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Steep In Steep, players can use the innovative trail feature to relive their most inspiring rides and trailblazing achievements, and share them on social networks with friends. Along with sharing ride replays, players can also use this feature to challenge friends to outrace them on a shared path, create epic stunts or set out to discover the massive mountain playground.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2302
Genre Sports, Individual, Ski / Snowboard
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Annecy
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Steep reviews ( 7 )

purplelazyface, Dec 2, 2016

Played both betas when the game came out, and have to say I've been hooked from day 1. There were a few technical flaws, and the game control scheme can take some getting used to, but the released game is a masterpiece. It's the type of game that can be frustrating at first, but with practice is extremely fun and rewarding. The game offers 4 different sports (Skiing, Snowboarding, Paragliding, and Wing-suiting) which give the player different ways of exploring and tricking down the mountain. I don't have a problem with the fact that it's an online only game, but can see how it would be a problem for others who are not always connected to the internet. Those looking for the next SSX, arcade-style game will be disappointed. This game strives for a more realistic and scenic take on extreme snow games, where each run has to be approached strategically.

Star13fox13, Dec 5, 2016

Played the closed alpha/beta and open beta for about 45-50 hours. Still put in 30 hours the first weekend the game was out. I really love the just being able to do what ever I want. There are so many hidden spots to pull a sick line or jump that are not part of any challenge, It is a huge part of the game that a lot of reviews seem to be missing. I still have like 50 challenges to find/ do in the game as well. Plus they will be giving a free map of Alaska that is going to be about the same size. I thought the trick system was really well done. Easy to pick up, but hard to master. They game does focus more on more realistic tricks, but that doesn't mean there isn't some nonsense spots and tricks. Ski and snowboard do handle a little different. I enjoyed playing with both. Then we have what I consider bonuses is the wing suit and para-glider. Wing suit was fun right off the bat. lots of fun places to do runs. Now the para-glider, I hated it at first, but now its one of my favorite things to do, had an hour and half run last night just exploring the map.

NetQvist, Dec 3, 2016

Might not have the best variety if you're looking for a game to keep giving you new stuff but the game is gorgeous and will keep you pleased if you like just riding down mountains and improving your score.

ExpertPL, Dec 27, 2016

Steep would be a perfect candidate for relaxing and fun game to play during winter with all activities it offers, including not only classic races and time trials but story missions as well, but the problem with this game is that it is un-polished. It has many bugs, glitches, technical issues and feels more like a beta than the full game which ruins it's potential for being relaxing game as all this things can really frustrate you after couple of hours of gameplay.

magicdooddj, Jan 24, 2017

This game is rock-solid. Visuals are nice, gameplay is smooth, and multiplayer is great. BUT THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH THE PRICE. It's just sports and nothing else. Even though it has the fundamentals down, you should really consider if you're actually going to spend $60 or $80 on something as small as this.

Deadraque, Mar 11, 2017

It's beautiful..... but boring.... it's the side of the winter-sport i hate. I would have loved seeing alpine skying, ski jumping and more, like we have in the Olympic games, this is Tony Hawks on on snow, only for fans of this genre.

wolverine_, Feb 18, 2018

Deeply unsatisfying experience coupled with loads of technical issues (the game won't start, the internet is filled with people complaining about it, it takes ages to try out a list of things to get it fixed, then it drops the server connection and you can't play it if you're off-line). The gameplay is frustrating.