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Stronghold 2 The castle-sim and siege-warfare RTS game Stronghold, the sequel to the award-winning titles Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader, brings the series to life in glorious 3D. Stronghold 2 also offers players a "castle-life" campaign, enhanced multiplayer capability and a new, innovative and exciting single player campaign. [Global Star Software]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2398
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
2K Games / FireFly Studios
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Stronghold 2 reviews ( 7 )

jokerRobert91, Oct 27, 2011

Stronghold 2 isnt quite as good as stronghold 1, but is still actaully a pretty good game, the graphics are good and I really enjoyed the campaign. i play the multiplayer LAN alot and I love it. Stronghold 2 is one of my favourite games and is a must-have for strategy enthusiasts.

Serjo, Nov 24, 2017

I bought this game shortly after it came out, and I have to say that in my opinion it's the best and most fun Stronghold game ever. I have played the original Stronghold, Crusader, Legends, SH 3 and Crusader 2, but enjoyed SH 2 the most by far. The singleplayer campaigns are super fun and well made, I really liked those animated sequences in between missions, and the multiplayer is even more awesome. A lot of people disliked this game for things like the honor system, along with the kitchen, estates, crime, rats and gong, but the extra complexity that those things added to the game is exactly the reason why I loved it so much. They could have been implemented in a better way, like for example less crime when people are happy, or giving the gong farmers enough time to clean a place up instead of having the gong make you less popular immediately etc., but even the way it is now is better than not having those things at all. The map editor was also great and very intuitive to use, which is a very important thing to someone like me who loves to create his own maps. I really can't understand why so many people disliked this game, the only explanation I can come up with is that most of them are kids and therefore want everything to be as simple as possible.

stukabomber44, Jul 23, 2011

If you can look past the minor bugs and glitches this game is one of the rare gems that mix warfare with economics. Not only do you have the manage resources but you must make the populace happy so they join the workforce or the military. People who shun this game know no real simulation when it is right in front of them. It isn't a 10 but surely isn't anything less than a 7.

Bernardo, May 4, 2005

Yup, the lag is terrible. Multiplayer is not something to start with (it could take days with the lag). Singleplayer allmost same thing. Graphics not so good. The graphics from Stronghold Crusader were better! This just looks like a: "Lets try something 3D!" Its not worth the money.

DavidC., Jul 10, 2005

Stronghold 2 is the worst example of a prematurely released game since Vampire Masquerade. What was a funny, charming and challenging series pays a tragic price for the obligatory transition to a 3d engine. An even greater sin are the many softball reviews that hide the simple truth that this game is unfinished, unplayable and falls far short of being a competitive RTS with any replay value. Shame, shame.

MattEldstrom, Jun 2, 2005

they really need to work on the concept of finishing the game completely before releasing it to the public. ive waited for weeks for the last patch and thier still not close to fixing all the nagging bugs. a simply sloppily made game. not worth the money to buy new.

ClarenceF., Jun 21, 2005

I can't even install it. It installs Disk1 for several minutes, and then sees disk2 as corrupt or not there, even though I can view the contents! Their tech support is absolutlely worthless!