Tennis Masters Series Crack/Patch

Tennis Masters Series Test your skills against 71 professional players. Each of them have their own tactics and attitudes (tiredness, power, precision, morale, aggressiveness, special skills). Includes three different game modes: Tennis Masters Series Championship, Exhibition and Multiplayer (up to 4 players, via LAN). [Microids]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1084
Genre Sports, Traditional, Individual, Tennis
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
Microids / Microids

Tennis Masters Series reviews ( 3 )

SteveS., May 12, 2006

Great game, has kept me entertained for ages...and still is. The best tennis game ive played on the PC, just a shame that there is a lack of other game modes and real players. Still, its a must have for tennis fans and well worth buying for non tennis fans too.

JasonK., Jul 4, 2002

I have to say that William Abner's review is a load of crap, which is disappointing because he's usually spot-on. You DO hit the ball out a good bit of the time, if you raise the difficulty above "Amateur." As a former high school tennis player, I have to say this comes the closest to capturing the game as I've seen yet on the PC. Not as arcadey as Virtua Tennis, more of a simulation. Now if they could only get real players, implement doubles, add female players, add some reason for money to be awarded, and get a full circuit of tournaments, they'd be doing great.

ChristianC., Oct 30, 2002

Virtua Tennis came very close to being the best tennis sim for PC, this is because of the graphics and the AI of the players, and by graphics I mean that in Virtua Tennis, the movements of strokes and the way tennis players move are very smooth and accurate. Now if you could combine the best of both Virtua Tennis and Masters-Series, you would have tennis game with no competition, and that is what Microids needs to do for their 2004 version. I also agree with the inclusion of real players, tournaments, and the ability for players to edit the game (similar to EA's FIFA Series which have become succesfull due to their ability to be edited by adding new players, teams, leagues, kits, stadiums, tv channels, and even languages). Please, don't get my idea wrong, I love the game, but being a tennis player, I felt that there were gonna be more improvements on the 2003 version to make it more realistic and get the popularity it really deserves.