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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man, this all-new third-person action-adventure video game builds on the story of the previous game with an alternative take on the events of the upcoming movie, while also giving players an enhanced, free-roaming web-slinging experience through a greatly expanded New York City.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2211
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General, Open-World
Company / Developer
Activision / Beenox

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 reviews ( 7 )

D347H, May 14, 2014

Not quite sure people are saying the graphics in the game are bad. I have mine maxed out and it looks really great. Don't have a crappy PC with the graphics turns on low and it won't look like crap. The controls are easy to use on a PC, but I am a PC Gamer, not a console newb. The game itself does require more than just one button mashing like one guy said, you do have to dodge, use your webs, etc to keep yourself from getting killed. If you even try to button mash in this game you'll get killed easily. The boss fights are eh... too quick. The story line is lacking a bit in this game compared to the first Amazing Spider-Man. The suits do offer different stat changes, not sure what the other guy was talking about. Anyways, it is a fun game if you want to kill time for a bit. Does require a pretty good gaming PC to run it, so don't try to run it on a dual core then complain cause you can't run the graphics very high.

JohnR, May 10, 2014

This is a game for Spidey fans. It plays well on my awesome pc with all eye candy maxed out. Set the difficulty to hero level and enjoy it for what it is. I like the story and the gameplay, but the humour is light hearted, and I realise that many gamers do not appreciate that. I do. I like it. One last thing. I do play it with a pc usb Xbox controller. I can't vouch for the keyboard/mouse controls.

ogisha, May 1, 2014

It's certainly an improvement from the previous game. It borrows a lot from the Batman Arkham series, which is not that bad. Swinging is cool as well, not spiderman 2 swinging, but still cool. Graphics are fine. It's not perfect but it's a good game that you will not regret buying.

JosTheReal, May 23, 2014

I really liked the Spider-man games, but sadly this isn't a game i'm happy with. Thanks to the unstable framerate this game is really hard to play. Doesn't matter on which settings I play, it just doesn't get any better. I know the framerate issues isn't a problem with my PC (Maybe some unsupported hardware), but I can play other good looking games like Battlefield 4 on normal settings with 60fps, so I ask myself why not The Amazing Spider-man 2 on very low. Even on high the game doesn't really look much better than The Amazing Spider-man 1 and that game ran fine on my system. The controls aren't really good, but that could be because of the low FPS, or they're just really bad.

Ragnamaxima, May 24, 2016

I love Spider man, i really do, but this game is just bad. For starters the combat is way too straightforward and much more limited than the Arkham series, secondly we have the terrible story which never knows wich plot to develop properly. And then we have all of the potentially great ideas wasted, for example the hero/menace mechanic, choosing optional topics of conversation and the upgrade system. The bosses are very simple and quite boring and the hub world is almost completely unnecessary. But despite of all of this, i did find some positives: the web swinging is great and probably the best so far, spiderman is very acrobatic which makes the web swinging even more fun, and lastly i love that you can view comics in a comic book store owned by Stan Lee. But overall, sadly this game is not good, and only the biggest fans of spiderman will find it enjoyable, quite disappointing indeed.

Marsonra, Jul 17, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I realize this review might be coming a little late. After all, I reviewed two other Spider-Man games a while ago, including this game's prequel. I was anxious to play this game being the die-hard Spider-Man fanboy that I am. I would pretty much buy anything that has his name plastered on it. So, does this game measure up to the other two Spider-Man games that I reviewed, or is this Spider-Man's worst game yet? Let's find out. The gameplay of the original game was really repetitive. It was still fun however. Here the gameplay is much more repetitive, and much less fun. This is sad because this game follows much the same gameplay style as the last game. You control Spider-Man as he fights criminals and super-villains throughout the city of Manhattan. Along with that there are also story missions you have to complete as the game goes on. The gameplay is more redundant this time around, as there are now more random crimes that Spider-Man has to stop. This time however, unlike the last game, these crimes don't disappear forever once you do them. They do disappear, however, they reappear later on. At first I thought I would like this, as I remember crimes appearing randomly in Spider-Man 2 the game for the Nintendo Gamecube. While that was fun, those crimes were completely optional (provided that you didn't need to do them to progress through the story). However, here I just found them annoying. For one thing, in this game, there is now a penalty for not stopping these crimes in time, through the game's poorly implemented hero or menace system. I was expecting something cool like an alternate ending for the game, like in Spider-Man Web of Shadows. However, it ultimately results in "If Spider-Man doesn't stop these crimes, then the Police will stop Spider-Man". It basically means if you leave crimes alone for long enough, it will disappear, and the people of New York will hate you for letting the criminals get away. This just got annoying. Also, there is always a news report when you stop a crime, which can take your time away from this game's action. This makes the game boring, and less fun. None of this is to say that the game isn't fun at all. It can be fun just to beat people up as Spider-Man. There are also really fun stealth missions where you have to take out enemies who are trying to stop you from getting to an alternate costume. If this was the entire game, I think I would have enjoyed it a little bit more. Oh, and yes there are alternate costumes and other unlockables in this game which can extend your playtime a bit. The alternate costumes are better in this game than they are in the last game, as they don't completely break the game when you unlock them. They're supposed to provide you with boosts depending on the costume you use. However, because the gameplay is so redundant I barely noticed any difference regardless of what costume I used. Oh, and the gameplay is also way too easy. In the end, the gameplay of this game could have been amazing, but due to easiness and redundancy, the gameplay falls into mediocrity. As for the graphics, I think they look good...back in 2006. This game also has really mediocre outdated graphics. This game came out a year after Grand Theft Auto V, my new favorite video game of all time, which had fantastic graphics that really showed off what graphics technology of today is capable of. Also, this game's lighting makes the graphics look even more dreadful than they already are. While I'd say this game's graphics are outdated, they are still pretty mediocre at best. As for the story, words cannot describe how disappointed I am with this game's story. It is absolutely terrible, displaying pretty much everything bad about video game story lines. The entire story is pretty much "Oh no bad guys are trying to take over the city, but of course Spider-Man is here, so everything will be fine". There are also Peter Parker levels that I sort of enjoyed. They still couldn't save the story from being a travesty however. Overall, I will admit, I actually enjoyed this game at first. However, that was because I am a giant Spider-Man fan, and I was willing to let that blind me to how boring the game really is. That's exactly who I'd say this game would appeal to: just the die hard Spider-Man fanboys, and no one else. Everyone else should just play Spider-Man 2 the game or Ultimate Spider-Man for the Gamecube instead. They are both much better games. Or heck, just don't play a Spider-Man game at all. Instead, play Batman Arkham if you want an excellent superhero game. Just stay away from Arkham Origins! Gameplay: 5/10 Graphics: 4/10 Story: 3/10 Overall: 4/10

Tessara_Vejgan, May 11, 2014

No Spiderman, you wasted my time no points for you hahahaha. The game is utter s***, a role model for laziness and earn a quick buck scheme. Graphics looks like it was from 2004 not 2014. Combat is a one button mash (even against bosses). Side missions are stupid to say the least, you can raid hideouts to get new suits that offer nothing than a different look (their stats don't do anything), you can race (didn't bother), you can get photos (unlocks not so interesting audio logs). The game also forces this hero/menace thing WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE IS TO ANNOY YOU. The area you are in is VERY small and empty.