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Summoner Volition's first RPG, a truly 3-D RPG played from a third-person perspective which was praised as a launch title on the PS2, features Joseph, a young summoner who learns to use and control his powers while attempting to overthrow the evil tyranny that has beset his world.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1453
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
THQ / Volition Inc.

Summoner reviews ( 4 )

ArchangleM, Mar 13, 2014

The game in my eyes was very well done as the glitches can be bypassed by regular saves. Then the story line is well done and though the sequel Summoner 2 was less impressive in my eyes. The A I was horrible for allies but could be very useful when used as a benefit. Also who cares if they took something from another game such as fight method. If it works it works.

Ben, Aug 8, 2004

Solid plot and graphics, with a neat engaging Combat system. Plenty of interesting things to go-but the bugs are numerous and kill the game. How can you play Summoner when it crashes every 20 minutes???

iseeall, Dec 10, 2015

It was a pretty nice RPG/Action game where you control a group of 4 characters in classical roles: mage, rogue, warrior and a mage-warrior mix. The graphics were nice for the time, the quests interesting and varied, and the fights challenging. What however breaks the game on PC is that the camera and the character control system. The camera will always try to move by itself as your character moves around, picking strange angles and mostly positioning itself at the side of the character instead of behind him. You give movement orders by clicking on the ground like in an RTS game, but since the camera is constantly moving, it gets very clumsy. So, the controls can be a deal-breaker for most PC gamers.

Giovanni, Jul 15, 2001

Apparently, a lot of these magazines and .com critics are blind to the senses. I look upon the ratings that were given for this game and I feel possessed with contempt. This game was very poorly thought-out considering its slew of bugs, but that isn't saying much considering THQ's history of pathetic games; the one exception I would say is "Wrestlemania 2000," a shocker to say the least. Getting back to Summoner, the fact that the fighting engine was pretty much 'jacked' from "Vagrant Story" and the intro music sounding very familiar to "Unreal Tournament's" intro casts some doubt to THQ's sense of originality and any semblance of creativity. To make a long critique short, I would urge anyone who would consider buying this game to think long and hard. Why not check out something else worth your while, like "Diablo II" or any other Blizzard game?