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Team Indie In Team Indie a variety of indie game characters join forces aggregating their unique skills. Play coop with your own previous runs and bend time to master puzzles and action sequences.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 819
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
Brightside Games / Brightside Games

Team Indie reviews ( 3 )

Zorrar, Oct 9, 2014

Team indie brings together characters from some of the greatest Indie Games you have ever played and mixes them together in a fun way. Each level expends on the mechanics of each new introduced character making the levels more tricky the further you go. It does however have a slow start so donĀ“t get discouraged in the beginning and continue playing. After a few levels the game difficulty ramps up and leaves you with the hearth of the game. The Game gives you this one more try one more level felling. Making you try again and again and again just to finish one more stage.

sebastian733, Jan 13, 2015

Team Indie is a mix of old school platformer and innovative singleplayer coop gameplay. You play characters of popular indie games with different abilities. If you reach with one character a certain point you switch to another character to play simultaneously with the steps of your previous character. That offers funny puzzles and challenges with many variants. For people who love to collect something it's the perfect game. Sometimes you need to solve puzzles, do challenges or you need to explore the level to get every crystal, box and medal.

derKai, Oct 9, 2014

Team Indie is old school platformer. You will jump through a lot different kind of levels with increasing difficulty, collect as many diamonds and medals as you can to eventually reach a gate that leads to the next level. There is also a hero, Marvin, the cute but quite useless cat without any special skills. And here one of the specialties comes in: there are nine characters known from other indie games that are waiting for your you at many points in the levels. Once you reach one of them, you are controlling this hero with his or her unique features known form the original game. After reaching Marvin again you go back in time and continue controlling Marvin while the other hero repeats what you have done before. Sounds a bit confusing, but it's actually really straight forward after the first one or two levels. However, this whole hero switching thing provided a very cool and unique experience. After a few simple levels and character introductions, you need to carefully time all your actions and plan which hero to use when. This is no easy task, at least if you want to collect all the diamonds. As far as I know the characters from the original games, their controls feel very similar - not always 100% the same but always good and precise. Overall, it's very fun to figure out how to solve a level and I really like this combination of platformer and puzzler. But watch out: the good feeling after solving a puzzle can keep you playing till the end ;)