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SuperPower A truly unique military and geo political simulator which allows the player the ability to decide on how they want to play the game. Built using recent UN and CIA data the player can play as any 1 of 140 nations and strive to solve the real world economic, social and political problems facing that country. From a military standpoint there are up to 4000 unique deployable units which can be used to fight strategic battles anywhere around the globe. [DreamCatcher]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 41 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1187
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Wargame, General
Company / Developer
DreamCatcher Interactive / GolemLabs
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SuperPower reviews ( 2 )

Charles, Jan 2, 2003

Unrealistic---battle scenes are on a graphic equivelant with my first Atari game--control over conquered countries is very limited---an attack on any city in the world can be launched from any other city in the world, never mind that in real life an army in Beijing can't just fly to Los Angeles for a battle. The unrealism makes this game a waste of time.

MarkWesthoff, Jan 5, 2006

I spent a lot of hours playing with the game....trying to figure out how to keep it from crashing all the time. It might have been fun if the game was actually functional....even with the patches the game is not functional and should have never been released. who ever is responsible for releasing it should be tried and hanged.