hrs before Warlords were released. Now, on to real review: this is freaking huge game. Open world is crazy big, there are dozens of factions, dozens of ship types, dozens of stations and planets. And gameplay is best part of everything. You get to use big capital ship in real time simulation combat, like Star Destroyers from SW, but when you achieve government of your state and borders, you get access to more deep gameplay - almost strategical. YOu can make many fleets, send them to conquer, attack, pillage, conquer. But at any time you can take your own ship and join every fleet in direct combat. Freaking awesome! Highlight of combat - mega weapon platform Proxima used to punch holes in rebelious planet. Very nice touch! Overall, in simple categories I would say: Gameplay - fantastic and very unique combination. Like few games in one Graphics - very good, atmosphere is much better than anything else. Reminds of Freelancer Sound - Sound is pretty good, soundtrack is brilliant Difficulty - if you advance carefully in skills, ship class and global movements, not a problem. Don't rush or you will be sorry Technical quality of product - Except smaller bugs haven't encountered anything serious. Patches are coming frequently Verdict - whoever likes space games, trust me, you gotta try this! So many stuff, so many variety in gameplay, so much everything in a game so little known

Iscalar, Aug 24, 2017

So, I am probably the most obsessed person I know when it comes to space games. From Elite, Descent, X, EvE, Homeworld, SPG 1 & 2, Void Destroyer, Istrolid, Cosmoteer, Elite Dangerous etc etc I have played a LOT of space games. So SPGW was a nice find for me to find considering I found Starpoint gemini 2, mechanically to need a bit of improvement but overall a fun game. I have to say. Wow. This game is fantastic! First of all we have some gorgeous art work, universes popping with colour and vibrancy, space dust and asteroids, nebula's and beautiful stars all rendered in 3d spectacuarly. Each ships race have common themes but are unique enough to be identified on sight. The movement is smooth and the Sub light drive is much faster than SPG 2, with the missions being more interesting and varied. The strategy element of the map mode is intuitive, easy to understand and effective, and finally being able to control large fleets makes this game overshadow its predecessor. The campaign, of which I am only half way through (That freeroam is just so appealing!) has been great so far, a bit of pacing could be improved but overall a definitive improvement from the last game. Excluding a quickly fixed memory leak on initial download, the game has been relatively bug free from what I've seen, no crashes or restarts needed as of yet. Performance is fairly good, it is a bit of a memory eater though so I recommend 16 gig Ram if possible. It's worth it though for those exquisite light shows in the big battles. Capital ships like Carriers, Dreadnoughts and the newly added Titans are fantastic, with their own unique challenges and skills that make the game more fun. Over all, a seriously good space game and probably one under-rated by initial main stream critics.

Tanvaras, Jun 8, 2017

Starpoint Gemini Warlords by LGM (That title alone if you have heard of LGM says buy me now due to the quality of the Dev Team and their games.) What a game, What a Dev Team..... Space gaming RPG/4x/Strategy in space, what's not to like. Little Green Men Games took all the feedback from their past games and moulded this information into what Warlords is today. And Warlords is one hell of a game, You can play for 5 minutes or 5 hours and get somewhere, your not locked into spending 100's of hours to get one thing done, but even a quick play before work/bed or walking the dog you can achieve something in game. I have been playing the SPG series now since the very first incarnation and LGM have better themselves every time, The game has grown from a core RPG space game to now incorporate 4X elements and quite a lot more strategy to get the job done in game. Kicking off on the campaign you will progress along improving your Headquarters (HQ) and your personal ship(s) along with your civilian and military fleets which can be used to acquire materials for your HQ (Civilian ships) and taking territory to expand your influence on the galaxy with your military fleets. The game world galaxy is around 10 times bigger then SPG 2, traversing the galaxy you will find AI attempting to conquer other parts of the galaxy and or your regions as well, your able to make alliances with factions, trade negotiations, peace treaties, declare war and so on. There is plenty to keep you busy til rapture. The difficulty is as easy as you want (Easy Difficulty + Easy Conquest Difficulty) to the complete opposite end of the scale with Extreme (Extreme Difficulty + Extreme Conquest - Makes for a very intense game indeed, My personal favorite tier to play on). So the game can cater for every type of player of every age. So if you are from the Freelancer days of space gaming, or a single player Eve lite, then Warlords is what you looking for, some even say its a Mount and Blade in space. I can say to you this game you will enjoy, and its backed up by the Developers being on the Steam forums daily answering posts and so on. I look forward to seeing the DLC in the future for Warlords, cause it will only get better still. Buy this game today!

CrimeanChimera, Jun 13, 2017

According to the media, this dev team apparently invaded my town. I actually hoped that was true because they would bring an awesome game along with them! Warlords is pretty much a Freelancer focused on capital ships with a Mount&Blade layer on top, all of which plays out on a giant, seamless and beautiful game world. Of course it has it's teething problems but the dev is so active in taking in feedback and refining it more. My only negative would be the short view distance, which kinda kills immersion. The biggest significance this game bear is that it not only brings innovation to the space sim genre but, it also brings the dormant offline space sim genre back to life.

Kreso, Jun 8, 2017

Great game with great gameplay. I played Starpoint gemini 2 and waited for Warlords for a long time and it has beat my expectations! Storyline is great and LGM guys really create great space experience. It is not kind of the game you can learn to play in 5 minutes but once you do you can play it for hundreds of hours. Also, great community support!

theirrelephants, Jan 20, 2018

Very well polished game. I only had two crash to desktops in my over a dozen hours of playing this game and I suspect it was something on my end. It's good, but I hesitate to call it great for the simple reason that it lacks difficulty entirely. The AI is so stupid that there is no point in playing conquest whatsoever, it's just a slog. The best comparison I can think of is when you're playing a turn based strategy game like Civilization and have reached the point where you know you're going to win - but it's going to take another hundred turns. I reached that point in Warlords approximately one hour into conquest mode. It's a well made, well thought out game that I simply didn't find very fun at all. A simple change where the AI figures out you're a warmongering jerk and bands against you would have made this game ten times better.

cosmitz, Jul 4, 2017

I'll be brief since you got **** to do today. - The gameplay is weak and there are no real tactical options. It feels like any of the other thousands of games out there where you don't get the feeling of flying a ship or an actual entity, but a brown cube shooting other brown cubes on auto-attack. - Camera control is needlessly complex with over-lapping toggling systems leading to a frustrating experience even moving and looking around. Firing is also hampered by having missed the use of 'soft' targeting.. - The art direction is poor, not having solved the conundrum which is having dark ships/items on a black space background. Some ship designs look need and it has a gorgeous ship customisation system, but you will rarely get to see it actually looking beautiful. All the screenshots on their website are bullshotted. - The missions ended up feeling repetitive within the first two hours, and the encounters ranged from silly-easy to extraordinarily hard with no real midground to them. - There are 4X elements but they generally come in too late in the game to actually matter and at that point you still need to fly your ship which i mentioned before is not really a pleasant experience. End all, it's not a horrid mess, it works well as a technical product, it just doesn't play well.