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Super House of Dead Ninjas Descend a seemingly-endless tower, wielding an arsenal of deadly ninja weapons and attacks, as the fearsome Crimson Ninja. This 2D action-platformer uses ninja magic to generate every tower randomly, so no two adventures are the same! Based on the hit Flash game from developers Megadev and Adult Swim Games.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1540
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Adult Swim / Megadev
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Super House of Dead Ninjas reviews ( 7 )

skrik, Jul 14, 2013

This game is kinda like if you took super meat boy and ninja gaiden and mixed them together in a rogue like, endless, procedural tower. I dont understand why it isnt godly famous yet... The game design is brilliant, the pixel and especially the animations of the monsters are just amazing, and there is a HUGE variety of ennemies, weapons, sub weapons and fun bonuses to unlock through small achievements that will really affect the way you play. That was a long sentence. I apologize for that. Its a ton of fun when you start mastering the game to dash down through the tower, mowing down armies of ennemies into a blind rage (until you die). Unlocking new stuff really got me constantly replaying, never getting frustrated at my gory slo-mo deaths. Till late at night. Turning me into a zombie at work for a while. Totally worth it. The game is like 7$, and worth a good 15$ I barely have any complaints. I'd say the range of some weapons didnt seem to match the art getting me frustratingly hit a few times. The jumping takes a little time to get used to its pretty short) but once you master it its fine. Lastly, there s a couple very rare glitch. A couple times I was able to go OUTSIDE the tower, and free fall for eternity. Another time the game crashed. That's about it. Sigh. I'm done. The musics are great too. And I wouldnt say its a 16 bit game, I'd give it... 20 bits! The animations are closer to Arcade level than SNES. Done.

flyerz, May 3, 2013

This game is awesome. If you love a good old fashion platformer, with a good amount of replayability, get this game. It will kick your ass. One bloody hell of a good time!

ColtoM, Aug 16, 2013

The game's incredibly fast-paced gameplay is what really gets me to rate it a perfect 10. There's a timer in the game and when it reaches zero you'll be chased by an instant-killing wall-ignoring ghost that's faster than you. This feature effectively forces you to constantly move and look for time-resetting pickups. SHoDN's developers have certainly not succumbed to the horrors of most modern games' difficulty mechanics. Every single attack and projectile kills you instantly. All that differs from the three available difficulty levels is how many lives you have at your disposal. The controls are smooth and unusually responsive. Unlike the large majority of modern games it actually feels like you're in control of your character. There are no gimmicks that get in the way of your control. The awesome pace and the great difficulty combined with the perfect animations, art style and responsive controls make for an overall fantastic and unforgettable experience.

kobraa0001, Feb 27, 2013

Brutal, great, fantastic, BRUTAL. Blood everywhere I highly recommend playing on max blood settings it adds so much to the game. Hours of fun, frustration (good frustration) and did I mention how BRUTAL it is? Definitely worth the $5.

skydivefh, Mar 23, 2013

SHoDN is a retro 16-bit game with shades of Metroid and Castlevania. It is also amazingly fun. There is a free flash version of this game which I recommend trying before purchasing this game. What the paid version adds is more weapons, a new tower, fullscreeen support, gamepad support, and other new additions. Best of all, this game is super cheap only costing around 6 dollars. The game also supports user-generated levels and the couple I have played have been quite good.

rsrocha, Jul 22, 2014

A simple platformer with incredible depth to its gameplay, and incredibly well-made in all regards. The game is based on reasonably quick matches where you need to descend a tower facing a time limit that must continually be expanded by collecting more time items, with all sorts of traps and enemies/bosses in the way. Even better, the level layout is randomly generated, so every match is different, but still manageable as the game's difficulty is quite fair. There's a huge amount of items, power-ups and weapons to be unlocked, which adds to the fun. The very best aspect of the package though is the incredible polish that went into the game, it's a non-stop show of intelligent small design decisions. Definitely recommended if you play games for the sake of playing games.

SHlTGAME101, May 24, 2015

This is your standard brutal platformer, that panders to the nostalgia snorting ADHD kids. If you fit that description by all means go ahead and try it out, but you're better off checking out the free flash version instead.