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Storm: Frontline Nation Storm: Frontline Nation is a turn-based military strategy game that pits military juggernauts from the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, and France against each other as they fight over dwindling natural resources amidst an international economic collapse.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 987
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Modern, General
Company / Developer
Viva Media , Just A Game , Viva Media, LLC / SimBin

Storm: Frontline Nation reviews ( 2 )

iseeall, Jul 29, 2013

A good turn-based strategy game with simultaneous moves and a strategic map. There were a few things i didn't like though: that you can only place a fixed number of units on the map and the rest will wait until other are destroyed, which is a strange way to balance the fights. Russia is represented with just a few small regions that's for balancing, I know, but just looks stupid. The artistic style feels too cold. I know, it's about war and the setting is a modern one, so it's machines and metal, but staying in this game gets you in a depressed mood. Some characters, or funny dialogs, or just something human would help this game a lot.

NoCoverSaves, Sep 9, 2011

A wonderful TBS split between a Total War franchise strategic gameplay, complete with spies and sabateurs, and a hex based tactical battle system. The tactical systems plays like any of the old Avalon Hill games, such as Panzer General, with infantry, arty, tanks, and modern helicopters, navy, and air support. Infantry can be equipped with mechanized support, mortars, UAVs, AT weapons, smoke, and more. Vehicles can get items like guided arty shells, smoke screens, reactive armor, and more. Other analogous games with similar combat systems might be Civ 5 or the Axis and Allies CMG.It offers a fresh twist to this style at the strategic level because most units have a decent level of customization which can then be deployed to any base globally. The tactical battles are also unique because the entire army is given orders then complete them in unison during the Action Phase. Units will attack on their own but can also be ordered to pursue and crush opponents. Depending on the zone, battlefields scale relative to the sizes of the armies.Unfortunately, the game has a steep learning curve. The tutorials are a series of short subtitled videos that do not cover everything. Additionally there are a number of small oversights such as a poor saving feature and lack of a mini-map on the strategic view that can make the game even less accessible at first and are a minor annoyance later. The UI for the strategic view is not great as it is missing a lot of the amenities of more polished strategic games, but it doesn't really impede the game in any serious way. If you have the patience and time to learn through repeated trial and error there is a rewarding, satisfying, and fun TBS game here.If you enjoy the idea of a Total War strategic game in a modern setting with tactical battle resolution reminiscent of classic hex based TBS games then this is a great game but you're going to have to sift through some BS at first. It seems like they built a great game they wanted to play instead of building a great game everyone could play. Gameplay-10Graphics-8Replayablity-10Learning Curve-3UI-7