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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a brand-new disc that includes all base content from the original Street Fighter V release, Arcade Mode and a code for Character Pass 1 and 2 content, which includes 12 playable characters and 12 premium costumes. * ARCADE MODE Choose from sixStreet Fighter V: Arcade Edition is a brand-new disc that includes all base content from the original Street Fighter V release, Arcade Mode and a code for Character Pass 1 and 2 content, which includes 12 playable characters and 12 premium costumes. * ARCADE MODE Choose from six different paths themed after classic Street Fighter games. * GALLERY Unlock hundreds of illustrations as you play through Arcade Mode. * TEAM BATTLE Assemble local teams, set your own rules and see who comes out on top. * EXTRA BATTLE Complete online challenges to earn Fight Money, EXP, unique costumes and more. * NEW V-TRIGGERS Each character will have two V-Triggers, adding more depth to the combat system. * NEW VISUALS The UI is redesigned with new color schemes and exciting pre-and-post fight effects.… Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 38
Genre Action, Fighting, 2D
Players 2
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom
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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition reviews ( 6 )

Facsan, Jul 12, 2020

Bueno a mí me ha encantado los diseños del juego en el menú las tantas opciones y modalidades de juegos que trae y lo más importante la esencia como tal del SFV está super, la variedad de personajes que hay está genial este SFV lo recomiendo 100%.

Kaprawiec, Jan 17, 2018

I started my adventure with SFV with pure hate. I bought PS4 version on release and it was utter crap. Almost 0 single player content with laggy online matches. I tried like 4-5 matches online, I had to wait for over 5 minutes to even find somebody online just to see that its unplayable and then I sold it back and thought I will never return to this game. Now almost 2 years passed and I bought it again, this time PC version, pre-arcade for 10 $ on some sale, and boy am I enjoying it! It is simply awesome, new story mode, tons of content, I usually play survival to hone my terrible skills and in the meantime game searches for opponents to ranked matches - cherry on the top, fluid online mode in which I struggle to get out of super bronze :D Oh and there are also some funny mods for PC like new stages, reskins for characters (well the nude ones are what make it worth the effort to download the whole mods;) etc. Overall I have to say that its on the top of the fighting genre for me, and the list would be: 1. Street Fighter V/Mortal Kombat 2/Tekken 5/Mortal Kombat X/Street Fighter 2 2. Mortal Kombat 3/Street Fighter 4/Mortal Kombat 9/Tekken 4/Tekken Tag Tournament 2/Street Fighter Alpha1,2,3/Tekken 7/Samurai Shodown 3,4/Body Blows 1,2/Street fighter vs Marvel series/MvC series/Fight Night Series//Street Fighter EX2-3 3. Mortal Kombat 1/Tekken 6/Darkstalkers/King of Fighters serie/Body Blows Ultimate/Marvel vs Capcom/X-men Children of atom/Virtua Fighter series/Soul Calibur Series/UFC/Dead or Alive/Killer Instinct/Battle Arena Tohsihnden series (id love remake of this badly :D) 4. Others like dragon ball, guilty gear, old SNK games, and so on.

techtronics, Jan 20, 2018

Another Street Fighter game to last for years. Like it or not, this is the biggest and the best fighting game on the planet. Deep fighting game mechanics and so many unique characters make this game an instant classic for any fighting game fan. With EVO just around the corner, the hype is only starting to build up. Shoryuken!!!

ChesterField, May6, 2020

Still one of the best fighting game nowdays that have a lot of impact in the competitive scene, but, i think tekken or soulcalibur is doing a better job. This new art style is a little weird for me. In any case, good game.

ticroo, Jan 20, 2018

Just another update to SFV unworthy of being a standalone title , but there it is... A damage control by Capcom. An attempt at re-branding poorly received SFV. So what's new? Intro, new color scheme of menus (prettier, but overall the same. Options are still all over the place so to speak), redesigned battle intro, one new character, one new stage and, of course, an arcade mode. A bit soulless arcade mode, if you ask me. Endings are just one cheap comic book panel and there's still no character specific intros. Gallery is ridiculous. Every single piece of "art" was on the internet way before the game's release. Oh, and there's an uninspiring Bonus Stage... And that about covers it. The biggest addition to the Arcade Edition are the new V-Triggers. They'll further balance the game though my complaint is that the character development suffers from the eternal need for everything to be so tightly balanced. Special moves design is hampered by this balancing issue and therefore we get so many non-appealing new characters. Now, for some PC port specific issues: Netcode sucks big time, so no change there. I don't consider this to be a serious flaw since I prefer not losing my nerves by being torn apart in the laggy online matches. I'm no pro and I don't have a slightest intention of trying to become one and waste my life by learning a fighting game up to six hours a day. Still no option for player two to use keyboard which is just unacceptable. Graphic requirements are still ridiculously high bearing in mind how sloppy certain models are (new intro takes about 50% of CPU resources! WTF?!). Capcom tried to justify abnormal size of some of their chars' fists and feet by saying that's done deliberately and has something to do with hitboxes/hurtboxes... Another corporal lie. After facing heavy criticism, they made sure not to repeat the same mistake with the newcomers. Sakura is, for example, pretty much proportional compared to earlier bizarre female models. All in all, SFVAE is a decent fighter, which is a huge step forward from the disgrace that was the original release of SFV. However, it cannot lift a finger to Ultra Street Fighter IV which to this day remains the best fighting game, not only in the series, but in the world. I'd give it a 7 but I just can't make myself overlook a poor PC optimization regarding controls. :/

alxmxmff, Oct8, 2018

The game made primarily to serve as a damage control after vanilla SFV was such an epic fiasco. And so, in order to make up for the lost money, Capcom created the Microtransaction Fighter V Arcade Edition. Everything regarding this game is designed to take away your money. Everything! Fight Money basically serves no purpose whatsoever. The grinds are impossible - unless your day is made of 25 hours, week of 8 days and month of 8 weeks and you have absolutely nothing else to do but play SFVAE. And even then you'd have a level-8-hard time grinding out the characters, stages, costumes and all. So PAY real money for all of those. I mean, if you are a SF fan of course you'll want all the characters but you don't need the rest, right? To a certain extent. Default costumes are intentionally designed so that you'd hate them and opt for a DLC. Some models even are made so that you're going to immediately wish to cover sloppy-looking body part, piece of clothing or hair (Ken's hair comes to mind) and PAY for a half-decent new garb that's gonna do the trick. The game is not designed for a single player campaign and that much gets obvious pretty fast. Arcade Mode is either too easy or too hard. There just isn't in-between setting. Most of the time CPU set on easy or normal is little better than defensless. However, if you are to play on hard, CPU's just gonna read your inputs and almost all of his attacks will have a priority over yours making defeating of the game more of a frustrating task than an enjoyable one. Oh, and you earn exactly 0 FM for completing this campaign. Because why giving away FM for Arcade Mode and make a grind somewhat easier when they can make you play online for it, quickly come to a painful conclusion you'll never ever get enough to buy character or whatever and decide to PAY real dough for additional content? If you are a PC player, you can't use a keyboard if you're to play Versus. PAY for another joystick, preferably the one that Capcom endorse. The game with all of its content so far costs about $120 if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, I give it a score of 6 on account of it being a decent fighter. I'd award it with 5 which is more of what it deserves, but, as it happens, I love Street Fighter and, after all, it's the game that we score, not the greedy sales policy of its creators. So, i'm being fair and objective, unlike Capcom and their obvious shills. The game is okay, nothing more. There are plenty better fighters out there but SFVAE gamplay certainly doesn't suck. I'd recommend everyone to give it a whirl. But, like I said, even if you get a pirate version with everything in it, you'd still require a second joystick to play with a friend since pirate can't go online and VS is the only way to enjoy this poor release to a certain degree.