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Street Fighter X Mega Man Street Fighter X Mega Man is an 8-bit crossover game that stars the Blue Bomber and a slew of retro-ized SF mainstays acting as stand-in Robot Masters.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1086
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom

Street Fighter X Mega Man reviews ( 6 )

rgp11, Dec 17, 2012

Don´t expect anything new this game is exactly like the 10 classics, absolutely the same **** And that is how i like it!!! PS: It is still hard as F*ck :)

Rolento, Feb 19, 2013

Very nicely done, some things were a bit different from the original Megaman engine but by any means not worse. Awesome soundtrack, cute idea, classic hard gameplay, faithful to the series, and a blatant excuse plot for the hell of it so that you don't have to overthink stuff about continuity.

AltimaMantoid, Dec 20, 2012

A game making a tribute nod to two franchises: Mega Man and Street Fighter. Both games are celebrating 25 year Anniversaries, and why not put them in a game together? For years, Mega Man has been in Street Fighter games, but now it's the other way around! One dedicated fan took it upon himself to make this a reality, and Capcom provided some funding and ideas behind the project and also gave it their blessing. For diehard Mega Man fans, this will follow the same formula we've gotten used to, but things are different this time. Some Street Fighter nods make it into the game. No save feature means you have to beat it all in one sitting (just like a Street Fighter game), and there is a Continue screen with a timer (another nod to Street Fighter). The music is remixed and mashed together from both the Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises but in 8-bit. Some mechanics return, such as the charge shot and the slide. The pros to this are that it's a new Mega Man game, in 8-bit glory and it feels, for the most part, fresh and new, frothing with great and new ideas. The bosses in the game feel just like they do if you were fighting them in Street Fighter. Ryu has his Shoryuken, Hadoken, and Whirlwind Kick (which even provides him "invulnerability" and you can slide under it!), and Chun-Li gets her Kikoken, Spinning Bird Kick, and Lightning Kick. Street Fighters get access to a Ultra/Revenge Meter, similar to the Revenge Meter in Street Fighter 4. Once it's full, bosses have access to a powerful ability unique to each one. Each one has a unique weakness and when defeated grant you their special weapon, standard for Mega Man games. The stages stay true to the look and feel of what they were in Street Fighter, such as Blanka's stage feeling like a water-flooded Brazilian jungle, Ryu's taking place in an old castle, and Chun-Li's being on the streets of China. Balrog's stage is possibly the most unique thing a Mega Man game has seen in years. They even included a secret boss that, upon reaching, will put even the most skilled Mega Man players to the test! It isn't all sunshine in SFxMM though. The levels seem a bit short at times and level design can be a little bland. The concepts are great but the somewhat occasional bit of bland design detracts from those concepts. Mega Man is the only character (aside from Rush for a brief Jet section in Rose's stage) that is actually from his own franchise to be in this game. Wily, Light, no one else is to be found here. Why does Mega Man have to battle the Street Fighters? This is never made clear. Using the Mega Buster without a charge feels like it's severely weakened. E-Tanks seem to be in the strangest of places and once used never respawn without a full non-continued game over. Enemy placement is brilliant but at the same time not so clever and inconvenient or awkward. The lack of a save or password system feels like a throwback to Mega Man 1 but in this day and age it should have some sort of option to resume your progress. Overall the game is solid despite it's few problems. It's free and is a recommended download to give a look into it. If you play both titular franchises then you should pick up on the bosses fairly quickly. Those new to Mega Man or Street Fighter might have a much tougher time against the stages and bosses (respectively). For being a fangame endorsed by Capcom it's a wonderful little treat to pick up and while it isn't the fix-all that Mega Man fans require, it's a step in the right direction.

GamecubeLover, Jul 21, 2016

Street Fighter and Mega Man mixed together ain't a good idea on paper but in the game it is fantastic! It is good but still is flawed and only enjoyable for like an hour and street fighter AND Mega Man games usually entertain you for 3 hours.

shprea, Jun 27, 2013

There're two ways to view this game. You can say that it's amazing because it's all fan made AND it's free, or you can be critical of it by comparing it to past Mega Man games. I'll be doing to former. When compared to other Mega Man games, Street Fighter X Mega Man is a bit disappointing. The level designs aren't as cool and the weapons aren't as cool. However, the boss battles against Street Fighter characters are all awesome. Also awesome is the music, which is all remixed Street Fighter music. When compared to Mega Mans 1 through 6, Street Fighter X Mega Man can't hold its own weight. However, it is better than Mega Man 7 and 8 (I can't stand those games). There's no reason not to play this game though. After all, it's free.

Zodiacprince, Dec 18, 2012

We were all clamoring for more Megaman, since Capcom gipped us with Legends 3, and Capcom delivered us this little parcel, with a pretty little bow and some nice wrapping paper. Though, it really wasn't Capcom, it was a fan who sent it, but slapped Capcom on the 'to/from' box. That's both good and bad, good because they accepted this fan submission for development, bad because it's fan game. To put it bluntly, this game is broken. The only reason it's worth playing is the fact that it's free. I played through 3 bosses. (That was always the decision point for me.) I beat Chun-Li, but only after dying 3 times, then I fought Rose who was utterly cheap, and finally Ryu, who took no damage until he stopped spin-kicking. I'm not the biggest or best Megaman fan, but I can beat all of the NES games fairly easily, and they're hard as **** I couldn't even damage Ryu or Rose. Anyway, the levels are short and boring and the bosses are impossible to hit. Maybe I just suck at this game, maybe it's a widespread issue, but when you can't hit an enemy, I call that broken.