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Stars in Shadow Turn-based 4X space strategy with a distinctive artistic style. Compete with alien factions to explore and settle nearby star systems, develop colonies, build fleets to defend against rivals, negotiate with them and conquer them, when necessary. Win by unifying the galaxy, through diplomacy or force.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1379
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, 4X
Company / Developer
Iceberg Interactive / Ashdar Games
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Stars in Shadow reviews ( 2 )

MadBevo, Aug 20, 2017

This is very simply a fun game to play. It's strengths are in it's simplicity and in the tactical combat and the overall look and "feel". It's weaknesses seem to be mostly some rough edges that the two man Indie developers haven't fully gotten cleaned up yet. If you try it out,I bet you will like it...

Nightscape, Apr 1, 2017

Very fun game. It is quite a simplistic 4X game - which is not necessarily a bad thing. This is a very good game if your are looking to get into 4X, turn-based strategy style games, or looking for one that that does not have as many micro-mechanics; what is here is good. You start with a little solar system and by the end you are conquering entire star systems with massive armadas of starships. The battle is an easy to understand 2-D plane and is fun to play. A very functional auto-combat feature is available so you do not have to fight every time manually (you will be using this a lot in the late game). The ships, weapons, and tech are very fun. You can study physics, sociology, engineering, and a slew of military and weapons related fields. The only downside is that there is no visual tech tree, something that would be very useful and is quite surprising not to see as nearly every other 4X game has them now. I find the graphics and characters design fine. It is not an AAA game company and would not have the budget to compete with them. I think the cartoon style was a smart move, even if you do feel as though you are playing a mobile game at times. One mechanic I really love is the undo button. When you first start out and learning the ropes, you will likely make a mistake or two. Instead of having to reload an earlier game, you can just push the undo button. The only place it really lacks is immersion. There is not much in the way of story (nothing new in this genre, though). Be nice to know more about the universe I am playing in. There is some lore within the text of the game, but not much else. It would have also been nice to see an intro video and a short clip after winning the game. Honestly, most turn-based strategy games lack in this area, even Civ VI has a quick ending. They could also do a better job at presenting, detailing and monitoring victory conditions. At the time of this writing, the game is $25 and is well worth the price. It is not Civilization but I still found myself going late into the night spending one more click to grow my galactic civilization. If you like strategy games or looking to get into them, this is a good game to choose.