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Storm Storm is a physics-based puzzle platform game where players control the weather, breathing gusts of wind, summoning torrents of rain, and calling down thunderous claps of lightning. The goal is to manipulate the environment in order to move a series of balls from the beginning of the level to the end, navigating treacherous terrain and puzzling pitfalls along the way. Collecting power spheres, players charge their elemental abilities and master the awesome power of nature in Storm.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 766
Genre Miscellaneous, General
Company / Developer
Neko Entertainment / EKO Software

Storm reviews ( 1 )

FireOccator, Jul 5, 2013

Storm is a puzzle game with nature as it's theme. The player can control the main elements as rain, wind and thunder. These elements can be stacked and interacting with the environment new elements can be made. The main objective of the game is to move a seed from a tree to one or many locations where the seed can grow. The puzzles are well designed and become challenging as the game progresses. The puzzles also require precise timing. The puzzles contain a combination of thunder, wind, rain, tornadoes, logs, rocks, fire, snow, ice, bubbles and poison. Also there is variety in seeds as some seeds cannot float in water, can break and have a limited time of life. You can also skip levels, but there is a limit. There is also spirit mode where the player has to collect spirits in a certain time limit. If a player collects spirits before the time ends, more spare time is added to the global timer, which is needed to progress to all levels. Spirit mode uses the same levels from adventure mode and the elements are buffed. The downside in these puzzles is that it's hard to distinguish the locations where a seed can grow. The tutorial explains concepts after the player uses them. All the puzzles have one path, but I managed to cheat another one out in one level. Also some game mechanics are left unexplained. The graphics and sound for this game are decent. The music matches the setting and the world design is very well made. The physics in this game work very well. It is possible to play this game with a XBOX controller. There are no graphics settings. Quitting the game takes you trough two menus. There can be bugs as sound looping and seeds disappearing. The game had crashes when released, but the developers responded to the Steam community and fixed the bugs within a week. The adventure mode takes 7 hours to finish, but add another 7 hours for spirit mode. Overall this is a very good indie game and the developer support for the game after it was launched has to be noted.