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Street Fighter X Tekken "Street Fighter" is best known for its well-polished 2D game play, and "Street Fighter IV" is an exemplary addition to the series. And now, based on the "Street Fighter IV" engine, the "TEKKEN" characters will be stepping into the ring to fight. Featuring two on two "Tag Team Fighting", and together with Battle and Training Modes, this title will push the series beyond its limits.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2042
Genre Action, Fighting, 3D, 2D
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom, QLOC

Street Fighter X Tekken reviews ( 7 )

Charlemagne, Jun 7, 2014

The best in the series since Alpha 3. It attempts some interesting innovations and ends up as a solid fun arcade game. The story and feel of the game is vastly better than the cartoon goofiness of SF4 (where I had to switch the voices to Japanese to keep from cringing). It's jokey too (unlike the epicness of SF2), but at least the jokes are a little clever and not completely slapstick and stupid. A good roster of characters (ignoring and forgetting the entire Tekken side).

Siuls_Pander, Sep 19, 2013

Street Fighter x Tekken is the holy war of fighting games, we can finally determine which of the two fighting games is the best, in tekken characters were adapted so haughtiness in this game that allows an excellent gameplay and hours of fun. After playing it I noticed the following ... Unfortunately those who complain about this game for the most part are the TEKKENEROS (read terminology for TEKKEN LOVERS), who say that unfortunately they can not move sideways and the gameplay is not equal to that of Tekken, which is a lie, as there is the possibility of playing with style command tekken thanks to the gem "MOVEMENT EASY" which allows to play tekken style, the adaptation of the characters in tekken street fighter style is also good, so it must be understood that the graphics should be the style capcom and namco so this is also critical of but, the TEKKENEROS should stop complaining and afontar the challenge, or will be true what they say that there "is a game tekken botton punchers that ever won in a fighting game! ... The Street Fighter fan also made ​​their criticisms because it was not Street Fighter 4, it was clear that it would neither be because thanks to the style of play so open any win is conditioned very spite of being an expert or not in the game as in Street Fighter 4 The gem system does not determine either a fight, help at any given time if you know activate, and are not prolonged use, so also accuse it of advantage is absurd the only thing regrettable is the few stages and of course the policy of the DLC that tarnish much the game, but in spite of that is a fully featured game, so I say let's cut the crap and fight. TEKKENEROS! THEN, YOURS TRUE ACROSS THE LINE?

FleXDruid, May 12, 2012

Just built an HTPC with this game in mind and installed this game on it with my pre-ordered version. I AM LOVING IT. ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT. Wireless controller XBOX pc version is next on my list.

omer123, Jul 31, 2016

street fighter x tekken is a disspointing game there's no story just 2 cutsceans in the arcade mode u just fighting what ever the game choose u to fight but wihout cutsceans so there is no explination the fighting mechanic is well prezented and the charecters looks and the visual and the colers feel great the problem in the charecters they don't had alot of spical move like mortal kombat or injustice the best thing in these game that u can play 2 vs 2 when press all the ligt combat u will control the other charecter on your team and thats great the command list is pointless u need an arcade to make those moves they just telling they are realy hard to make those moves

frast, Oct 6, 2012

It's nice to see finally a duel with Street Fighter and Tekken characters, just a pity that it is only a added skins from other games adding new maps, a few new combos and bang, beat cash. I did not expect that Street Fighter X Tekken will be the new Street Fighter to conquer the world, but I see that there is nothing new. I understand if it would be as DLC, but as a full new game? Helloo, do not exaggerate a little. Not enough news to consider this as a new game. Despite the Tekken characters have been done really good, so here I congratulate, added a few new products that improve the game. The cool thing is here 2vs2 battles that save this game. It is a pity that the game is not addictive like the classic Tekken, in which, even after a long time of fun even if you enjoy beating levels. Only what can wait this new part of SF, this classically ap forget. My Rating - 6/10

FirStie, Jul 27, 2012

The idea of controlling two different fighters at one time (imagine possibilities of combos!) was exciting even without the fact that this game was going to be a crossover with Tekken series. There are characters from SF4, some new ones (Poison and Hugo from Final Fight, for example) and almost whole cast of Tekken. The first thing about changes in general combat that disappointed me: every character is able to do same combos. SF4 had strict rules about such thing: you needed to remember even easiest link between hits, and SFxT allows you to do quite big combinations (even connecting them with launchers for the next character to join instead of the previous one) by button-mashing your controller. Thus, even a person that joined the game for the first time is able to do decent combination. In SF4, he would've been punished and send to training room, but in this game he still has a chance to win. The second (and the worst) disappointing detail is the fact that Tekken characters are the way easier to control rather than SF characters: remember times when you actually tried to do timing for your combo to successfully be completed? Now you don't need to, just choose a Tekken character. Things are so bad, that every time you see that your opponent plays as Kazuya, you already abandon all hope to win. Thus, you will meet the same pairs of characters almost every single match. As a consequence, I would recommend you Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition: it still provides a fun to play without unbalanced characters.

FightingSlug, Oct 23, 2013

I cannot play this game. My GFWL account will not work. I verified it via there website but it will not work in game. I'm hoping for a refund as i have not yet been able to enter the cd key.