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Stellaris Featuring deep strategic gameplay, an enormous selection of alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris has a deeply challenging system that rewards interstellar exploration as you traverse, discover, interact and learn more about the multitude of species you will encounter during your travels. Etch your name across the cosmos by uncovering remote celestial outposts,and entire civilizations. Will you expand through war or walk the path of diplomacy to achieve your goals?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6058
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
Paradox Interactive / Paradox Development Studio

Stellaris reviews ( 7 )

Shawndroid, Feb 26, 2018

This game takes sci-fi conventions from across the broad history of books, television and movies for a great sci-fi experience. A great experience that really gets the imagination going.

Henrywiddas, May 10, 2016

i'm still only 15 years in, i named a science officer after a colleague for a laugh and he is now bidding to be the next president of the united nations of earth lol loving the music and vibe of this game so far :)

Fahrenheit88, May 9, 2016

Stellaris has everything that a space-games enthusiast seeks: kickass graphics, constantly changing stories and adventures full of pop-culture references, and a well-structured balance between exploration and expansion. From the first minute, this game will leave an ever lasting impression on you, and you will know that whenever you play any future space strategy games in the future, you will ALWAYS compare them to Stellaris. That is how perfect this game is. It is a must buy for any space strategy fan and should not under any circumstances be missed. Buy it and support Paradox, the new God of Mass Strategy Games!

dinin70, May 11, 2016

I'm noting the game as it is now, knowing that, as with any other Paradox game, within a couple of years it will be HUGE. It is, for me, after about 5 hours of gameplay, by far the best Grand Strategy game in space. Much better than the empty Endless Space, ridiculously overwhelming but simple Galactic Civilizations. Much better since for the first time it's another gameplay than simply: expand, spawn troops, expand, meet neighbor, crush him. Expand, spawn troops, crush and so forth. Unfortunately, it is by far inferior than Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings. It is way more superficial. Maybe you need to have 50hours gameplay before you start feeling the small subtleties, but after 5 hours, you seem to have understood most of your challenges which is unique in Paradox games. After 100h+ in Hearts of Iron or CK2, you still discover new things. Not the case here. However, I'm certain that Paradox will keep on updating the game providing much more features (real politics, Ministers, political parties, social unrest). For me, they just need to add a flexible social and political environment (parties providing pros and cons) coming from things happening in the universe: i.e.: you are peaceful, technological and xenophile Empire (party). But you are weak: pirates roam your galaxies, neighbors too strong, you are loosing a war: people will start voting a Warmonger party providing bonuses in production, military technologies etc. but provide opposite effects to Social techs, diplomacy, trade... On the other side, you have battled for centuries. People is happy. After long time, they are fed up with war: another party may win the election, providing other bonuses. Or the economy is turning sour (starvations, lack of funds...) a more socialist party with less individualist bonuses but high collectivist bonuses. Or you have several species in your Galaxy, if you don't invest in Education people will turn xenophobe and a party with genocidal views may win the elections. Or maybe laws: a belligerent party wins the election. Parliament votes a low for forces Military Service against education. If you refuse, unrest could increase and Democracy overthrown by Militaristic Despotic regime. Also adding ministers, like Hearts of Iron. Ministers depending on the winning party, providing bonuses here and there. Well things like that... THAT IS COMPLETELY FEASABLE and would make this game the best game ever... And I'm sure Paradox will do that. Yet, it is not case. And after 5 hours of gameplay I understand I will need at least extra 95 hours before finishing the game. I am NOWHERE yet and everything still needs shape. And that makes me want to play game

Robinjhoe, Jul 14, 2016

I didnt expect muc of the Game, because it was a "Hell why not" buy. But i kind of was surprised by it. First off, it is pretty basic. But it has its own strenghts and weaknesses: Positive: + Amazing soundtracks (especially faster than light (instrumental) + Interesting way of exploration + Easy to understand + A species creator + Day One Mod Support Negative: - Some starting problems - Combat is really dumbed down - Managment is very basic - Exploration gets really annoying the bigger the universe you are in is - Politics are very often one-sided - It gets very crowded at times - Research is more or less random (you get 3 to 4 choices what you can research next, but it is not an open research tree) All in all it is fun. But it does not really anything complete new. It is fun for people liking these type of games but nothing for hardcore 4X lovers, even if this is not really 4X.

Thilus, Jul 13, 2016

I've got a problem with Stellaris. Because the game is good. But it is also an unpolished product. You could even call it unfinished. Bare bones that still need a lot more on their frame. The situation is similar to Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV - both of those games are 2-4 years old and only just recently CK2 has become what I think Paradox wanted it to be from the begining. EU4 is the same, only I don't think they published all the DLCs quite yet. Stellaris might be another great game in PI portfolio, but not before there's a ton of updates and expansion packs. Right now there is a lot to work on - the diplomacy sucks (my biggest mistake was to start the game as a peaceful race of scientists, and not because the other races conquered me, but because after a while I couldn't expand more without resorting to violence, which was prohibited by my people), the military part is limited to say the least (you can build your own ships, but why bother when you have the auto-upgrade option that gives you good results), and there is no real goal to achieve, other that "conquer the whole galaxy, unless you're a peaceful race in which case you can't". I will wait for the game to develop further because as of now it's just a below average product that will make you "WOW!" for several sitting, after which you will quickly notice that deep down it offers very little. At least for now.

Karameni, May 16, 2016

An unplayable beyond the early game beta version of a game, that could've been good. 1. Massive lags past 60-70 years. 2. Ship AI is braindead and combat itself is extremely buggy (sometimes only part of a fleet does actual fightning while rest of my ships just stand there doing nothing outside the actual combat) 3. Sector AI is braindead, it uses slaves who get malus to producing science to produce science and option to enforce AI to respect tile resources doesnt work. 4. War AI is insane sending single trooper transports to capture you capital for years, losing every time. 5. Events are bugged and just dont work as intended frequently. Verdict: 0/10, because they are selling people an early beta instead of a functional game.