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Superfrog HD Superfrog HD is a 2D amphibian platformer that is an HD remake of Team17's classic Superfrog, which was released in 1993 on the Amiga. It will feature all-new graphics and will be appearing on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1139
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Team 17 / Team 17

Superfrog HD reviews ( 7 )

Paikia, Feb 9, 2014

Superfrog HD is a fun to play 2D side-scrolling platformer. There's nothing really fancy or extraordinary about this game, but it does feel balanced all-around. I've experienced none of the control problems some other reviewers have mentioned, everything feels exactly like it should be. All in all - a nice platformer. I paid $10 and I feel like I made a decent deal.

1ManAndHisDroid, Nov 27, 2013

I remember this on my Amiga... It was a fun distraction then and it's a fun distraction now... It won't win awards for graphics controls originality... But what it will do is transport you back twenty years when games were simple and fun and brightly coloured... Worth it just for that nostalgia

Darkin20, Oct 31, 2013

Supposedly this is an old game that has been remastered. I guess they only remastered the graphics but not the gameplay. The controls are very choppy. Not to say you can't land where you want, it just seems to be on or off, stopped or running, no fine tuning which is pretty much a requirement today. Lots of levels to chose from and some interesting level design but this game is just for kids with the level they put into it and even they might get annoyed with it.

smilzoboboz, Apr 26, 2015

Game is boring and easy, not to mention overpriced. I never played the original superfrog but for sure this remake didn't encourage me to do so. The whole game feels like a flash game you may play for free on your browser but instead it comes at 9€. And by flash game I mean it, the quality is the same of any average flash game. Animations are sluggish and physic, well, there is no physic whatsoever. So, well, again, it's an average flash game sold for 9€, cannot say anything good on it.

dr9188, Feb 12, 2017

I don't want to exaggerate. But Superfrog HD really is the most disappointing game of my entire life. As well as being a cautionary tale that, when you say "wouldn't it be great if..." it won't always actually end up great; for years my friends and I always brought up the subject of wishing to see a Superfrog remake, being huge fans of the original. All of that charm, that self-awareness of over-abundant commercialism in the constant Lucozade adverts, the charm of a game playing on the fact it sounds like a low budget idea (the impatient tapping from "Superfrog" as the heroic wind effect is absent due to the special effects guy being so distracted by his newspaper he hadn't turned it on)... All of it is gone. What we are left with is a truly awful mess of bad animation and "cheap mobile game"-like sprites, losing all the charm of the original design. Again, it could have been quite humorous if the game played on this idea and made jokes of it- but instead it plays it straight. And the music... Jesus, the music. It has turned very slapstick and forgettable. It sounds like a low-budget kids show. That the original soundtrack actually sounds better composed speaks dividends. The ONLY reason this gets any marks at all is because, actually, they seem to have nailed the physics so it plays exactly like the original. Everything else screams of trying to monetise another old IP on mobile platforms, with none of the love and care put into the original. However, the game taught me a very important lesson: NEVER hope for a remake.

BIGBenX, Jun 25, 2014

This game has bad controls and makes an overall cheap impression. BAD controls for a JNR? No way! This is an absolute no go for me. It seems that it kinda tries to imitate Sonic, but it fails.

poopdoctor, Nov 8, 2013

this game is terrible. did someone even come within a 10 foot radius of a hard drive containing this game? i guess not 'cause they'd pick up on the scent of TRASH. i can't believe they would charge money for this. team 17, what is wrong with you? what is wrong with steam for accepting this? don't ever even look at this game.