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Supreme Ruler 2010 The year is 2010 and the Major Powers of the world as we currently know them have disintegrated into bickering economic and military regions. The United Nations has disappeared, and in its place an organization with far sharper teeth referred to simply as "The World Market" has taken its place. Individual Regions are left to fight for power to dominate their neighbors, their countries, their continents, and then the world. Supreme Ruler 2010 represents the next generation of strategy game. Not another build and attack 'click fest', but a challenging simulation of political and military leadership. You control the agenda of your region as you maintain its economy, grow the support of your population, and strive to influence your neighbors. Through skilled management your influence and popularity will grow... Will you be a successful diplomat, who can increase your power through an incredibly flexible diplomacy model, or will you be a ruthless and ambitious ruler that lets your tanks and missiles speak for you? [Strategy First]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1211
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Wargame, General
Players 16 Online
Company / Developer
Strategy First / BattleGoat Studios

Supreme Ruler 2010 reviews ( 4 )

sdb, Jun 5, 2008

Deepest-Strategy-Evarrr. Reviewers tend to score this game in proportion to the I.Q. they show in their writing. Part of that is the learning curve. Read the forums if you have trouble. Payoff is one of the best games you will ever play. Great for systems with decent CPU but mediocre graphics card. Or wait for 2020 in a couple weeks!

AndyC., Aug 4, 2005

There's a LOT in this game - wargame, politics, resource/production, diplomacy, and more. A very well done UI and design given the amount of things that can be adjusted and managed. A system of advisors to help and keep micromanagement under control. Great battles!

JackS., Jun 7, 2005

The most fun I've had with a strategy game since Alpha Centauri. Deep gameplay, innovation, and a "do anything" design are just a few reasons why I like this so much. It's not perfect, (what strategy title is straight out of the box?) but it definately deserves a nine for somehow managing to be both innovative and fun at the same time.

StrategyWorst, Aug 3, 2005

Boy! PC Gamer must have some sort of vendetta against Strategy First. Not sure why this would be. PC Gamer doesn't have to shell out any money for the titles that they review. They are at least spared the agony of spending $40 on a game that isn't even worth $10, which is usually the case with a Strategy First game. And this game wasn't even half-bad. Sure it has some flaws. But it was still a worthwhile purchase.