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State of Decay 2 Small-Town America, one year from today. The dead have risen, and civilization has fallen. Even the military couldn’t stop the zombies, and now humanity stands on the brink of extinction. It's up to you to gather survivors and build a community, explore your lasting legacy, and redefine whatSmall-Town America, one year from today. The dead have risen, and civilization has fallen. Even the military couldn’t stop the zombies, and now humanity stands on the brink of extinction. It's up to you to gather survivors and build a community, explore your lasting legacy, and redefine what it means to survive. It’s up to you to build your base, develop your characters, and manage resources to survive as a group in this post-apocalyptic zombie open world. RPG progression - Develop each survivor’s skills to improve their capabilities and strengthen your community. Play solo or team up with up to three friends to explore an open world filled with dynamic zombies, human enemies, and the valuable gear necessary to keep your community alive. In the zombie apocalypse, you must create your own moral code. Every decision has lasting consequences that you must face. How you decide to survive may surprise you. [Microsoft]… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 45
Genre Action Adventure, Open-World
Players Up to 4
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Undead Labs
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State of Decay 2 reviews ( 6 )

RedOchu, May 29, 2018

A simple and fun experience. State of Decay 2 takes almost everything from the first game and improves upon it and also expands the world that the first State of Decay created. Of course, this game isn't for everyone, and no game is or ever will be. However, if you enjoy hands on resource management games and are intrigued by the zombie apocalypse survival genre, you will find hours of enjoyment from the game.

aj587, Jun4, 2018

EDIT: Since they fixed almost all the bugs I've been experiencing, they really NEED to tone down the zombie spawns. They literally spawn in next to you as soon as you open a map and in general. There's no reason there should be so many zombies in the middle of a grassfield in the boonies. Make them harder-hitting, but LESSEN the overall zombies. It's so annoying and tedious. OLD Review: Great concept but the countless bugs and glitches can hamper your experience. Windows store aside, the co-op so far has been hit or miss with invisible zombies and supply lockers, glitchy doors that look open but are closed, people and NPCs/zombies desyncing, etc. The most infuriating bugs are that NPCS seemingly never use the watchtower in your base and zombies just walts in the doors of your base since your guys never want to close them (or jump over your unfortified walls which you can't fortify unless you block off that section with a car). The game is essentially a looting simulator and fetch quest game so it won't be for everybody. I love the game but this game should not have been released in such a buggy state. It has the backing of Microsoft and yet all these bugs persist. They have a lot of stuff to patch.

lelariol, Apr 12, 2020

Decent graphics, interesting systems, and the multiplayer is truly nice. All the resources are meaningful, and I love the difficulty curve so far. Absolutely underrated probably as it is linked with Microsoft. Haters gonna hate.

bernardirafael, May 29, 2018

I'll make it simple: I couldn't play it. I watched a review about this game that kind of summed up everything: this game seems to be half of many game styles. Half arcade... half coop... half survival... and so on. Since the beginning of the game, I felt like it lacks the "feeling" a survival game should bring. I felt like I am limited by the game story and can't (or shouldn't) be free to do whatever I want to survive, as I do in other survival games. The multiplayer is garbage... if you are the host, your friends' purpose is just to serve you. Not to mention that you can't find other players around. To the point: you won't feel that chill down your spine when you hear a shot nearby, thinking "someone is around!". You don't have to worry if you accidentally shoot your teammate, since no friendly fire is available... I mean, these are things that give an immersion in the game. Looting just takes too long... like seriously? That makes the game boring and for some people like me, not a pleasure to play. I understand that some people might like this game... and I don't think it is bad at all... but overrated by many for sure.

lhmtgame, Jun 23, 2018

I really hate the games which run through Windows Store. SOD2 has poor weapon system. Game's story is not interesting. The game doesn't has Full Screen mode, and no Wide Resolution support. AA can't turn off. I tried SOD1. It's terrible. This SOD2 is just a little bit better, but it's not worth to play.

fortigas, Apr5, 2020

En papel se ve interesante, lo compre con mucho hype , dado que el primero me gusto mucho, pero lastimosamente este no ofrece evolucion alguna sobre el primero en lineas generales no hay un cambio muy sensible en las mecanicas de juego, movilidad de los personajes, dinamismo en los combates, en un tema personal no recomiendo la compra ni siquiera en ofertas, hace un rato lo termine desinstalando, pense que con los parches que lanzaron hubiera mejorado algo, pero nuevamente nada de nada, este es uno de los casos donde mucho ruido y pocas nueces, hazte un favor, ve y compra un juego que realmente sea divertido e interesante, este lo tendras de adorno en tu biblioteca ya que yo como muchos esperabamos el juego tras haber jugado el primero y con el tiempo de desarrollo se esperaria un juego con muchas mejoras, pero pues no pasa eso aqui.