Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Crack With Keygen Latest

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission It’s a strategic card battle game featuring characters from across the entire DRAGON BALL series. Collect cards & build your deck as you play through an all-new DRAGON BALL story.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 76
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Players Up to 6
Company / Developer
Bandai Namco Games / Dimps Corporation
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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission reviews ( 4 )

HonestReviews4U, Apr5, 2019

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a great example of how to do a port from the arcade to home systems; if maybe a bit too accurate. This game emulates the arcade pretty much perfectly. Over 300 Characters on over 1000 Cards, ridiculous concepts such as SSJ4 Broly, Cell X, Kid Buu (Demon Lord Dabura absorbed), Vegeks (Vegeta + Trunks) and sooooo many more. The game is simply a blast to play, no matter how long you play it; for short sessions or long-plays. The game looks, sounds and plays like it would in an actual arcade, for those of you who have never played any of these games before, that's a good thing! That being said, some elements seem a bit too close to the arcade. Those include: -Graphics, which under-perform, especially when compared to the standard that games like Xenoverse 2 and FighterZ have set -Specific Motion-Actions, which would easily work in an arcade, but are somewhat awkward to do on PC, like for example scratching your card up and down really fast or following a specific pattern -Sound-effects, which sound like they've been lifted straight from the arcade, so much so, that they sound very low quality and just... bad The story, if any of you are wondering, follows both a new concept as well as old villains' plans from other editions of (Super) Dragon Ball Heroes, so if you've never played them before, the story is a blast. TL;DR -If you love the arcade, you'll love this game -If you love Dragon Ball, you'll love this game, though don't set you expectations to that of a regular DB game -If you're an anime fan, go check this game out -If you don't like strategy games, you might want to wait for a price drop -If you're a casual, you'll want to try this game out. Easily the easiest one to get into, especially with the English Translation -If you're a graphics whore, you're not a gamer (and also shouldn't play this game)

AmitD, Apr 10, 2019

Dragon ball heroes world mission is a great game with a TON of content and alot of stuff to do. And the price tag is fair with that much content in a card game.

OverClusterARG, Apr 15, 2019

No queda claro si Bandai Namco pretendía llegar a un nuevo público con Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission. Lo que sí, como videojuego falla en muchas cosas como explicar las mecánicas del arcade y peca con una historia muy genérica. Hay que recalcar que el título tuvo una gran aceptación entre los fanáticos del arcade, es llamativo cómo funciona el apartado multiplayer y el nivel que alzaron algunos jugadores con apenas unos días desde el lanzamiento. Si es la clase de juego que estás buscando, largá las cartas y agarrá el joystick/teclado.

RealHelghast, Apr 13, 2019

SDBHWM is the popular card game from Japan digitized. It blends a mix of tactical combat and RPG elements with fighting. It reminds me of the Dragon Quest RPGs because of the turn-based tactical combat. Players obtain cards and create powerful decks and then place them in combat against enemy teams. The game boasts 350 characters using cell-shaded animations from the Budokai series, and players can collect over 1000 different cards. Players can also use the custom card creator to create their own card with effects, super attacks, and transformations. Collecting cards and editing them is very time consuming, and I prefer to get straight into the fighting. This is a huge service to mega fan boys and geeks that have to have everything Dragon Ball. Dimps knows if they slap a picture of Ultimate Gohan on a card, fan boys will buy anything. However, it is a turn-off for those who prefer pure fighters. It is basically Dragon Ball team reduced to mini-games. You press the A button and try to win a charged impact or super attack, and watch the characters perform the same animation over and over again. This is a very unimaginative way to play the game and becomes mundane after a while. With the number of characters, Dimps could have created a really exciting and fascinating followup to Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3. Budokai 3 had better core mechanics and players could enter various punch kick combinations and then unleash devastating ultimate attacks. It would have been awesome to perform all the super and ultimate attacks now in SDBH in a new Budokai game. This is truly a waste of good characters. Players have also complained that's it's tedious to move the cards around, and the controls are awkward if you're using a controller and no stylus on a PC. There's also no English dub so you won't hear Sean Schemmel's voice shouting the famous word, "Kamehameha!" If Dimps spent a little more time on the game, they could have sent it to Funmation for an English dub. The game also comes with a hefty price tag ($60), and the anime music add-ons cost extra. It is definitely not worth the cost. I would rent the game or try to get a free copy and try it out. If you like the game, then you can take your save game and transfer it if you decide to buy later on. On the positive side, the game is unique and it does offer a lot of replayability. Players can go back to story missions and try to complete the ultimate clear conditions to collect items. This is bound to keep fans occupied for hours. Unfortunately, the game fails to leave a lasting impression and its easy to put down the controller on this one. I think Dimps needs to capitalize on all 350 characters, their special moves and create a really good pure fighting successor to Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3.