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Stronghold Kingdoms Live the life of a medieval lord in Stronghold Kingdoms, the world's first persistent castle MMO. A unique PC Strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms brings together online interactivity and community, with a richly-depicted medieval world and thousands of real world players.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1731
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Company / Developer
FireFly Studios / FireFly Studios

Stronghold Kingdoms reviews ( 7 )

KroipyBill, May 26, 2012

This is a very "patient oriented" MMO strategy game. Being placed in a group of other villages, being a complete noob, they help you with how you need to start out so you don't waste resources on things you may not quite need early game. It is very VERY slow paced, and as a result, it is a game you "manage" not play for hours on end. Despite this, I find it to be a nice change to my usual gameplay. Not only that, it gives me something to do at work while I wait for processes to finish or other things. I can play it for maybe ten minutes, minimize it, come back an hour later and manage it a bit more as it manages in real time. When it comes to the content, there is SO much that can be done with the game. People who rate this game as destroy-your-enemy kind of game have never played this game in detail, and shouldn't even have bothered to breathe their presence into a text box affiliated with a review towards this game. I have played nearly 100 hours of this game, and I haven't destroyed one village. I have been trying to build up my state, which is involved with other players, and I've tried to defend my state from other factions that like to prey on lesser villages who may be new to the game. If that's something you like, then I suggest you give it a try.'s free to play.

Ltghawk, Nov 10, 2012

I love this game, since Alpha4 I have been watching this game progress into a fantastic medieval strategy game. I've watched it come into its own becoming well balanced for the experienced players while leaving lots of room for beginners to start out and learn the game. I would reccomend that beginners team up with an experiened player as well as to read the wiki page for info on how to do things. But in general this game is awesome and addicting, i find myself going into the game 2 and 3 and sometimes 4 times a day just to chat and watch how things are going. It's growth has been phenomial since it joined the steam universe, now having 6 english speaking worlds and several other worlds for french, german, and russian speakers. now all they need to do is add one fr spanish speakers to make it perfect.

Triasadi, Jul 12, 2013

Stronghold Kingdoms has a very addictive and fun gameplay. The help and support always respond whenever there is a problem. I don't think that Stronghold Kingdoms is a pay-to-win game at all. This game tests our efficiency, strategy, and timing. One of the best free-to-play games I've ever played. Though there is also some technical problems sometimes. Overall, Stronghold Kingdoms is a great game and certainly deserves all the honor.

Ergenus, Mar 10, 2015

It is a very realistic game to be honest. First of all, richest guy ( in real life, not in the game ) has the greatest potential to be the king. And second, it is true that your village can be destroyed in a few minutes which will cost you maybe weeks of work ( if you pay nothing for the game ). The third, this game depends on online relations and it shouldn't surprise you if someone back stabs you for power or position. So overall, being powerful, rich and having a good title have the same effects as it has in real life. There are a** lickers, backstabbers, ego maniacs, loners etc. every kind of people. When you begin the game, it looks like a cool, slow paced game, but as you continue to develop, game requires more time and more and more. Oh, if a big war starts and if you have an important role in your faction, you better spend your whole day at the game. Talking with people , convincing or deceiving others, making decisions, wars, destruction, lost villages, lost weeks, lost real bucks, paying more money to survive, spending more time to not get raped ... .... ........ I would say the the worst part of this game is huge mega ultra impact of paying bucks to be strong or survive. Literally, there were people who spend 100-200$ per day during war times and big wars can last week/s. The other bad part is, it is a MMO RTS ( what the heck? )! You don't have turns, they don't have turns, you have to play non-stop if it is possible for you. This game is only fun at the beginning until you realise these things... So high score givers probably haven't played enough yet to realise these facts or they are still busy at feeding their egos.

TheGrindeR, Jul 5, 2012

Looks like than the Stronghold and the Stronghold: Crusader, this is also have 2D graphics, but it worse than the older episodes. This is a Stronghold MMO, but i think its not a good game. If u want playing a good game, play with the Stronghold: Crusader with your friends, that much better.

beqerel, Sep 2, 2012

this is a pure PvP game .. nowhere safe to hide. Because of many trolls in the game, it's very likely you'll loose everything (don't bother spending money in the game). The game isn't balanced enough between new and older players. agree completely plus admins cooperates with money payers

Nightfang1994, Nov 23, 2016

this game is the **** pay to win game of all time, it made war commander ( a **** mmo rts from facebook) look amazing Its a castle builder mmo...except very very quickly, the buildings and research take hours, then days....THEN AT MAX CONSTRUCTION SPEED (max research on construction speed) ONE TOWER TAKES 9 HOURS TO BUILD. THERE IS NO LEVEL LIMIT as to whom you can attack so higher level players WIPE OUT new players all the time. There is no system protecting months of work will suddenly disappear War commander was garbage and it had 1) a way to attack incoming armies 2)decent mechanics to command army vs army battles or army vs base battles 3) protected your base after being destroyed so you could just click repain STRONGHOLD KINGDOMS HAS NONE OF THIS. NOT to mention the pay to win aspect is ridiculous, you get a **** random pack of 5 random crappy cards for like more than a dollar. YOU CANT MOVE BUILDINGS AROUND WITHOUT PAYING MONEY AND YOU CANT MOVE CASTLE DEFENSE BUILDINGS AT ALL. firefly studios has proved they do not give a single **** about their fans with this product, DO NOT BUY, i made the mistake of giving them 10 dollars and i am done with this ****