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Styx: Master of Shadows Styx: Master of Shadows is an infiltration game with role-playing elements set in a dark fantasy universe, where you sneak, steal and assassinate your way through as Styx, a Goblin two-centuries old.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3375
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Focus Home Interactive / Cyanide
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Styx: Master of Shadows reviews ( 7 )

Gereminus, Oct 11, 2014

Finally a revive of the stealth genre. With only little imperfections here and there it's an unforgetable ride. No nursing, lots of freedom, outstanding level (or should I say - world) and sound design, solid graphics*. Controls: Smooth, precise, no automation allowing a great deal of freedom of movement. People complaining about it are usually accustomed to Assassin's Creed type of aids or plainly didn't grasp the introductory tutorial of Styx. After few hours I'm looking like a Quasimodo returning from a ballet lessons! Good camera movement BTW. I've never seen a serious clipping or obstruction problems with it. Story/world: Mature fantasy world with interesting, original twists. Again, mature and non-trivial! AI: A little bit short-sighted and quickly dropping the hunt for you if you manage to run away after being detected but aside from it. A solid work. Game mechanics: Like a well-selected orchestra! Initially I thought that some elements I've seen in the trailer are misplaced and that I won't use them. So wrong. Everything has its place and purpose and everything has its limitations, avoiding boredom and making a specific item too commonly used during gameplay. A stealthy run through a guard-crawling level on the highest difficulty level will leave you thinking you're a god :) It's all hard work, patience, planning and execution all put together. Good representation of Styx's limitations. A jump 15 meters down and you're a goner. It's not anime... Audio: One of the biggest selling points of the game. Apart from repetitive dialogues of the guards that is. The soundtrack should be sold separately! Well done and, as with the story and world design, a great deal of originality. * very well optimised! Radeon 6850 allows for perfectly smooth maxed-out gameplay at 1080p.

Skully_, Oct 10, 2014

Styx is a real stealth game, no pseudo press X to win **** like AssiCreed. It is challenging, I recommend for Stealth Fans the Goblin difficulty level from the start. Levels are large and have different ways in and out to the target. No hand holding, no linear levels. Just you your trusty blade and a lot of people to stab, kill, smash, burn and throw of a cliff or balcony. Yes it is lacking a bit of polish, but it is good fun.

KingVerity, Oct 9, 2014

I am not normally a stealth game type person. I normally get bored and crave something more, the latest "Thief" game is a good example in which this has happened to me. For some reason, with Styx: Master of Shadows, I can't stop playing. Pros: You get to be a Goblin assassin. The best kind of assassin. Expansive and creative level design offers a multitude of paths for your creative enjoyment. The controls work well and I have had no problem with "ledge detection" like other people have stated. Movement animations are nimble and feel right. Kill animations make you feel powerful and gritty. Beautiful graphics especially the lighting and main character, Styx. Good story and a cool way of telling it as far as I'm concerned. Cons: Sub par voice acting. I really feel like this is the only thing keeping it from a 10/10 to me. If I had to rate the voice acting it would be a 6/10, not horrible but it could have been better. All in all, this is a great game for about 25$. I've enjoyed it more than most games I've bought this year for over twice that price.

orknobnoobmagic, Jan 15, 2016

i fåkcing love this game (styx voice= SHUT UP DAM.MET) and if you not like it fine ok i can se why but dont say you do not like styx man dat evil little zhit ! and go to hell shadows of mordor you to easy

Lupa999, May 11, 2015

Styx master of shadows is not for the casual gamer. Hell even veteran stealth gamers will have a hard time on the first level. The maps in each level are HUGE. With many guards and hidden guards you will feel at times you are backed into a corner because of a lack of abilities and supplies, which is what makes the game feel so good.There is a surprising amount of ways to handle missions. Many places to to hide are scattered around the area. like his name, Styx uses the shadows to stay hidden, taking out torches and using balls of sand to take them out from a distance if needed.Many hidden collectibles and really cool "amber powers" . Many items like balls of sand, bottles of acid, throwing knives and more to give you more options in your environment.Satisfying stealth, great setting and soundtrack and sound effects with interesting visuals and odd but bad ass goblin protagonist makes this game feel unique. At least that's what it tries to be. One huge flaw the this game suffers from is its no different from anything you've probably played. It doesn't try to be unique of different, at all. Game play is exactly as what you would expect from a stealth game. The game also pretty much makes you have to go stealthy if you want to feel the full experience from the game. The combat is terrible. when you fight a guard the camera auto locks onto him, which means you cant turn the camera away unless you roll away, which leaves you open to attack from other guards. There's no blocking, just keep pressing the right button at the right time to parry then kill him when he stumbles. Hit detection is horrible as well so good luck on either of you landing a hit. AI is retarded unless you play on the hardest difficulty. Many abilities like overhead assassinations or cover kills and locked away abilities unless you buy them with SP that you earn when you beat a mission. And Some of the cute scenes are drawn by hand and repeat as well which is an odd choice since the game had a strong opening cut scene. A lack of variety in enemies as well until far into the game. Overall this is a good but unremarkable stealth game that just aims for the bare minimum. Its $30 price tag is nice, since most "next gen" games ask for $60.

MadJaples, Feb 2, 2015

This is hardly an original concept. I don't suppose anyone happens to remember Thief? Well, this is generally Thief, with a goblin. Aside from the fact it has one of the worst fight mechanics I've seen in any game for a very long time, the whole thing is monstrously cliched. Apart from the story there seems to have been very little imaginative or at least original thought put into this. This is one I would go to on a rainy day when there really isn't anything else worth doing, but I wouldn't play this on a regular basis, preferring Thief to this one any day of the week!

Zipfer, Jan 6, 2016

This game is ok for 2002 year. If you like stupid checkpoints and look on the same scenes again and again. This game for you bad bad bad bad bad bad bad