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SWAT 4 Show No Mercy In Defense of Life. Los Angeles: 2006. Gangs rule the city and crime's at an all-time high. As an elite SWAT officer, you must protect the lives of the innocent throughout 16 intense missions. There's no room for mistakes. Or mercy. What's it gonna be rookie? [Sierra]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2671
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 16 Online
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / Irrational Games

SWAT 4 reviews ( 4 )

kevincharlestat, Jun 27, 2015

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Lead, Sep 11, 2012

Swat 4 İs Best Tactical Shooter Ever. İt İs Better Than Ghost Recon And Rainbox Six . İt's Very Realistic Game. You Can ''Really'' Command Your Team But People Dont Know The Value Of Swat 4.So Swat 5 İs Never Come But We Still Want SWAT 5!

MattN., Nov 3, 2005

I loved this game despite a few glitches getting it up and running which have now been ironed out. The graphics are great and this is underlined by the particularly detailed and realistic environments (no random piles of boxes just to fill in space or block doorways). The fact that every time you play through bad guys appear in different locations throughout the level, and that you're free to complete the mission using any approach or tactics you want just adds to the realism. I would have liked a save feature so you don't have to replay the whole level (or am I being dense and have simply missed it?). And a greater variety of weapons wouldn't have gone a miss either. Your team mates A.I is reasonable but you never think of them as anything other than expendable. If you're looking for a very challenging game with loads of atmosphere and pressure this is the game for you.

XxMasonxX, Feb 25, 2013

Sorry Guys that I cant can giving 10/10 because the Game have now no Official Multiplayer you have to download a other Programm and that is really bad cause SWAT4 is one of the best Tactical Shooter ever and it makes really many FUN to play it.