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Supreme Commander For a millennium, three opposing forces of humanity--the Cybran Nation, the Aeon Illuminate and the United Earth Federation--have fought a bitter and bloody war over conflicting and unwavering systems of belief. There is no room for compromise. No room for mercy. No room for anything but the complete eradication of anyone with opposing belief systems. Labeled the Infinite War, this horrific conflict has shattered a once peaceful galaxy and only served to deepen the hatred and schisms between the three factions. Now, after centuries of struggle, the battle for supremacy has at long last reached a turning point. You are a Supreme Commander, and only you have the power to bring the Infinite War to an end once and for all. Set in the 37th century, Supreme Commander signals the next evolution in the RTS genre by being the first strategy game to deliver a truly strategic and tactical experience. [THQ]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3261
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General, Command
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
THQ / Gas Powered Games

Supreme Commander reviews ( 6 )

marqpas, Oct 3, 2010

Almost the perfect RTS. Strategy, tactics, music, atmosphere, graphics, sound, mega-armies, superrobots, all there. Hundred-thousands of skirmish units have already exploded on my screen. It takes weeks to master, but when you do, it's worth every second. Even the atrocious campaigns with the moronic game-characters will not drag my rating down from 10.

TheCaptain, Mar 18, 2007

Certainly the best RTS I've ever played. This game is increadibly addicting and great to play with friends. There seem to be bugs here and there, but it would be silly to let that compromise my rating when everything else is pretty much great. The game play is designed to let you truly strategize. Instead of just making the biggest army telling it to attack you can make many platoons and use queued movements to make them attack in just the right places at just the right time. The subtle differences in the three factions do in fact make choosing between them mean a lot.

Monty, Feb 20, 2007

Excelent game, can be a bit demanding on the pc if you havent upgrades in over 18 months, intrsting thing about this game is how versatile it is when creating your stratagys, for example you can select say super fast jet fighters and slow tanks to perform a joint attack on some point on the map meaning that they will both arrive at there destination at the same time, then theres the waypoints where you hold shift and you can manipulate patrol paths by dragging waypoints to new areas. theres plenty to offer the proffional RTS gamer out there. the online side of things turn out to be a intresting affair aswell with player using very different strategies, tank or aircraft rushes dont always work and its not always best to try and race those tech 3 units out. if you find an opponent that is your equil you may find a rather long battle on your hands and in my books thats good.

Mobius, Feb 14, 2007

To start my rig is XP OS 3200+ athlon 1GB Ram Geforce 6600gt 256mb currently im happy with this as it plays all current games at 1280x1024 with full options on, but for Supreme Commander this is nowhere near enough power. for me i can start the game with full detail but once the map starts to get full the pc chugs along so for me to get a playable perfomance i am requird to play at 1024x768 with all options off. the good thing is that even with all options off it doesnt look an ugly game but its a reminder to think about upgrading for the future. the game its self is a master peice of RTS gaming and any self respecting RTS player should not miss this. no longer are you restricted to the typical small scale playing area like you find in any other RTS. for me when my rig is upgraded to run this properly it will be the ultimate RTS. i would say to get the most out of this your gonna need a dual or quad core cpu with 3 gig ram and the latest G card.

GlynnF., Feb 19, 2007

This is one of the best RTS games of all time without a doubt, An honest recreation of Total Annihilation. Doesn't need amazing specs to run (maybe a boost in RAM would help most people having problems) With a unique method of collecting resources that doesn't rely heavly on micromanagement, and with many novel and quite frankly ingenious features (The ability to alter the waypoints for patrolling comes to mind.) This game seriously raises the bar to a level that C&C3 will have to try very hard to match Also, please Ignore the reviewer at Australian GamePro who decided to throw a hissy fit because his machine is having problems the real meta score for this game should be 90.

JamieS., Feb 14, 2007

Yet another RTS. Ignoring all the hoohah and blather about its graphics etc what we have is just ...another RTS. As there've been hundreds (And possibly more than a thousand now) of RTS's released, you need to do something special to stand out from the crowd. GPG's answer to that was graphical; they made an RTS with large differences of scale between the units. But apart from that the differences are minor. I found it yawn-inducing. Yes it's got integrated cut-scenes, a story line, character development etc etc --the whole check-list -- but as a game, it just feels like every other RTS you've played before.In fact, it feels like a skin-pack for Age of Empires 3 -- Age of Empires 3 in space, if you like. I've already uninstalled it. If you're an RTS fan you'll probably love it like you do every RTS; the average gamer will probably find it boring. I sure did.