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Subnautica Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with resources, creatures, wonder and threats. Craft equipment and submarines to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more - All while attempting to survive.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3656
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Unknown Worlds Entertainment / Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Subnautica reviews ( 6 )

SplatMan_DK, Jan 26, 2018

Best open-world I have played in about a year. And best indie title for almost a decade! Great atmosphere, great graphics, attention to detail. Amazing what this little studio did with a small budget, compared to "the big guys". They made a competitive shooter called "Natural Selection 2" as well - be sure to check it out if you like fast-paced FPS action. :-)

ninjalemur, Feb 10, 2018

This is an example of what a survival game should be. It is very good. You will never get bored like other survival games because there is always something to do in subnautica, the visuals are amazing. Sometimes it is very peacefull and pleasent but other times you are so scared of something you are not sure is even there. I highly recommend.

thathomestuck, Jan 31, 2018

this is a great game first the graphics they don't matter to me but to others it does and it succeeds in that, gameplay:it is fantastic its has that oh i'm going to get out alive i just have to survive forever and escape. controls:eh i don't like it by start but you can change it to your what you like i recommend this game to people who like survival games and has an xbox or a capable pc and if you don't like the type of game you could try it but if you don't want to waste 25$ on a game you wont play its sadly not for you.

ZaPaAl, Mar 7, 2018

An amazing and lengthy experience. Atmospherically very well done fauna, flora and geological layout. And it even has some nice story moments sprinkled in. Right until the end there is always something new to be found and to be built. Several times this means rebuilding your current situation and adapting to new possibilities. Often it's not really about exploring, but about building up logistics that make your life easier and enable further exploration. On the negative side, it can be extremely unclear how to proceed, until you finally per persistence (or external help) find the required blueprint, log, resource or location. Some areas can be bland, especially the ones regarding higher technology. I probably wouldn't have finished the game without a map, and regarding that, there are quite a few mods that can make your experience much better now. Altogether I feel a bit sad leaving this place behind. It has been like a second home for many, many hours.

kiki78, Feb 8, 2018

Lovely indie game. We need more of these. Glitches and bugs are forgivable. Sweet great graphics, great sound. Sad story about sound designer, who got fired complete rightfuly. Kudos to devs, getting rid of so toxic hateful person. Please let there be less of such people around. Its really sad.

TimewornTinman, Mar 11, 2018

AMAZING!! I never realised how much I like the ocean until I played this game, and my wish for a "true" survival game was granted. My wish was to have a game where if you die, you lose everything. Not in just the stuff you had on you, but THE ENITRE SAVEFILE. This is the first game I've played that does this. Don't worry, this is a difficulty option and not default. The SFX and music is the best I've ever heard! I can't compare it to anything else it's that awesome. The story has a unique way presenting itself. You can either search for the bits and pieces at your own pace, or forget it all and just PLAY. This game is great for those who like to explore for story AND those who couldn't give a **** about story in games. The AI is impressive, especially for the warpers. They're programmed to go passive, to aggressive, to HITMAN, to passive again as the story progresses with no difficulties. You can also find the food chain at play against prey and predator. I could say a lot more great things about this game, and with all the stuff I have, why only a 8 rating, the lowest positive rating? ONE. BUG. If you don't know, the game has been in early access, or what they called "Earliest Access," since Halloween in 2014 to January 2018, and the Prawn suit (an underwater vehicle used to navigate environments on foot) was released on, as far as I know, September 19, 2016. in slightly over 4 and a full release this still seems to happen. What I am talking about, is things going through the ground. Yes, things still fall through a map, some even spawned intentionally to be around that area, in a fully released game, which had more than 4 years in Early Access. And here's where the Prawn suit part comes in. Unlike the Seamoth and Cyclops (a 1-man mini submarine and a PROPER submarine) the Prawn is a victim of falling through the map as well. As I said before, there is a gamemode where if you die, you lose it all, but it also won't let you save and exit separately. This happened to me once when I was in my Prawn on this gamemode. And because you need food and water to survive... you know. Overall, gameplay is great, AI is good, Ambiance is great, but loose stuff falling through the floor Is unacceptable for a game as old as Subnautica is. Just because of that 1 thing, I struggled to either give an 8 or a 7. I was going to give it a 7, but I love Subnautica too much to do so. So, lets just say it's a 7.5