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Sub Command Take charge of the most deadly modern-day submarines in the world as you command three distinct submarines across two unique and challenging campaigns. Utilize cutting-edge technology to navigate the world's oceans to locate, track and destroy enemy convoys. Or, park your sub off hostile shores to deliver Tomahawk missiles to inland targets. Whether diving, scouring or surfacing, you control the smartest, stealthiest, and most feared subs in the water today. [Electronic Arts]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 967
Genre Simulation, Submarine, Marine, Combat
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Electronic Arts / Sonalysts
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Sub Command reviews ( 5 )

FábioMachado, Jun 6, 2008

Excelent game! Good value and very realistc ... It takes some time to understand all the functions and weapons but the game is really interesting ... I just don't give a 10/10 because I believe it should have more tutorials, easyer access to control panels and some graphics improvements .... But the game is excelent !

NateS., Jan 16, 2002

Excellent. If you like realism over ease of play or fun, this is the game. It's really quite amazing how much effort went into this game. I love it. I had to take a point off because it occasionally crashes the system and there is a bit of trouble starting the game. But it's worth it.

KurtL., Apr 5, 2009

Don't listen do David, he was expecting probably some Call of Duty underwater sub kill fest. Plus, David, its not about the graphics. Now, the graphics arnt that good but they don't kill the game. SubCommand is one of the most realistic modern day subsims out there. If you like Subsims, get this. If you like action-packed-adventures, go play Hello Kitty....

ChrisP., Apr 22, 2007

Took me a long time to get used to playing the game. (I'm a Silent Hunter kinda guy) But once I figured the game out, it was quite a fun simulation.

Failout5, Nov 20, 2015

Absolutely abysmal. Literally trash from a dumpster! Slow start, even slower middle and it has no idea how/when to finish. What awful company made this joke?