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Starshatter Starshatter represents the next generation of space combat simulation games. Starshatter extends the gameplay concepts of the classic sims by combining fighter and starship combat in a single game. You begin the game as either a fighter pilot or the captain of a small Frigate-class starship. As you progress through the game, you can earn promotions and awards until you are commanding a massive fleet carrier with three wings of fighters and a complete escort of warships. Starshatter promotes airborne fighter combat to a first-class game component, allowing you to take-off and land at planetary bases, engage in aerial dogfights, and use air-to-ground missiles to destroy ground targets. Starshatter also integrates elements of real-time-strategy games by allowing fleet commanders to direct the battle on a tactical level, launching fighters and directing destroyers to defend the fleet and annihilate enemy forces. You will arm fighters for patrol or strike missions. You will send orders to your escorting destroyers and frigates to engage enemy starships or defend the fleet from attack by enemy fighters. You are the admiral, and you decide how to employ all of your forces in battle. It is all up to you. [Matrix Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1306
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Small Spaceship, Combat
Players 1-12
Company / Developer
Matrix Games / Destroyer Studios
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Starshatter reviews ( 4 )

TBoardman, Apr 7, 2005

Great game, that can be customised as you want it, if there is a ship you want or a mission you would like to play then it is a simple matter to make it with the tools supplied.

PeterM., Jul 13, 2004

This game incorporates strategy as well as the wing commanderesque arcade elements that we all love. You can even fly capships. The graphics are good, but not cutting edge, but its the playability that makes this a great game, recommended.

MovenSP., Oct 11, 2004

I would really like to see if the game could progress into upgrades of weapons and fighter planes. The cruisers, capital carriers and the devastators could add some point defense weapons on to its hulls. One cruiser or a carrier against three enemy cruisers, your are just a sitting duck. I would really appreciate if you guys could include Pulsar Mass Driver Cannons to all types of cruisers and Capital ships. This type of canon have awesome fire power!!!! You have to think several times facing a ship with a devastating fire power!!!!! It is like WW2's DKM Bismarck head on to HMS Hood. We need something like a big "KAAPOOOWWW!!!!!" Blast everything to smitherins. About the fighters you could include the stealthty space fighter/bomber as used in the Wing Commander Kilrathi war. Imagine the outcome of the war!!! Hunting for these stealthy little buggers. avoiding and attacking them out of defense of the convoy!!!! Ahh!! the Glory of WarFare!!!! Please!!! Please!!! something like this added to the STARSHATTER, it will become very addictive!!!!

ElangovenS.P., Oct 7, 2004

The becomes difficult whenever you are faced with a huge number of enemy fighters and bombers. Only a Pair of friendlies have to face the huge number. Its devatating for most of the time!!! Has anybody found any unlimited weapons/shield codes for this game yet? Let us know, it would be really helpful!!!!!