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SteamWorld Dig The clock has stopped around the turn of the 19th century, and humankind has prematurely blown itself to bits. The remaining scraps are huddling in caves beneath the surface, and steam-powered robots have taken over the Wild West.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2229
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Image & Form / Image & Form
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SteamWorld Dig reviews ( 7 )

charlie47272, Jan 21, 2014

Great Game, why you include a critics rating of under 80 percent without a quote, dragging this game under 80 and therefore out of the consideration of thousands of potential buyers is beyond me.

AndnickGV, Sep 16, 2017

bom jogo o único defeito dele é acabar muito rápido, a historia é legal, a arte e a musica são excelentes, espero que o SteamworldDig 2 siga os passos desse porem com uma historia bem mais longa, esse eu terminei em 3 horas.

Xyrr, Dec 9, 2013

Great game! My first playthrough lasted for over 7 hours and I loved it all the way through. There's a real feel of progression in this game as you start just under the surface with a simple mining pick and end up way down with some cool abilities. While the game remains challenging all the way through, I would have appreciated some hard boss encounters.

dajhorn, Feb 23, 2014

SteamWorld Dig is a pretty good platformer. It has some puzzle solving elements in secret areas. Leveling-up is not a grind, but the game is a bit too short.

cAyou, Jan 23, 2014

I enjoyed this game, honestly, but 10$ for 3 hours ! And most of these 3 hours are really repetitive. Yeah, you unlock many different upgrades, but the game design is always the same, dig dig dig, find 3 different challenge rooms in the level, plus some optional extra challenge rooms, and go to the next level. This game will get maybe an 8 if it was at least 5/6 hours long, but 3 hours is really too short. Starting a game and finishing it in one try is not good enough for me, mostly when mechanics are that repetitive.

xolve, Sep 25, 2014

Good game - could have been great given a little more effort and time. As it was, some of the mechanics (radar for minerals) actually took away from the game's core values (discovery, exploration) while truncating gameplay. Also, you had the feeling that had the game been twice as long and with a more intricate plotline, it could've been gold.

DweevilDude, Nov 18, 2015

It's not completely horrible, so let's start with the positive. This game has an interesting idea, and decent art direction. Unfortunately, that's not enough to carry the game at all. The plot- It exists. That's all. The Gameplay- It feels like this game was trying to be half-metriodvania, half digging game. Unfortunately, those are two great tastes which do not go well together. At least, not in the way that they have been done here. You end up with a half-baked platforming levels, and a digging game that would be at home in old, crappy flash games. -Platforming levels- This is where your gear gets to shine. To their credit, some of the later mini-levels are kinda fun, and the controls are nice. Perhaps if the game focused on them, it might actually be fairly nice. Instead... -The Dig- This is will take up most of your time. And it's some of the worst I've seen. Sure, you can find mini-platforming levels, but otherwise, you're just digging to get stuff, go back to surface, sell, dig, surface, sell... yeah. Oh, and most of your fun movement-based upgrades are almost worthless. Your dashing upgrade is great, except your primary goal is to go downward, not to the side, as invincible barriers prevent you from going too far to one direction.. Your super-jump upgrade would be nice, if you couldn't already wall jump to your hearts content. And you do eventually get a drill... that's practically the same as your pickaxe, except it's limited by fuel. It does make the grind a bit slower though. -Combat- Is lacking, but it wasn't the games selling point, so I'll leave it alone. -Upgrades- There are some nice, fun, metroidvania style upgrades. Three of them, to be precise. Almost everything else is boring stat ups, more or less. Almost everything you buy with money or the orbs in the town area is a simple stat-up. More Health, Better digging, longer lasting light, etc. -Length- Oh, here's the rich part. Despite having a rather slow grind, and the fact I didn't try to speedrun the game... I finished it in 4 hours. Replaybility is... lacking, as it's the exact same crap you just literally did. Final result- Just go buy something else. Like digging? There are more than plenty of games got you covered there. Like platforming? Get a platforming game. Like Metroidvanias? Get a metroidvania. Personal recommendation- if you're looking for a game like this, but the shortcomings of this game bug you, pick up a copy of Terraria. Costs about the same, pretty good combat system, mining is still a bit of a grind but it's better than this. And length of gameplay and variety of upgrades beat this one out of the park.