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Sunless Sea Take the helm of your customised steamship and set sail for the unknown. Sunless Sea is a 2D game of discovery, survival and loneliness set in the Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2215
Genre Sci-Fi, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Failbetter Games / Failbetter Games

Sunless Sea reviews ( 7 )

DonBoykone, Mar 1, 2015

After spending more then 150 hours in this game I can confidently say: "It's a masterpiece" This game is a well-balanced story driven RPG with rogue-like elements, real-time battles and a ton of well-written text. Truely, I never seen such huge amounts of text in games for a long time. Th most similar game for Sunless Sea would be Vangers. It's only thin piece of steel between you and unforgiven world.

OHIC, Sep 25, 2017

One of my favourite games of all time. It's famously harsh and keen to kill you, which is part of the dark humour. It's a humour style that won't work for everyone, but if you recognise and appreciate their references then it'll reward you in spades. Strongly recommend getting the Zubmariner DLC too - it's playable inside the main game story, and gives you many advantages once you've gained the ability to scour the surface, the Unterzee and the sea bed too. The game also makes a big deal about playing for permadeath, teasing the idea that it would be detrimental to use Saves and lose your status as a "true" player. I'd advise you to forget that, and use the Save! It's hard enough without completely crushing yourself. Abandon all ideas about finding some cheap stock that's worth a fortune at another port, too; such things are almost totally non-existent, and this isn't Elite. Money will appear as windfalls from unexpected moments in the game's story, as will life-saving food and fuel (although you will also need to buy these!). The game wants you to forget about traditional game ideas and put both feet into being a foolhardy sea captain from a horror story. Be reckless and give yourself to that premise, and the game will pay you back with more (wonderfully well written) stories.

miranda7, Feb 8, 2015

Been playing games since the 80s, and first game I felt compelled to rate. For sure, it not for everyone, but for me it is stunning, Atmospheric, different, addictive. Love the fact that you are going to die at the start, but that helps your descendants (or rivals) to progress.

Skulb, Mar 6, 2015

This is a highly unusual game to say the least. If you can imagine a sort of mutation of Lovecraft, Ports of Call, Rogue Legacy and FTL with undead tourists and sea monsters then you`re getting there. But then it isn`t really like any of those at all either, but something quite particular indeed. Half the time I couldn`t even tell if I was having fun or was being shanghaied into some sort of sociology experiment quite frankly. Crossing the sea takes positively forever, and chances are you`re not making it across even if you`re patient enough to try. So in short the best description I can give of Sunless Sea is that it is a verbose, story generating, nautical legacy rogue-like set in a faux, subterranean 19th century Britain with undeads, pirates, talking rodents, giant crabs, jellyfish, mechanical sharks and other sea dwelling terrors. It could hardly be any weirder if it tried. Meanwhile there`s a curious mixture of gloom, literacy and nonsensical absurdism in this game I am unsure if I have seen anywhere before. It`s not exactly funny, not exactly tragic and not exactly dramatic. It just is, like a weird alternative reality full of slightly unsettling things of all kinds. But something is very likely to take a hold of you while playing Sunless Sea whether you like it or not, and whatever it is. Mostly it`s desperation and sheer panic of course, as hours of meticulous progress threaten to go down the drain unless you can somehow limp and cannibalize your way back to the relative safety of Fallen London. But on the occasions when you do make it back, preferably with some haul to make the whole thing feel worth it, there`s a potent sense of relief I haven`t experienced too often in video games. There is a distinct visual style as well, and the sound is excellent in every way, as you chug your way nervously around a subterranean ocean called The Unterzee. But it`s the panicked moments when you know you`re gonna be lost at sea, again, which drive you up the wall and right on to starting all over again with the next poor sap you`re gonna drown in an act of overstretch, stupidity, hubris or accident, in the form of your heir. Ideally each drowned sap, erm I mean captain, will build on the fortune of his predecessor until some conclusion to the game can be reached. I have not reached that far yet, but it is an interesting concept and it is well executed in Sunless Sea. I would score it higher if it wasn`t for the sense I am getting that the story part of the game crashes a bit with the rogue-like genre. Replayability is all good and well. But who wants to read the same text over and over again? I ended up clicking through most of it because of this, which is a shame because it`s well written stuff. Just not the tenth time. Or the twentieth. And similarly, random events have a bad habit of not seeming very random. Once I got the same one five times in a row within about three minutes. I didn`t want it and dismissed it only to get it again twenty seconds later until I thought it was a bug of some sort. Secondly it seems a bit grindy. This isn`t necessarily a bad thing of course, and at least the game rewards the lost art of patience. But I am having a hell of a time getting any development of my ship going at all, which is sort of a big deal in a nautical rogue-like. The upgrades are expensive, not to mention upgrading the hull, and the one cannon upgrade I did manage to buy was not inherited by my heir as advertized, which felt like the game cheating quite frankly. And the game is hard enough without cheating the player. Other than these slight niggles, most of which have more to do with the irrepressible creativity of the designers than any actual flaws with the game, I can`t find a thing to criticize about it. Highly recommended if you have the patience to read my review of it. Especially if you like things difficult and slow paced and you enjoy reading.

Lobuno, Feb 8, 2015

You play as the captain of a steamship in a post-retro-fallen-lovecraftian London UK. Nice atmospheric game. Correct graphics and sound for and indie release. The storytelling is good, a bit confusing at times because of the language used. The game is mainly that storytelling, and a lot of exploration. It can be slow and boring at times because of the sluggish pace. Overall a nice indie game, but it sure doesn't deserve the 10's I've seen on several critic/user reviews. In mi opinion it deserves: 6.5

BSim500, Mar 26, 2015

This is a difficult game to review. On one level it has a certain charm, graphics, atmosphere, ambient sounds, etc, are fine. It's very different and hugely creative. On another, it degenerates into a cross-between "rogue" like gameplay and the mother of all grind-fests. You can trade, but it often isn't worth it since most trades rarely cover the cost of fuel or supplies of the journey. There's combat, but that isn't worth it either since it costs more to repair your ship than you get back. You can upgrade your ship, but that isn't worth it either as you end up far worse off in terms of increasing fuel costs relative to static quest rewards. Ship movement is painfully slow. As others have said, "story" seems to consist of 200x sidequests with no real main quest "glue". Game has a lot of potential, but also has seriously unbalanced resource management & mechanics in general. I think this is really one of those games where either the "feel" of the game will "click" with you, or it simply won't, and for me it didn't.

AutarchicFlux, Feb 15, 2015

Truly awful. Garbage. They must have paid off a lot of reviewers, both professional and "users," to pump up the score for this poorly designed, dreadfully boring, sophomorically written pile of fail. Let's get one thing correct - it's impossible to advance in the game without cheating. Most items in the game costs thousands or even tens of thousands of "echoes," the game's currency, but quests, items, and other monetized items discovered through the game rarely bring more than 10, 30, or 50. The rare completed quest that brings more than 200 echoes seems like a great boost....until you realize you spent more than that in fuel and supplies to even get to the necessary location. Here we have a game which not only fails in every way to be compelling from a storytelling perspective, but which is so fundamentally broken at the level of gameplay that the vast majority of downloaders will never see even 10% of the map. For an "exploration" game, the design and execution could not be worse. I'm a fan of the recent trend of indie games that make an effort to be difficult - I think "Paper's Please" and "This War of Mine" are two fantastic examples. This, however, is sheer dreck from every possible metric. The combat is sluggish and repetitive, the pace of exploration is so dismal as to suck the joy from reaching new locations, and you'll only ever experience any of those things if you're willing to manually edit your save file, anyway. Save your money. This is one piece of flotsam that should have been thrown back into the 'Zee.