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Stellar Impact Stellar Impact is an online strategy game taking place in a Sci-Fi/Space Opera universe. It stands somewhere between classics RTS and MOBA/DotA games. Our goal was to create a demanding but rewarding gameplay, based on maneuvers, skills and strategies elaboration. Most of all, we tried to create something fun and teamplay oriented! In Stellar Impact, the war between allies and axis has moved to space and you command a space battleship! You can choose between several ship classes, from the fast corvette to the heavy dreadnought. Make your own skills template according to your preferences: attack, defense, speed, maneuverability, or recon.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1457
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, MOBA
Company / Developer
Tindalos Interactive / Tindalos Interactive
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Stellar Impact reviews ( 7 )

laclica, Oct 12, 2011

Stellar Impact is a great game that is both Free to play and pay to play. Let me explain myself.This game has drops & experience points. the drops can be used by anyone or sold for experience.The EXP tho is to make your ship a higher MK example: MK-I -> MK-II.But non payers are stuck at MK-I then again a MK-I can still destroy a MK-II but it's harder.That system make it good to pay for but does not force you to do so.So anyone can play and does not see any gap before at least 5 hours in.Lastly you only have to pay once if you pay.In conclusion not only is it a good scifi game it's a game you can try for an unlimited time before deciding if you want the extra goodies. it's worth all the 20$ it cost.

7lives, May 2, 2012

A fantastic Game on the DOTA genre... Love the Mix... The gameplay is much tactical.. hard to learn... but its the first game where "person-skill" is much more important then any fitting you get...Every Fan of the DOTA genre and spaceships must try this game!Warning: you would be addicted :) :)

jmdelrio, Oct 12, 2011

This is a fantastic representation of capital ship combat, very enjoyable. Best described as a combination of Dota style play and homeword with better weapon mechanics for ship to ship combat. The art style and fluid mechanics make you want to play again and again. While it lacks a single player campain or mode, you pick it up quickly and you will be very suprised as to the depths of control, upgrades and rewards for your crew. Definitly pick it up!

Cybher, Sep 2, 2011

Very cool indie game.It is a dota like but i think it is more strategic and the maneuvering gameplay is really innovative. SF fans will appreciate it.

bobble14988, Apr 15, 2012

Multi-player space-based single unit RTS which emphasises upgrades and the use of teamwork and special abilities.This is a very nice game overall. Has some good graphics, nice sound effects and the gameplay is really quite fun. The trouble is that it doesn't feel quite finished. There is a glaring problem with the ship wobbling when you move which detracts from the feel of the game. The only other glaring issue is that of the UI which is pretty terrible.However, the gameplay is very fun and I like how there is an emphasis on teamwork to take objectives. The controls are different for an RTS but real easy once you've been through the tutorial.

kenobi87, Nov 25, 2012

If it had single player story, it would be better. It's a good game, but a few difficult for rookies. I don't like so much this game and I shouldn't bought it

UnclearImage, Jul 30, 2012

This game has the potential to be a great game- unfortunately, it isn't There are numerous bugs, errors, and unbalanced nonsense in the game, you get into an exciting match only to start spinning randomly, suddenly you're weapons aren't hitting anything and the whole map is spinning so now you're annoyed, confused and dead. Respawn 2-5 minutes later and go back into combat only to have it happen again RIGHT when you attack your enemy. It's frustrating, it's annoying and it's not fun because of all the crap, not to mention there's a bad UI that doesn't give you enough information- how close to being fully charged at my weapons? What's my current speed, what's my speed percentage. I thought this was a new game that just came out on STEAM so I said "okay, it happens" but then I find out it's been 'out' for years, this game isn't even BETA quality. Since when did INDIE = Utter lazy crap?