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Strike Suit Zero Strike Suit Zero is an action-packed arcade game set in the final hours of a future Earth. The clock is ticking; your planet is about to be destroyed and its only hope is the Strike Suit; an advanced, transforming spacecraft that empowers the player with ludicrous firepower and awesome abilities. Every second is precious; you’ll be forced to fight with fury, choose targets on instinct and make snap decisions that will not only affect the outcome of your mission but your path through the game and the ultimate destiny of seven billion lives.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2110
Genre Action, Simulation, Flight, Combat
Company / Developer
Born Ready Games / Born Ready Games

Strike Suit Zero reviews ( 7 )

serial_, Jan 28, 2013

Soundtrack is phenomenal, the graphics are great, the backdrops (while static) are absolutely amazing. The voice acting reminds me of BSG characters, and the gameplay is absolutely addictive. I haven't been this pulled in by a flight shooter in a long time. The only other game I can think of is Descent 2. The original H.A.W.X. comes to mind, as well (in terms of fun). Don't listen to the haters who can't handle the difficulty curve. The game isn't buggy, it's not unpolished, the UI isn't terrible (in fact, it's REALLY good!), these people are just spoiled by all the newschool games out there. This game is hard as nails and it harkens back to a time when games were meant to take more than a handful of tries to advance. If you loved Asteroids back in the day, played Descent like a crackhead, and loved spending pockets worth of quarters in the arcade--then this game is a no-brainer purchase for you. If, instead, you like to **** about how hard games are because they don't tell you where everything is/exactly how to beat the level, then maybe pass this one up and go buy Hello Kitty: Island Adventure or Smurfs & Co. instead. Strike Suit Zero is for gamers who actually want to be challenged by their games. The game has excellent keyboard/mouse controls, superb gamepad support and (my favorite) outstanding joystick support. I've been playing this with my Logitech Extreme Force 3D PRO and the experience is awesome. WARNING: The already hard game gets a lot harder when you use a joystick, but for fly-boys of old who aren't afraid of that, it's an awesome experience. If you have a Nostromo/n52/n52te keypad to go along with your joystick, then you're about to have one sick, specialized peripheral romp in space mecha wonderland. 10/10 best $16 I've spent in a long time.

d3m0n1q_733rz, Oct 25, 2013

It's a great game! While there are a few issues with graphics (starting in windows mode instead of fullscreen & going full white screen) & sound (If level is started right after loading has finished, sound fails to fully initialize), the gameplay is excellent and very Gundam like in its play. The ability to play with the Strike Suit and target lock multiple enemies/points makes gameplay quite enjoyable. You'll be holding your breath trying to multi-task objectives and keeping ships intact. You're the center of the action.

BenJaiK, Jan 29, 2013

Great space combat controls that blend together well with the mech transformation mode. Battles are always a great visual treat as the screen fills with fighter trails and a hailstorm of missiles, Itano Circus style. It's like this generation's version of the PS2 Macross game.

KhorneOnTheCob, Dec 14, 2013

I bought this game for around £4 on the Steam sale and, wow, it's great for the price, with great graphics and sound, especially considering it is an indie title. I feel like I want to defend the game against all of the critical reviews. Wing Commander, X-wing, Tie-Fighter, Freespace, were all big studio titles. This is not a big studio title and people really should not expect it to have the same scope. It has clear goals which are obviously limited by budget, and it executes them well. People cannot demand more from an indie title. The game is difficult. However, it requires multitasking and each time you fail you get better at the game, and you can revisit each mission to improve upon your score. There are also further ships to unlock. The game is fast, loads of fun and well worth the price.

smilzoboboz, Nov 11, 2015

While the game itself is quite good: mechanics are definitely good, graphic is what you expect from a non-AAA title (still good and easy on hardware), there are two big mistakes on this title: they tried to fit a story, in but feels more a joke than an actual story (or at least it's very plain and obvious) and the overall game (in normal difficulty) is way too hard. I would have liked more a "short" game with easy (read not-that-hard) missions and a better story, with the possibility to replay those missions in hard/maniac difficulty to get my challenge and my many deaths. So, would I recommend this game? Probably yes, because it's indie, graphics and music are good, there's linux/mac support and overall it's fun, but 20$ is definitely too much, this game at full price should have been 15ish or even less.

cruorfrater, Jan 27, 2013

I really want to love Strike Suit Zero.. I really do.. But I just can't. The first few missions are okay and the story isn't that complex but then again why should it? It's an arcade shooter. The soundtrack is great and I've spent quite the time listening to it. But the game itself. There are so many tiny problems in it that it makes me think that the dev team didn't even make a test on the gameplay itself because it's very VERY annoying at times. I'll try to list some: Your allies are incompetent. If you get a mission to destroy a cruiser, your allies are incompetent of making it possible for you to do it. Meaning that there's a swarm of interceptors flying around you at all times. You cannot target them using the "Target Closest" -keybind because that bind ALLWAYS targets mission objectives first. The camera thrashes and crashes around every time you get shot. That means it thrashes and crashes around all the time! If you ask me, it would had been better if your vision wasn't obstructed by this when you still have any shield left. Enemy accuracy is pinpoint. The guys on these railguns sure did play alot of instagib Q3 judging by the way how good shots they are. This doesn't apply only on capital ship guns but regular enemies as well. Line of sight is VERY limited. You can't see **** The game doesn't tell you from what direction you are shot at from or who is shooting at you. These small pieces of information would make it much less frustrating. I would also like a small flashing light in the UI if someone is targetting me. Checkpoint placing is horrible. There is a mission where you first have to destroy multiple corvettes, then wipe off interceptors, then defend your capital ship from two cruisers and destroy them and THEN go against a huge carrier. This all takes some time and if you die in the last part you gotta do the whole thing again. Strike Mode is useful when you need firepower but it's slow as hell and the dashing doesn't help you evade anything except missiles. In Strike Mode you can hover still in the air, but in Pursuit Mode you can't stay put. Ship handling is horrible. Your craft turns as if it was a tank and the enemy craft seem to be alot more agile than you are. You are constantly moving forward. You have brakes though but they don't stop you. I thought it would be possible to turn off your engines and let your craft hover onward while you are targetting something else but no. You are allways moving into the direction you are aming which usually makes destroying stationary objects impossible I like the game. The setting, the crafts, the graphics.. It's just these things that make me lose my mind. I really REALLY want to play this game alot and I do but I allways end up being angry. TL;DR: Lots of good ideas but just as many bad parts. I've played worse games with higher price.

Coeco, Feb 3, 2013

If you fancy flying a space-ship with no breaks, unlimited ammo, insane amount of HP all while having toilet rolls glued to your eyelids, this is a game for you. Oh and, don't expect any actual mecha-combat when you jump in and play. Tutorial is a few hours followed by god knows how much grind before you can even unlock the first ship for it and by then, you'd already be bored to death from the laughable voice-acting and MMO grind quests IN THE SINGLE-PLAYER CAMPAIGN.