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Steins;Gate Set in Akihabara, the Mecca of Japanese anime culture, Steins;Gate follows a group of friends who accidentally invent a method of sending messages to the past. Their discovery drags them into a world of conspiracy and shifting timelines where the push of a button can change the course of history.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 89 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2507
Genre First-Person, Modern, Adventure, General, Visual Novel
Company / Developer
Jast / M2

Steins;Gate reviews ( 6 )

Siafni, Sep 28, 2016

I played this on PS Vita so I can't vouch for how the port was done, but suffice to say that I consider this and the 2 Dangaranpa games (also available on PC) to be the best games available for that system (together with Persona 4). The story starts off pretty slow, though still managing to stay mildly interesting... then it happens, 4/5 hours in... all of a sudden it becomes an adrenaline rush through the rest of the game (should be 20/25 hours) I would recommend using a guide to nail the true ending right away (they basically just tell you how to reply to messages, as that is what determines where the story goes), I personally explored all the possible routes and saw all the endings, but if you get one of the bad ones and believe that is it, you will be disappointed. I would have rated the game 9 due to the slow start, but seeing that a guy gave it a zero for no reason, I am giving it a 10 to make up for it at least a bit. Can't wait for Steins;Gate Zero.

jzujhu, Dec 20, 2017

Overall one of the most fulfilling visual novels I have ever played. The story all had me hooked. This game was a blast although daunting to get into at first.

Jagger, Sep 28, 2017

Story - Some of the best writing and storytelling I have ever experienced in a video game, or any medium for that matter, even rivalling the best sci-fi narratives in movies, books, and television. Unlike most shallow sci-fi stories, Steins Gate is hard science-fiction, which goes into detail on how the science works. However, a lot of hard sci-fi usually suffer from being convoluted or lacking characterization. Steins Gate strikes a great balance, dealing with many current scientific theories in an understandable and digestible way without becoming convoluted, yet this never gets in the way of the amazing characterization. The plot twists are also very well-done. Unlike a lot of sci-fi plot twists, the plot twists in Steins Gate don't come from nowhere, but are always foreshadowed and well-explained within the context of the narrative. And because of the strong characterization, making you care for the characters, the story always packs a powerful emotional punch. Characterization - This is where Steins Gate truly shines. The cast of characters are very well-written and memorable. The star of the show is Okabe, a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" and one of the most likeable protagonists I've ever come across. At first he comes across as being arrogant and delusional, but as we listen to this thoughts, he comes across as a well-developed, three-dimensional person, with human flaws and anxieties beyond his arrogant and quirky exterior. The lead female character Kurisu is also very well-written. She's a mentally strong character, with an intellect rivalling Okabe, and has a well-developed, three-dimensional personality. This makes the relationship and banter between Okabe and Makise immensely enjoyable. The supporting cast are also well-developed and likeable in their own ways, including the naive childhood friend Mayuri, the Otaku nerd Daru, the fake "moe" character Faris, the landlord Mr. Braun, the part-time "warrior" Suzuha, etc. Steins Gate makes you care for the characters, adding a great deal of emotional weight to the story. Gameplay - This is where some of the more traditional gamers might have an issue, but something most visual novel fans should be used to. Like most visual novels, you'll be spending a lot of time reading, with the gameplay mostly limited to making decisions that impact the narrative flow. And like most visual novels, the decisions you make have a big impact on how the story unfolds. Unlike most RPG's where the choices usually have very little impact on how the story unfolds, the choices in visual novels like Steins Gate can have major unforeseen consequences and lead you down different narrative paths. Compared to our average visual novel, however, Steins Gate adds more interactivity with Okabe's cell phone, which becomes is a kind of time-texting device in the story. This is where you make your choices, with the way you use your cell phone affecting how the story unfolds, whether it's deciding whether to answer calls or read text messages, or how you choose to respond to calls and messages. This innovative gameplay mechanic helps give the game more interactivity than what you'd find in your average visual novel. Visuals - The visuals in Steins Gate are unique and original. The dark tones, the water-colour art, and the grimy look, all give the game a dark, unique feel. It's also refreshing that, unlike most anime and visual novels, there isn't much pretty-boy "androgyny" to the male characters (except for Luka, in a subversive way), nor is there much "male gaze" sexualization to the female characters (except for Faris, but still toned-down). The most unique aspect of the character design is the eyes, which have a swirly hypnotic look to them, adding to the game's dark mood. Overall, the art-work is very impressive. Audio - This is something that visual novels (also called "sound novels") usually excel at, and Steins Gate is better than most. While the voices are only in Japanese, the voice acting is excellent. The voice actors did a great job at portraying the characters, perfectly capturing the personalities, tones, expressions, and emotions. The sound effects are also put to great use, with the right sound effects at the right moments. And the music does a great job of capturing the right mood at the right times. Pros - The writing, storytelling, and characterization, are some of the best I've seen in any medium, let alone video games. The visuals and audio are excellent. The gameplay, revolving around a time-texting cell phone, is also unique. Cons - The gameplay is somewhat limited compared to your average video game. There's a lot of reading, for those not used to reading. Overall - Steins Gate is a masterpiece.

TolHydra, May 6, 2014

From the once not so successful studio 5pb. Comes a time travel story that has an average plot hole of '1'. That's right every aspect is so beautifully crafted and linked together working so coherently well, It's no wonder the anime adaptation rightfully earned its place on top of the main Animenewsnetwork top leaderboard, unique characters, amazing voice acting, immersive story and only a single thorn I mentioned, which surprisingly doesn't come from the physics and all the explained science, but rather a, quite stupid mistake on writers part on the gender change of Rukako by a message to the pager, AFTER she was conceived.

teh_boy, Jul 7, 2014

This game was everything I could hope for in an English translation. The text was very well written, and I'm really glad that they chose to just do subtitles over the original voice acting, which is excellent. The storyline is very original, and absolutely brilliant. You know that you have experienced truly great fiction when finishing the story feels like saying goodbye to people that you know and love.

MaximumFluff, Apr 25, 2014

It has a very deep and intellectual storyline that's not hard to follow and most of all it's got a fully fledged cast of voice actors, Japanese of course, but why would you want this dubbed? It's got the English text, so it's nice to have the original game maintained in terms of the voice. No technical problems and the story is, again, fantastic. The menus are very simple and use friendly, as is the game interface overall. I haven't had any problems or glitches thus far and I doubt anyone may. Not much else to say. As far as the story is concerned, it's complicated. It's not to the point where the everyday person would be sitting back and scratching their head, but it's where it will make you feel smart for understanding it. Every twist and turn draws you in and makes you want more. I got around 40 hours out of this, with people getting closer to 50. With the mix of sci-fi elements, drama, and modern pop-culture thrown in too, this storyline is as close to perfect as we can get. The visuals themselves are fairly impressive. The artists could not have outdone themselves more. Combined with the story and music, this could possibly move people to tears. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a superb visual novel.