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Tharsis Tharsis is a turn-based strategy game about humanity’s first mission to Mars. It’s an important mission, and not just because of its potential to greatly increase our knowledge of the red planet. No, this mission is humanity’s attempt to locate the source of a mysterious signal emanating from the red planet. [Choice Provisions]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1121
Genre Miscellaneous, Board / Card Game
Company / Developer
Choice Provisions / Choice Provisions
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Tharsis reviews ( 7 )

TacoSalad, Jan 16, 2016

This is a game for people that can think deeply and strategize. Tharsis is 100% skill based. The people that say it's just randomness could not further from the truth. Events do drop randomly, but you can get yourself out of every situation. I do that a few issues with the game - but am still giving it a 10.

Narkulus, Jan 27, 2016

Tharsis is a tough puzzle to crack, but beating it makes it rewarding. Ignore the RNG whiners, the game is full of strategy and every game is winnable if the games mechanics are fully utilized. The amount of choices you have and all the possible ways to approach each problem is what makes this game so strategic. Line up your research and pick the right crew members for the right modules and the wins will start rolling in. A hard win comes with poor rolls, an easy win comes with good. I'm looking forward to the addition of missions. Great game.

Answulf, Feb 18, 2016

The majority of the negative reviews on this game are complaints that it is way too random, and not skill based. And yet, Dragondave17 on YouTube has now beaten the game 30 times in a row, completely discrediting that notion. This is a difficult and challenging game about luck mitigation and optimization. If it appeals to you but you are concerned about the luck factor mentioned in many of the reviews, ignore the cries of the sheeple and give it a shot - it is a great, fast-playing online board game with a rewarding learning curve. The game scratches a similar itch as FTL, and the complaints about it's difficulty remind of when it first came out. I would give it an 8/10, but it gets two extra to help counter the ignorance of the masses.

brianporzio, Jan 13, 2016

After seven hours in, two successful play throughs (and a couple dozen failed), I can honestly say the game is intriguing, but it's lacking something. I feel like too much of the game is based on the dice. The two times I won, my dice were super hot. But there have been several games where I literally tried everything I could but the dice just wouldn't cooperate. The strategy element is great, it's just hindered by too much probability. And the story is....weird.

mrkaibot, Jan 20, 2016

Okay, Tharsis is an EXCELLENT game... in concept. However, In execution it is a relentless, soul-blasting exercise in complete and utter hopelessness. The fact that there is a HARD mode beyond the standard NORMAL mode is comparable to saying that the sixth circle of hell isn't so bad because technically there's something worse. The fatal flaw in Tharsis is the total lack of balance between potential player success to the imminent damage they are tasked with combating. The ship gains random damage, but the randomness of the damage doesn't seem to have any control limits, so it will quickly overwhelm your ability to fix it. Gameplay: There are 4 player pawns, each with their own unique ability to fix the ship by rolling dice. The number of dice per pawn will be reduced every round through one method or another. In the dozen or so rounds I survived over five games, all my pawns maintained all their dice perhaps twice. PERHAPS twice. Every other round, I lost one die here, two dice there, three dice because a pawn died, you get the idea. Now, these dice CAN be recovered primarily by eating food. You get SOME food at the beginning of the game, but you'll eat it immediately after Round 1. After that, you have to spend precious, precious dice rolls using abilities, creating food, or (here's the fun part) eating your fallen crewmembers. Don't worry, they start you off with a corpse in the medbay, so the table's already set. Yay, Space Cannibalism! Between each round you are given a Catch-22 choice. Something along the lines of "Option A) Get dice back, but the ship takes damage; OR Option B) Fix the ship, but the crew loses health." Usually, there is one choice that is slightly less bad, but in virtually every circumstance I thought to myself "I want to do nothing. Nothing would be better than either of these choices. Can I please do nothing?" The game would then cackle maniacally and whisper "Noooooooooooo." (Note: this happened in my head, not reality.) SO FAR SO GOOD!! However, here's where the game breaks. I don't mean "Awww, it's hard, and me liek eazy gaems." I mean it is shattered unto destruction and listing endlessly through the black void of space. The fatal flaw (...get it? Because you'll die!): Your ship takes new damage every round. Every. Freaking. Round. However, before long the damage your ship receives becomes mathematically unfixable. I mean it. In every game played so far, even if I Qui-gon Jinned 50% of my rolls, it's a slim chance I would have survived. Of course you can't do that, so you're completely at the mercy of fate. Evil, jerky, space fate. For those thinking "Suck it up, pansy, it's a tough game!" I'd like to say two things. 1. Don't call people pansies. That's rude. 2. In my last playthrough before writing this, after round 4 my ship had two damaged rooms remaining, with 10 and 11 damage respectively. During the mid-round, I had the choice of A) Killing two of my three remaining characters to give the ship 2 health and keep the last character's two dice OR B) Kill that guy instead to give the ship 4 health, feed his fresh corpse to the other two, and use their combined 9 dice to give it the ol' space college try. I chose the latter option. Then, In Round 5 my ship received 3 newly damaged rooms with a total of 76 damage (30/26/20). SEVENTY-SIX. For those keeping track, that's a grand total of 97 damage spread between five rooms that I have to fix with 9 dice. YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT. Ultimately, Tharsis can be fixed, and it needs to be. Until it is, it's merely a way to experience the wild and frantic desperation of a gushing knife wound without actually being stabbed. How I'd describe it: Yahtzee + FTL + sandpaper to the brain Overall score: 5 out of 10 Reason: Concept is beautiful but the math doesn't math, and it really, really, really needs to math.

GrizzledGamer, Jan 15, 2016

I was wooed by this game's premise, but, after giving it a long enough whirl to beat it, I'm pretty sure this particular game has no business existing in either digital or board game form. The game's like 10% skill, 90% randomness. What sucks is that while the skill is ABSOLUTELY necessary, randomness will kick in the balls every time. There are so many things in this game that shouldn't be randomized. Why are the starting states and locations of all characters random? There's no need for that. You can be pretty much hosed from luck of the draw in starting position. This wouldn't be any better as a board game because, setting this all up and then putting it back in the box would be a pain in the ass. Getting 4 people together to roll dice and discuss whether or not you're screwed and should just restart the game isn't my idea of a fun time, either. So, so many things to work on. To top it all off, the ending is a big eff you to the player. If this drops below $5, maybe give it a shot.

Broyax, Dec 29, 2016

Voici un jeu qui donne une illusion tr??s temporaire de strat?�gie alors qu'il est aussi al?�atoire qu'une grille de Loto... ou que quelques lancers de d?�s au casino... Et comme au casino, vous ressortez lessiv?� apr??s avoir tout perdu. Evidemment. On peut donc excuser les graphismes chers au genre ind?�, lesquels ne sont pas si horribles ma foi, on peut trouver la musique sympathique et l'interface g?�n?�rale correcte... Mais on ne peut certainement pas cautionner ni d?�fendre un jeu aussi al?�atoirement mal foutu, m??me en "facile" ! Il faut bien entendu recommencer ?� l'envi (si l'envie masochiste vous en prend) puisque le jeu sauvegarde uniquement lorsqu'on le quitte -ce qui ne change pas grand'chose puisqu'in?�vitablement une cascade d'?�v??nements malencontreux vous tombent sur le coin de la gueule et le vaisseau finit par exploser. Jouer ?� Tharsis ?�quivaut ?� jouer ?� colin-maillard sur l'autoroute en esp?�rant ?�viter les bagnoles aux coups de klaxons.