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Sudden Strike Capture enemy fortifications, win the fight for possession of the buildings, and call for paratrooper and fighter-bomber reinforcements. [Strategy First]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1237
Genre Strategy, General
Players 1-12
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Fireglow

Sudden Strike reviews ( 6 )

JonathanC., Sep 21, 2001

The game is simply awesome. The graphics, the battle structure, the whole concept of a game without the same old production crap. If you suck so bad that you can't win with what you are given, try C&C.

JeffBissonnette, Feb 27, 2012

The best WWII RTS I've played. The feature to issue multiple commands while paused helps balance the fact that you are often in control of hundreds of units. It can be quite the challenge, as well. I can come back to this game any time and it has yet to become boring.

RikC., Jun 23, 2002

This game is one of the best of it's class, no other game I know can provide you with historic units and sides of all angles to play in this historic time period. This game just keeps getting better and better the more I play it, I suggest it to anyone, even if rts is not your class.

GoodwinH., Jun 18, 2006

This game totally kicks most other RTS games to the curb. It has stunning graphics and awsome sound which makes the whole game better. Many of the missions depict many real battles like Bastogne, Stalingrad, and D-day and even has a mission based on the movie Saving Private Ryan. All of the weapons and vehicles are real and if you are good at RTS games then you will have almost no problems beating the campaign mode.

D.H., Oct 1, 2001

The graphics are stunning. Assaults are fast and furious with little room for error. There are some issues around movement that lend to the confusion of a fire fight. My only issue with the game is that units are not realistically depicted in terms of endurance and firepower (i.e. Tiger tanks being easily taken out by Shermans).

iddqd4, Jan 22, 2018

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