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Submarine Titans Submarine Titans dares you to go where no real-time strategy game has gone before -- deep into the three-dimensional heart of a fantastical underwater universe. [Strategy First]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1387
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Ellipse Studios
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Submarine Titans reviews ( 5 )

EdricO., Nov 11, 2002

Sub Titans does a great job at taking classic Starcraft-style RTS and giving it a little extra spice. Computer Assistants, dual interface, HUGE tech trees (techs, counters, counter-counters,etc.), very different races (at least when it comes to the humans-silicons differences) and, of course, the 3rd dimension! Highly recommended.

MikeJ., May 10, 2006

I have had this game for years and either playing solo or grill to grill its well worth the short download and easy instructions. Played a couple games with a friend and we gave each other time to create everything, then nuked the hell out of each other. After that it was on!!!

Spoot, Nov 13, 2001

Sub Titans did a number of things right. User selected damage control of ships when they are to return for repair. Duel control interface. Control both ships and structures from one area. A great Tech Tree that is very very long indeed. ST is just plain fun to play, but hard to master. I still play it after all this time. And, one last thing. My hat off the Raaj Menon for not only developing the game but playing with those who bought it night after night. Thanks! :o)

MikeM., Sep 11, 2001

New updated program and net code make this a much better game. Games may last between 20 minutes and two hours. I have a discussion group set up at You can mail to it at [email protected]

SteveA., Oct 22, 2001

It's a lot of fun, but come on! I've been playing games like this since the old DOS and C64 days and things haven't changed much. Should only take a few plays to see everything it has to offer.