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Syndrome Syndrome, a sci-fi survival horror game that places you in a living hell inside a doomed starship. Find out what happened to your lost crew. Run. Hide. Fight. Survive.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 58 / 100
User rating
Downloads 965
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General, Survival
Company / Developer
Camel 101 , Bigmoon Entertainment / Camel 101

Syndrome reviews ( 7 )

maluzeiner, Oct 9, 2016

Good story, excellent little easter eggs, great level design, mechanics controls could be better and voice acting but. If you like RPG, Stealth and FPS, give this game a chance and you will not regret. It's not for casual horror players. This is a true hardcore horror game!

Typical_cynic, Oct 9, 2016

I must admit that I didn't expected much. I'll get the negatives out of the way first. The voice acting is a bit wooden and the characters are okeyish but it doesn't matter because the game is excellent. The way it lets you choose how to play rather than forcing you to go hiding all the time like someone cut off your hands, makes this game a breath of fresh air and graphics are awesome too. The story is quite good as well and reminds me of System Shock, the movie Virus, Event Horizon from 90s. I love it so far.

Buba28, Oct 7, 2016

Simply a scarry survival horror game which will give you hours of throwback goodness. The easter eggs and a few other gameplay gems were also a pleasant surprise. Give it a try.

LucasTheMan, Oct 17, 2016

Very nice not-so-much indie horror game taking place in a spaceship. As it is most of the times in these cases, everyone is dead, there are bad guys around and a big secret to reveal. The game is creepy and well made, and it includes combat which is a refreshing feature in this genre.

Kapanga, Nov 14, 2016

A must-have for the horror enthusiast. You've got the usual *something gone wrong* here, and you pick up right after the chaos starts. There are disgusting enemies and gruesome dead bodies and backstories that can be read (some worse than the visuals), and a few twists here are there, that might get you off guard. While not completely original, the game is solid and fun.

Sjalka, Oct 12, 2016

I only have "first impressions" - because i did not really play much more than 2 hours i think - and so .. did not get very far.... . I did like the visuals - although they were not very detailed in my opinion. What bothered me was the layout of what is meant to be a space ship. So unless the intention of the architect that build the ship was to make it a maze ... the map made little to no sense to me. The problem is that such games live and die with immersion. So i am left to wander around a pretty scenery that i cannot interact with properly. (i can only interact with VERY few objects - although there is stuff around that i would definitely consider to be very useful. Also ... even powered up ... the ships lights seem to be magical. They will almost blind you when you look into them - with fancy coronas and lens flares ... but their light radius hardly ever extends to more than a meter. I know i know ... a ship in perpetual shadows is fancier than a brightly lit apple store - but it still doesn t make sense. What i mean to say with all that is ... that the game never managed to immerse me ... and so i was rather bored than succumbed to built up tension. (I found Bioshock to be a lot scarier than this one.... mind you.. i also did not find any of the Dead Space games to be scary - maybe i am just not scared of space stuff much) So after this brief playtime ... i am left with little desire to resume playing. This is a simple and average game in my opinion - it does not offer much to stand out - but does not really disappiont much either. Pretty average imo.

hammama0, Oct 7, 2016

Warning! Do not play this game. You wil be fraustrated. 1. You will die suddenly and for no apparent reason. 2. You are not allowed to save the game whenever you want. I never had the chance to save my progress So after I died I had to start all over again. This is the point when I erased the game from my computer.