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System Shock: Enhanced Edition The Enhanced Edition adds a modern touch to this classic gem, without taking anything from its unmistakable atmosphere.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1177
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Origin , Night Dive Studios / Looking Glass Studios

System Shock: Enhanced Edition reviews ( 4 )

DesuSoarusrex, Oct 18, 2015

One of the best cyberpunk games you can play. The controls feel a little weird for the first half-hour but then become tons of fun. The controls allow you to feel like you are actually playing as the main character. If you liked Deus Ex or System Shock 2, this game is perfect for you.

borgkube, May 8, 2016

This game is an old favorite of mine. I actually still have my 1994 copy of the game. This game was followed by System Shock 2 that was an under appreciated sleeper title. It is also similar to the Deus Ex series of games. Even back in the day, the 800x600 resolution combined with the incredibly visually busy environment made this game tough to play. Also back then there were no real control standards for FPS games and there was no way to tailor the original controls. The Enhanced Edition has fixed most of that. The "original" manual is included, but be sure that you look online for the control setup for the Enhanced Edition which has been updated as much as possible to the standard WASD and Mouselook. Also the resolution has been upgraded and there is now a 16 x 9 option along with the original 4 x 3 mode. Even though this is a 20-plus year old game it was and still is a standout in the cyberpunk genera. The game provides a very tension filled environment. You are presented with many technology based logic puzzles that you must solve while trying to defeat SHODAN, the computer brain that has eradicated most of the crew on board and has filled the station with Mutants, Cyborgs and Robot defense Terminals all programed to kill humans. You escaped SHODAN's notice because you were locked away in stasis while the slaughter took place. This is the kind of game that sucks you into the story after a few minutes and won't notice the aging graphics so much. This was great game in 94 and it still is and updates have made it better. Worth playing!

prossnip42, Dec 20, 2015

Ohh the good old classic that nobody played because System shock 2 was so much better. Okay in all seriousness this is a pretty good game. On with the review then. Pros: -The gameplay. This is one of the most strategic and most innovative games for it's time. Literally anything that can be collected, you can collect. From the smallest chip to the biggest gun, there's nothing too big for your inventory. -The atmosphere is top notch. Everything feels like is trying to kill you and it really looks like an abandoned spaceship. It is downright perfect Cons: -This is a nitpick but i seriously can't stand the graphics. They looks so bad but that's to be expected from a game from 1992/1993 Overall System shock is a great game that will kick any so called hardcore player in it's ass and overall deserves to get recognized more like it's younger brother System shock 2.

HSuke, Dec 8, 2015

It's a wonderful game, but I can't get past the dated controls. The graphics are more dizzying than Descent I. You have to toggle between free look and movement. It needs a full remake instead just a partial update to be playable.