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Supreme Commander 2 Experience brutal battles on a massive scale! In Supreme Commander 2, players wage war by creating enormous customizable armies and experimental war machines that can change the balance of power at any given moment. Take the role of one of the three enigmatic commanders, each representing a unique faction with a rich story that brings a new level of emotional connection to the RTS genre, or fight the battle online. Where do your loyalties lie? [Square Enix]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7792
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General, Command
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Gas Powered Games
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Supreme Commander 2 reviews ( 7 )

The_Silent_One, Jan 5, 2011

I am mid 30's, married with 2 kids, I don't have near the time to game that I used to, so when I find a game I like, it usually lasts me a year or 2. (Supcom & Supcom:FA lasted me 4-5 years). I bought this game shortly after it came out. I was a big fan of TA, Supcom, & Supcom:FA before it.What made Supcom (Supreme Commander) one of the few games that I've played over the last 3-4 years is that I could jump into the que for 1v1 without having to arrange my schedule to meet up with friends etc. (It was also a great game and improved on Total Annihilation)After I bought Supreme Commander 2, I played it once or twice but it was different than Supcom:FA and there was no skirmish ladder when it was released. Therefore it was a lot more work to get into games. So, I went back to playing Supcom:FA. However, one of the last Supcom:FA 1v1's that I played, the guy I kept getting matched up wtih complained that Supcom:FA didn't have as diverse strategy as Supcom 2.This stuck in my head for a number of months until I decided to give Supcom 2 another chance. First of all, the 1v1 ladder has been initialized although it has been simplified somewhat. The main thing is that it allows relatively quick matchups for games. Second of all, (and most importantly), I have been pleasantly surprised to find that it actually does have more diverse strategy than Supcom & Supcom:FA and this is a good thing! Supcom and Supcom:FA give more weight to unit spamming and aggressive tactics. I'm not a unit spammer by nature and one of my main frustrations with Supcom/FA was losing on small maps to players who were simply more aggressive with unit spamming and/or always used a race that was suited to small map unit spamming.I started playing Supreme Commander 2 in earnest last weekend. Nobody can deny that there are less units and the game does not have the depth that Supreme Commander / FA had. However, I think I would have a hard time going back to FA now that I have been playing Supcom 2 for a week. I can't speak for it when it first came out, but at this point in time, it may be the best multiplayer rts out there. I never would have believed that simpler is better in RTS games, but in this case it is. Somehow the developers have managed to shed dead weight fromt he first Supcom. Games feel faster. There is more back and forth in a game. Some games in Supcom were back and forth, but a lot end up with one player steamrolling the other and once it starts to happen, there is little that can be done stop it. In this game, there is more variety of ways to win.For example, I just played a game, where I lost everything but my commander. I ended up losing, but I have my opponent a good run for his money and managed to last about an hour after I had lost everything. That would never have happened in Supcom or Supcom:FA!I can't speak for the single player part of this game. I haven't played any. I only ever played a handful of missions for supcom and supcomFA over 5 years. If you want to know about that, you'll have to ask someone else.

cookieclicker, Oct 9, 2013

this game is awesome but I only played the first mission before my step father took it back he got it the day it came out. we loved forged alliance. this game is still awesome from what I read even if it is a "shell of the original" that's right i'm quoting u bjj8383

DarthRevan, Jul 8, 2012

Supreme Commander 2 is a fantastic strategy game. Very balanced and very fun. It has a bunch of different ways you can play, whether it be land-forces, air-forces, sea-forces, structure-based, or ACU-based. It also has replay capabilities where you can view what you, a friend, or an enemy did. It has a great multi-player game system where you can exclude certain items, change team colors, game mode, and fog of war. The graphics are also beautiful. I don't understand why everybody else didn't enjoy it as much as I did.

Invader-Nik, Oct 8, 2013

This game is not as good as the first two, but it does have some pros and it has some cons. Pros: >The graphics are less dull than the ones in SC1 and FA >When destroying aircraft over water, the wreckage of the planes sink to the bottom and leave wreckage on the sea floor. Same with boats. In SC1 and FA, too much bullets hitting a plane midair makes it disappear while if they hit the water they just generally disappear. Boats in FA and SC1 sink straight through the floor (Which I found really annoying). Now to the cons. >Experimentals are absolutely pathetic. In the original games, building an experimental was something to be celebrated. The Megalith II and Soul Ripper II are absolutely weak compared to their stronger ancestors. >Nukes are also pathetic. In the original games, they were game changers, being able to end an entire army with the launching of a bunch of nukes at a base. In SC2, they are generally pea bombs. >The maps are far tinier than the originals. For example, Seton's Clutch was a big map in FA and SC1, but has become incredibly tiny in SC2. >In the originals, you had the ability to create MASSIVE armies and spam them. In SC2, that has been taken away from you since they lowered the max unit capacity from 1000 to 500. In all, SC2 is a good game for beginners, but if it is a challenge you want, get Forged Alliance, that is much more complex and strategic than this.

eds, Mar 3, 2010

Was looking forward to a great PC RTS, but got one that seems overly simplified for either non strategy vets and/or consoles. Extremely limited number of units and base defenses make no sense for a game series that prided itself on an interesting variety of weapons choices. New economy requires the presence of the resources in order to even queue up units and structures. This actually creates more production micromanagement issues as factories pause and builder units cannot be tasked with building out a whole base at one time. I found myself constantly having to deal with stalled engineers in the middle of a hole in my defenses or a screen of fighters that has dwindled down to nothing from a paused factory. This means less time thinking strategically about combat! Smaller map size and lower unit cap removes that epic feel of the first two games. The relative lack of defensive power also renders many of the experimental units less useful as a tool to wreak havoc among your enemies and a reason for them to focus significant firepower to stop them. This trend to dumb down content to please a broader audience/more markets is something we have seen all too often: Deus Ex I => II, F.E.A.R. (first trilogy) => F.E.A.R. II, and much of the missing character development options and story in games like Mass Effect 2. Broadcast media seems to slowly be learning their lesson as more creative, interesting and "no apologies" programming does well on cable channels while the networks struggle to keep a shrinking audience with fare designed to draw the most eyeballs in the shortest time. Rarely are shows that are even slightly outside the box given the chance to develop their characters and grow an audience. The game publishing industry should take a hint and give players who are sticking to their PCs an interesting, and creative experience that stimulates more than the adrenaline gland and actually makes us use our brain. Leave the rest to the consoles.

Chaotic-Entropy, Mar 21, 2016

It feels, to me, like Sup Com 2 should have preceded Sup Com, it's a giant step back from what made the original a success and a waste of all the best parts of the licence.

GeK, Mar 3, 2010

Everything is so small that i constantly have to focus eyesight just to distinguish my units. Experimental units are slightly bigger than normal ones, but apart from that theres actually no advantage in building them. All units and buildings look like they were made from plastic, specially blue colored UEF. Music is either annoyingly bland or annoyingly persistent, i don't even have a word to describe how "neutral", boring and repetitive it is. Story reminds me some crappy mexican soap opera with conflicts and drama appearing from trivial causes. Makes me wonder how much did they pay to reviewers to get 80+ scores, even as completely separate game (as if it wasn't related to sp1) i would certainly NOT buy it, recommend it or even play it for free, simply because its not entertaining or catchy enough.