SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE Crack + Activator Download 2020

SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE ONE OF US. ONE OF US. Still outnumbered, still outgunned. Enemies swirl around you in a storm of slow motion violence. Battle after battle, each fallen foe pushes you closer to the secrets hiding in the game and each secret gives you more powers to fight the System’s unending opposition.

Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 106
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
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9Jack9, Jul 27, 2020

I freaking loved it. The ending is controversial, because ppl think you'll get more stuff if you go through the painful hour (maybe) of wandering through an ASCII landscape, followed by another 8 hr real time wait to "restore your files". You barely get anything new. A few hard levels, and the "PURE" core which is a vanilla game mode to try on those really hard levels. I think there's a joke in the 8 hr wait (now 2.5 hrs), that they want you to use a cheat tool to hack the "hacking" game you've been playing. Some ppl feel weird about doing that. Also, the un-killable mini-bosses are supposed to be an obstacle. I'm not sure how that's confusing to anyone. After you get the power to deflect all bullets at lightning speed and hotswap multiple times, how would you like the game to get harder?

Miguelbpaes, Jul 17, 2020

Superhot: Mind Control Delete improves the original game with even more challenging levels, new weapons and fun. Getting this game for free, is a true gift for all of the fans of the original game, and a hell of a new entry in the franchise.

TheMuchSwagDoge, Jul 17, 2020

Really great game that you should probably check out soon. Some people criticize the whole randomly generated aspect of the game but I think it works really well and tests your ability and skill. Only issue I have is with me, not the game because it can be infuriating sometimes. Please play this.P.S: The game tricks you at the beginning with some fake ???The End??? screens. Some people have probably fallen for it so I??�m warning you beforehand.

Spudoodle, Jul 25, 2020

Its still not changed on consoles. Still have to wait eight freaking. hours. I waited my eight hours and didn???t see anything new (I know now that I missed the ???PURE??? core), so I assumed that I should go to the end and see if there??�s some new mega boss, or now you can kill the three Un-Killables. I went through deleting all the cores again, and all that Jazz, and now I??�m waiting an extra eight hours. I know that its mainly my fault (although it baffles me that they would leave the ability to go through all this again, why would they even leave it in there for somebody to stumble into), but at this point Iv??�e left a negative review, and I cant recommend SHMCD to any friends (which disappoints me because OG Superhot on Endless Mode was always really fun to play when we would visit each other??�s houses). It doesn??�t add enough new things (you???ve got a few new things to throw, a force pull, and extremely repetitive gameplay), and is just wasting my time. Even buying the game for $15 on discount feels like too much. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is not the most innovative shooter I??�ve played in years, its the dumbest.

randomfish, Jul 28, 2020

[eurogamer]"The arbitrary amount [of locked-in time for the end credits] we shipped with was eight hours, a perfect time to sleep on the game you just finished we thought," co-director Marcin Surma said. "You can leave it running overnight and have a fresh mind to see the results in the morning. We actually considered the eight hours quite lenient - we started with 24 hours but that felt a bit too restrictive: you'd end the same time of day you ended the game yesterday. And that's no fun!" [/eurogamer] The idea that I'll finish the game then go to bed for 8 hours to "sleep on it" - while it's still running on my PC or console - is ridiculous. I can "sleep on it" without it being on. That shows the Developers' attitude: they want to force you to reflect on their game. Whether you're environmentally aware or not (and we all kinda should be), I don't want my PC on for 8 hours or 2.5 hours running this game while I sleep. During the day, I have work to do. Is it too clever for its own good? No. It's a poorly thought-out ending to an otherwise disappointingly repetitive game. It's interesting (in a way) for attempting to encourage the sort of critique you'd expect to see in the Arts and turn it into a critique of computer games - but it does it in the most infuriating way. This is the Tracy Emin Bed equivalent of computer game art. If you're going to do something different, try to bring people along with you. If the story was clearer, perhaps the ending would make more sense, setting some context to allow gamers to consider and/or understand it. But the core game lacks so much story - it's just wave after wave of enemies - that you can only guess as to why the ending is the way it is. Those waves of enemies take place in one of 32 randomly generated spaces. You'll play through the same maps time and time again - and the number of maps you need to complete in each 'node' increases as you play. You'll play the same map several times in later nodes. Complete the maps without getting hit twice and you can advance to the next node. Repeat. [eurogamer]"After all, we don't want to punish the players, we want players to feel both the significance of what they themselves achieved during the ending, and to have a moment to be part of this experience more as performing along than just playing," Surma continued. "One of my favourite things is seeing people chime in on Discord saying, 'hey guys I'm doing it let's go!' and posting updates on how much time they have left, using that time to talk about their experience of the game and to just have a breather and have it all sink in." [/eurogamer] Gamers are capable of feeling the significance of game experiences without being forced into it. I'd argue that you're not taking "a breather" from the game while you're watching an in-game clock ticking down second by second through 2.5 hours of flickering CRT graphics. [eurogamer]"It's much more powerful for someone to filter the game through the lenses of their own experiences," Skorupka said. [/eurogamer] This is the sort of Arts garbage language that appears to mean a lot but means absolutely nothing. Obviously our individual experiences change how we look at things. Children know this. And again: I can appreciate how different games make me see the world without being forced to look at a ticking timer for 2.5 hours. The fact that co-director Marcin Surma said the 8 hour figure was "arbitrary" and that they originally considered 24 hours shows how poorly thought out this idea was. There was no rationale for 24 hours, or any rationale for reducing that by two thirds to 8 hours. No rationale for dropping it again to 2.5 hours. Pointless.

JustForSuperHot, Jul 25, 2020

This is an entirely unfair rating. Then again it's also entirely unfair that the game at the end forces you to wait 2 hours, leaving the game running all that time. Couldn't leave this review on steam either. As soon as I heard about the ending, uninstalled and refunded. Game developers; We have lives. We pay electricity bills. We might want to play other games after yours. Or do other things with our computer or console. This attempt at being thought provoking is little more than a tone deaf troll.Worse is that you considered eight hours acceptable. Or 24. And never considered console releases would auto shutdown and corrupt saves. How utterly disconnected from reality must you be? How self absorbed does one have to be when clumsy metatextual **** matters more than remembering the needs of your customers and their systems? So, much as I was looking forward to playing the game, I cannot accept or support such a stupid move. Yes, I could skip the time in game, edit the save file, whatever. But frankly, for the disdain and contempt you show for your customers time, you don't deserve my custom, my time or my money.I will go and enjoy a game that at least respects that customers have lives outside their games. Maybe you should remember that next time rather than making your customers suffer an utterly pretentious and poorly thought out fart that you thought would be deep.