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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Supreme Commander franchise. The game continues the epic story following the Infinite War, featuring an all-new single-player campaign, a new faction and a myriad of innovative multiplayer features. More than one hundred new units will give players access to cutting-edge strategic options, including fully realized navies, orbital weaponry and advanced counter intelligence technologies. [THQ]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3117
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General, Command
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
THQ / Gas Powered Games
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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance reviews ( 7 )

jetSetWilly, Jul 25, 2012

One of the best ever. The sense of scale this game visual creates is inspiring. Excellent maps and resource gathering system. Graphics are still good by today's standards which may not be saying too much but at least they don't suck. The tech tree is straight forward really, you just need to gauge what you're opponents may do and at what point you have to start on defenses. The game has tonnes of replayability in it and the ability to customize your games with units of your choice. Game speed controls and saves in single player skirmish is their too, their isn't much you don't get.

KhorneFlakes, Apr 13, 2011

Greatest RTS ever! Resource system is ingenious, at least i think so. The game is very complex, has so many units, four factions total, GIANT units, great command structure, incredibly massive scale, Naval battles, and air power the likes of which I've never seen in another RTS! But over all, this game is a huge step forward for RTS games, and a glorious, shining example followed by no one : (If you love RTS games, and your computer is high tech, you will love this game, if only Chris Taylor made supreme commander 2 like this game. I say again, GREATEST RTS EVER!!!!!!!!

JT., Nov 9, 2007

This is more than an expansion, it's a whole new game. This is what the original SupCom should have played like. If anyone was turned off by the original for reasons like to much focus on building Masfab farms, you'll love the changes. Game play is fast paced, and expansion is key. You now have to go out and control territory and mass points. This has completely renewed my faith in the game.

Andweeb, Mar 31, 2013

This truly is a classic RTS extremely detailed yet simple to use, and most of all really fun! As others I am a fan of Total Annihilation (the starting game of it all) but you don't need to have played it to enjoy this game. It's unique, clever, and has long lasting re-playability. The ideas that originated in TA and in this game have really set the standard for other RTS games.

SE-Apocalypse, Feb 26, 2014

The game that makes Starcraft 2 look outdated. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance brings a unique feature set to the table that should have set new standards to the genre. The user interface gives the user to stay in control even in the largest battles with thousands of units, all fulfilling their roles on the battlefield, from tiny. cheap and mass produced units up to the gigantic experimental units. True real-time strategy on small and large battlefields, a game that enables the player to really play out their strategies under constant pressure of battle. So far the best game the genre has to offer.

askewreviews, Sep 7, 2013

To this day, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance remains my favourite RTS of all times. This expansion pack includes a new faction to play as and a ton of general improvements on what made vanilla SupCom such a unique experience. Forged Alliance really pulls off what it attempts to do. It is face-paced by nature but games can last well over an hour. Economy plays a massive role and players have the option of bunkering down in their starting location or can simply pour all their resources into spamming cheap units. There's also the option of sniping; selecting a group of units, quite often bombers or gunships, and assassinating an opponent's ACU. There really are more strategic options than any other RTS I have ever played. The FAF multiplayer community makes this a 10/10 experience and has really kept the game alive. SupCom 2 simplified the formula and was generally panned by the fan base so it's great to see FA doing so well today. A classic game.

sylph, Nov 12, 2011

An interesting attempt to rebalance the great original game in this expansion pack ultimately killed it - Forged alliance multiplayer features tech 1 (out of 4 tech levels), and nothing else. Game ruined by a crying community. Real shame.