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Still Life Victoria McPherson is a brilliant young FBI agent who's investigating a serial murder case. The body count is now at five and with the lack of real leads and a mountain of circumstantial evidence, Victoria is beginning to show signs of fatigue and stress. She decides to take a break and go rest at her father's home in suburban Chicago; after all, it is close to the Christmas holidays. However, Victoria does not find rest. Instead, she finds one of her grandfather's old case files and begins to read. Oddly enough, Victoria's present case resembles the one from the past, right down to the killer's MO. The game features a compelling storyline set in modern Chicago and late 1920's Prague; beautifully detailed environments; rich and intriguing characters; Breath-taking cinematics; the opportunity to investigate the crime scenes of gruesome serial homicides and to solve challenging puzzles finely integrated into the storyline. [Microids]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1479
Genre Adventure, Third-Person, Point-and-Click, Modern
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
The Adventure Company / Microids

Still Life reviews ( 7 )

JoeP., Apr 5, 2005

This is undoubtly one of the best RPG games that i've played.Great visuals,actually the visuals are breathtaking.Game play is pretty easy too. All in all the game deserves a full 10.

MarianaL., Aug 21, 2006

i love this game but i got really mad when the murderer felt in the river cuz i wanted to see who it was!!! i really hope that there is a still life 2!

Lin, Aug 15, 2005

Best adventure game ever! For those who doesn't have a sense of adventure and thrill(excitement) maybe it IS better you go and watch the paint dry. or for anyone who has no patience or hates reading you go elsewhere... for adventure lovers or just anyone who wants a great story, and excellent 3D graphics(Pre-rendered) this is your game! one of my fav game and still trying to figure out who the killer is if you want to email me of who you think did it contact me Can't wait for the 2nd game fingers crossed !

B.Iliev, Jun 23, 2005

Good gameplay ,good atmosphere,good storyline . Some bad puzzles and the ending was not what i expected. Not a classic but if you enjoy adventure games you will definitely like it.

DianeO., Jun 5, 2005

Loved the game, extremely dissapointed with the ending. I'm hoping for a sequel that, has better voice acting, more interaction with evidence, and all questions answered by end of the game.

Maxxinne, Apr 30, 2013

Ottima trama, peró affiancata da una grafica non all'altezza (anche per gli standard del 2005). L'avventura un classico punta e clicca con enigmi classici per questo genere di giochi... quindi fin qui tutto bene. La nota negativa rappresentata da alcuni enigmi ,che nonostante la buona volontà, sono veramente difficili da risolvere senza l'ausilio di una guida (enigma della serratura e grimaldelli), rendendo quindi l'avventura frustrante in alcuni momenti. Penso che il bello di giochi come questo, sia infatti arrivare alla fine senza nessun tipo di aiuto "esterno" cosa invece ho dovuto richiedere, e che mi ha lasciato l'amaro in bocca.

AaronC., Jun 15, 2005

Heads up, everybody...this is NOT an RPG; it's a point-and-click adventure game. And it's time to be honest about how little the emperor is wearing at the moment...this game is HORRIBLE. It's completely misrepresented in reviews and on its packaging: this is NOT a detective game. When I bought it, I was imagining something like CSI or the earlier game Missing, where you use crime scene clues to decipher puzzles and advance the storytelling. This game features a bunch of mini-games where you spin, twist, push and pull things tediously, intercut with more tedious periods of walking long distances and speaking to awkwardly rendered characters. You can't choose what to say to them; the game just sort of spills out as you go. And the "evidence" and "clues" that you collect can't be examined in any real depth...they're just "keys" to get you to the next boring scene. This game is almost more Myst-like in terms of the puzzles, though they're not nearly as clever or charming as Myst. Three words: cookie baking puzzle. Sheesh. Didn't the box say something about a serial killer? Maybe they meant *cereal* killer? The visuals are nice if you can get around the terribly awkward and wooden movements of the characters (when your player runs, he/she looks like they have a stick up their rear and two broken ankles). The animations are pain-staking slow, too, and I wanted to murder a few characters myself while waiting for their unskippable animations to complete. But the atmosphere of the visuals is completely destroyed by the inane voice-acting. It isn't completely bad so much as totally out of place; when, in the game, two seasoned female detectives are working on a dank crime scene, they trade lame banter in a way that makes them sound like sorority rejects from Scream 2. The poorly written script, with its hackneyed, stereotyped, and in some cases border-line racist characters doesn't help much, either. So, stay away! If you like puzzles that just require you to push buttons in a certain order until you win, and if you can stomach rejected late-night Cinemax dialogue, this game might be for you. But if you want a game with a creepy element and storyline, with puzzles that require lateral thinking and ingenuity, try something like Missing instead.