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Takedown: Red Sabre In recent years, shooters have become homogenized. There used to be a wide range of different games to choose, from run-and-gun action titles to slow-paced tactical shooters focusing on strategy and tactics, but now most shooters follow the same model of big set pieces, regenerating health, linear levels, and cinematic experiences. The realistic tactical shooters with in-depth planning have almost entirely disappeared in recent years. This project, working title TAKEDOWN, aims to change that. This game, the spiritual successor to games like the original Rainbow Six and SWAT series, will focus on realistic weapons modeling, squad based play, in a close-quarters battle setting. To succeed in this game you need to take things slow, study your plans, and execute flawlessly. If you get shot, there are consequences. You wont be hiding behind a wall waiting for your health to regenerate. If a team member goes down, you will have to assess the situation and reallocate team members if necessary to complete the mission. Don't expect all of the tools and plans to be forced fed to you - it is up to the player to ensure their team is equipped and ready for the tasks at hand. AKEDOWN is a thinking-persons shooter. The player that takes things slow, aims carefully, and plans their moves right will overcome the player who runs in with guns blazing. Close-quarters battle brings the fight inside, as you would see SWAT teams or SOF units taking down small numbers of dangerous adversaries. Non-linear environments allow for multiple routes and tactics and add replayability. The operation to clear pirates from a hijacked oil tanker by Russian special forces in May of 2010 is a perfect example of the types of missions in TAKEDOWN. You will plan your insertions and routes before going into the scenario, outfitting your teammates with weapons and equipment of your choosing, and then execute the mission. If one of your team members is killed, they are gone, and you have lost their valuable experience, so you have to be careful! Gameplay modes include single player, co-op, and competitive multiplayer. If you are a fan of old school shooters where thinking meant more than running and gunning or perks, or if you are just looking for something different in your shooter games experience, this is the project for you.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 36 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2495
Genre Action, Shooter, General, First-Person, Modern, Tactical
Company / Developer
505 Games / Serellan LLC

Takedown: Red Sabre reviews ( 7 )

Kenjirus, Feb 15, 2014

Yes its buggy, yes its got bad ai and yes it was released early but i have actually had so much fun playing this with a group of 6 of my friends and genuinely enjoy this

chompy_deluxe, Dec 20, 2013

Its a relatively small and simple game. When I first played it on release it was ok but it was really hard to ignore how stupid the AI was. I personaly think the graphics are nice. no there not bf4/bf3 but its a small release game and I like the clean style in its own way. Its awesome that a studio took the risk to get this style of game out but they should have waited long and released it in a more finished state. The actual game play is awesome when it plays as intended. More missions would be good though.

mwak, Sep 26, 2013

I have some relations in CQB specialists. I must admit this game is an "hardcore" FPS but not a "tactical" one. Let me explain why the game mechanics are totally flawed. CQB must be quick and you work with a team mostly 2 or 3 team-mates. It fully works with vocal communication and fast but precise reactions. For example the way you penetrate a hall with 2 doors, there is more than one way to do it. BUT any-time everyone will act as synchronized as possible. First case, everyone follows it's leading element and follow a wall with for each a NON-CROSSED cover (AI are really dangerous). Second case, one takes left, two take left, three covers the back. Etc etc etc. NEVER (as in NEVER!!) fire if you have a tea-mate in sight (basics always cover YOUR sector even if someone fires the opposite way. Moreover, in real life you lean (eventually not a full lean) even when walking, you take different stances, you use different movement speeds, you can pre-aim your weapon, you use the wall as weapon stabilization so many small features that could have made this game unique. I'm really sorry guys but ArmA III is a better (from really far) tactical shooter, even CQB than this. This game looks more like a cheap unreal tournament mod or Source engine mod than a professional game. You should have sticked on a rainbow six remake. Anyway i laughed hard in front of some AI reactions enemies or teammates so that allows you a three

eddyzenl, Apr 17, 2014

I still give 1 credit for the level design. At least it take a while to build the map. Beyond that, the entire game is really a joke, funny AI system, no ambient sound wtf?

JasonHansley, Sep 27, 2013

The game is horrible, i dont believe im writing this because i was hopeful in the past about the game, it really looked good and all and the way the devs were talking about i was waiting something like rainbow six 3 mix with new elements... But it all turned out to be pile of junk, not to mention horrible AI and horrible levels. I got it on early access and i know i cant refund. My thoughts, if youre making a game, make it but dont release on early access half broken at least make sure your game is 90% done... Steam shouldnt allow this kind of games on Early Access. Hope you make something better in future.

MrDeath651, Sep 22, 2013

This game is pretty fun at times, fighting dozens of enemy's while you die from a bullet isn't fun. If you have friends to play with then you should try this out.

arktor, Sep 22, 2013

Such a horrible release, When the developers said that their game is going to be a spiritual succesor to a original rainbow six games i was so happy, But then they say that no planning, no other features that 10-years old RS have. i say: ok. at least they promise a solid AI but again they lie. AI (both teammates and a tangos) are horrible. there is no tactic in singlplayer, when your team is just a your respawn-bots. Tangos are not respondig to your actions as dev's promise. and final point this game is out for a two days, and multoplayer still didn't work. i'm outta here