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Sylvio Sylvio is a psychological horror game set in a tranquil, disturbing atmosphere. Ghost recorder Juliette Waters trespasses into an abandoned family park, shut down since a landslide in 1971. The voices of the deceased captured on her reel-to-reel recorder reveals a tale of an evil curse and a wicked family cult, currently living in the park.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 62 / 100
User rating
Downloads 878
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Apostrophe Stockholm / Apostrophe Stockholm

Sylvio reviews ( 2 )

SuperkenGaming, Jan 15, 2017

Sylvio A slow burn to boredom In Syllvio you play as ghost recorder Juliette waters investigating an abandoned park that was shut down after a landslide in 1971… And you spend the game finding evps to listen to their stories, how they died, their names, who they were with while simultaneously problem solving to move on through the 9 different locations It will take you anywhere from 6 to 12 hours getting through this game highly dependent on whether or not you care to find the evps and decode them… As you walk around the different areas there will be these black clouds of energy that you have to shoot with your potato gun... this gun is also used to knock objects down… After you shoot them you’re given clues and the locations of the items you need to progress the story… To decode these evps you have to play the audio in reverse or forward either at normal speeds, fast, or slow motion to get the full message if you care enough to do so… At first this is all fun and intriguing.. Each location has its own story and mystery to uncover... But about halfway through the game all intrigue is gone… There aren’t enough scares and the gameplay doesn’t change up enough… It’s the same throughout... youre in this location... find the clouds, kill them, collect what you need, put them in the right spots.. rinse and repeat… The game opens with a very linear feel and I think the game would’ve benefitted with more moments like these sandwiched in between the locations rather than the car sections… I was spooked by the game at first… but as time went I got used to it It’s far too predictable… And that’s a shame because this is a really cool and creepy game.. At least for a little while… I Give Sylvio a 6.5/10

shooterboss, Jun 29, 2015

An interesting gameplay concept muddled by monotonous environments and shallow storyline. Sylvio is certainly a good idea in its own right: communicating with ghosts by interpreting audio recordings you find around the levels. This is the game's selling point, as experimenting with the recordings to find hidden messages proves to be both fun and somewhat creepy. At the same time, the game's main problem is that the selling point is the ONLY good thing about it, save for the voice acting. Combat is very shallow, consisting of a single gun powered by two types of ammo (with only one being useful). Enemy variety is restricted to only two types of threats. Further, the environments, while creepy at first, are homogeneous. I've stared at a red forest for the last few hours. Sylvio is an interesting indie title, but the novelty will wear off rather quickly.