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Sunset Assume the role of Angela Burnes, a US immigrant in a small Latin American country ruled by a military dictatorship. The year is 1972. You take care of the luxurious penthouse of Gabriel Ortega, once a week, an hour before sunset. And then a violent uprising breaks out in the metropolis below.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1778
Genre Modern, Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Tale of Tales / Tale of Tales

Sunset reviews ( 7 )

Irenerys, Jul 3, 2015

I think people usually play other kind of game and it´s the reason because they don´t understand this game. Sunset is a narrative game, more like a graphic adventure game. You immerse yourself in a story, a atmosphere. The details are that discover to you more about the characters. It is not a game for thrill seekers, no doubt, BUT the atmosphere is very successful, and makes you feel distress in many times.. You're a woman living in a country in conflict. A war about to start. Soldiers break into the house. Bombs explode around you... The atmosphere in the seventies is wonderful and it have a lot of references to history, music, books, famous people... There are a really big and good job of environment and game history. It´s a very good recommendation for the video-game lovers. Not for the only-one-or-two-type-of-video-game lovers. ;)

Sjalka, Jun 6, 2015

Hm - the idea of the game, the topic is mature, creative and really great. Its execution however is lackluster. While many other games focus a little too much on visuals at the cost of gameplay - this game should have focused a little more on those. The main aspect of Sunset is to take the player in a certain mood-set ... and the fairly ugly visuals simply do not do the trick. This is not an issue of artistic execution or "its mature, so one can use ones imagination more.." So lets be clear about it - this game looks worse than "the Sims 2" in terms of proportions, detail and design. It is a rightful shame that such a great idea fails (fails in my opinion) because of the technical execution. a 8/10 for creativity - it is awesome to see novel ideas in such a saturated industry like the computer games industry but a 2/10 for execution - none of the enviroments (penthouses) feel remotely real in any aspect and rather remind me to very early computer graphics (like 90s - in terms of enviromental architecture - that is 3d modelling)

Marmosette, Feb 14, 2016

Really strong premise, and a bold subject, but sadly the mechanics really seem to fall short of what the game seems to be trying to do. There simply isn't enough to do in the game. You find the objects that you can click on in the apartment, and decide to do A or B, with the knowledge that you will A: increase romance, or B: increase neutrality. For a game trying to handle political upheaval and socioeconomic injustices between classes and nations, this really isn't enough. There's a little to explore in the environment to drive the narrative deeper,and there are a few events that occur, but overall it just comes off empty. If the goal was to create an abstracted sense of isolation from real life in a penthouse stronghold, then the monologueing from the player character throws it off, being too righteous and full of revolutionary potential. Additionally, if you go the romance route, it throws this whole narrative out of whack. If the goal was to show the power of one person to make a difference, or for the individual lives of disparate groups to intertwine, then the lack of gameplay choices really suffocates this narrative. And the monologuing again has a tendency to not fit, throwing revolutionary ideals around while you post cutesy notes around. It's a powerful game for about half an hour, or until the first instance of violence happens. After that, it's pretty lame.

Stormwatch, Dec 27, 2015

Let me tell you about the thing that truly breaks Sunset. It's not just that it is a walking simulator with barely any gameplay. It's not the lack of optimization that gives it a terrible framerate, either. Put that aside for a second, and consider the story that they tried to tell: a housemaid getting tangentially connected to the political turmoils of a fictional Latin American country. Wait, that's actually an interesting idea. How could that go completely wrong? Here's how: they made the protagonist a North American college student / tourist that just happens to be temporarily forced to take this job. It's like they are saying: What, a poor Latina, making insightful comments about her country's politics? Preposterous! Let's make the protagonist an enlightened 'murican like us, bringing culture and civilization to the ignorant cucarachas. (Let's make her black, though, we still have to meet the progressiveness quota.) Thus, not only it fails as a game, it also happens to be condescending and offensive to Latin Americans.

Zachatastic117, Aug 1, 2015

First of all; Don't buy this game. Why? Because the developers had the thought that because it didn't get much sales, that gamers should, and I quote this directly from their Twitter "...May you die in the same agony that you caused to thousands of defenceless virtual animals.". So they are saying that if you are a gamer, they hope you die a horrible death. 1/10 Don't buy it.

sausageparty, Jan 31, 2016

I really wanted to like this game, but the condescending protagonist made it impossible for me to empathize with her to any degree. Also the animations are pretty janky, the walk speed is unbelievably slow, and the how-to-play section patronizingly encourages me to "roleplay" as a poorly-written character, basically requesting players to somehow forcibly immerse themselves. Shouldn't the gameplay be what draws me in? Why do you have to tell me to invest in the character? Oh yeah, because she's horrible. The game has an interesting concept, great aesthetics, and a tight scope, but it's one of the most boring and pretentious games I've ever played, and I've played Dear Esther. Skip it unless you want to screengrab some cool color palettes.

HIV, Jun 27, 2015

Haha always love to see people that live to push propaganda fail. In the USSR they called you "useful idiots". Keep making meaningless computer games, nerds. Or don't.