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The Banner Saga 3 The Banner Saga 3 is the epic conclusion to a sweeping viking saga six years in the making. This strategic RPG, acclaimed for its strong story and compelling characters has has won over 20 awards and been nominated for 4 BAFTA awards.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 46
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Versus Evil / Stoic
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The Banner Saga 3 reviews ( 4 )

zodak, Aug6, 2018

Banner Saga series became very special to me. Sure, there are some minor weaknesses, but for me they don't really matter much because they don't disturb my immersion with this game. I love Banner Saga series for the characters and their development. And this development depends on your decisions in the game, some of them are very hard to make. Often there is no right or wrong because every character has a different story and, like in real life, their own truth in it. Banner Saga achieves to convey the message in a beautifully designed world and the matching soundtrack strikes in the heart to make you feel as a part of the journey that it takes you with. I love the game because I can grasp a bit of it for real life. Some decisions, not all, makes you think about ideas you normally wouldn't think about because you haven't been in a situation that required it. I'll keep Banner Saga in memory because it is a piece of art entirely and a figurehead as to what a video game can be instead of being dull and meaningless. It's the opposite and I am going to play this one again some time. The only thing that I would have wished for in approach to the maximum of immersion is dubbing the characters.

0wn3df1x, Feb 15, 2019

Неплохое завершение серии. Единственное, что концовка подкачала и очень не хватило качественного и красочного эпилога. Не совсем ясно, зачем нужно было ближке к концу отрисовывать раскрытый ранее и полностью понятный твист, и при этом никак не отрисовывать эпилог, да хотя бы текстом и картинками выдать. Но это такое. По технической части. Стоит дождаться патчей. Игра умудрилась вылететь 8 раз и в большинстве случаев после распределения уровней персонажей и битв с несколькими волнами врагов, что доставило определённые неудобства из-за необходимости делать всё заново. Что касается русской локализации. Ей занималась не отечественные локализаторы, а польская компания Testronic. Вышло средненько. Во-первых, в тексте встречается достаточно опечаток, ошибок и косяков с тэгами, попадаются даже строки с пометками локализаторов (в духе "Саня, что это, переведи", но более коротко и официально). Во-вторых, сложилось впечатление, что текст был очень криво разделен, либо переводился вразнобой, либо какие-то строки переводились гораздо позже уже другими переводчиками, иначе сложно объяснить, как в подряд идущем тексте сначала персонаж изъясняется вполне ясно, а во второй фразе уже так, будто переводящий фразу человек не понимал, что происходит, да ещё пол персонажей перепутал; туда же идут разорванные строки, когда предложения и куски текста повторяются в двух диалоговых окнах, словно текст обновлялся, строки видоизменялись (старый текст перемещался в новую строку), а в переводе и старый текст оставался, и новый переносился, в итоге получилась каша. Исходя из указанного ранее, можно предположить, что в переводе не было редактора и корректировщика. По итогу локализация всё ещё уступает первой части, но стоит признать, что гораздо лучше второй, где она была просто на уровне грунта.

yeled, Jul 29, 2018

What a letdown. When the original game came out, I was a massive fan. Beautiful music and art style, simple, but well crafted turn-based fighting, challenging resource management, great story, meaningful choices, many options to take. Then the second game came, and it was noticeably weaker. Gone were the managing of food, morale, units reached the soft level-cap, stopping any real advancement, making the fights easy. It still had the art, the fun combat, and had huge enemy variety, but it also featured false choices. You could refuse somebody, but she tagged along for the journey anyway - so why ask my opinion about it? The lowest point was the mustache-twirling villain: Rugga. He was so obviously evil, he could have tattooed it on his forehead, yet he was so cunning and devious, he somehow always cut in front. But the story took a good turn: it started flirting with the idea, that the kind-hearted mage couple might just hide some pretty evil secrets. It ended on a massive triple cliffhanger, but I was still ready to tag along to see the ending. And I walked away massively disapointed. Every sequel stripped features from the original: this time, there is no resource management, or morale. They are gone. The caravan is now moving across blighted, dead land - so the art-style, while still impressive, has to show you dull, featureless landscapes. Choices are much less meaningful, characters are forgotten, plotlines are dropped. The battles come around being challenging again, by facing overpowered enemy, who also outnumber you. This time there are no WAR options - but if you win a fight, you can face another wave - for that you can deploy a new team. Rugga is such a comical villain, that I fully expected him to kidnap poor Alette, and tie her in front of a speeding train, while laughing maniacally. His deviousness is almost comical - and everyone is powerless to stop him, for some... reason... Also Oddlief turnes dumb, Iver turnes nice and optimistic, Eyewind turnes... evil for two seconds. Mild spoilers! The worst, however, was the ending. It is one thing, that the game shies away from the more mature ending, instead, the two magicans were just long suffering good guys, not villains at all. Okay, no biggie. But the ending itself is so abrupt, I couldn't believe it. Sure, it brings an end to this story, and it is largely up to you, how it plays out. But you don't actually get to know, what will happen 5 minutes after the end credits roll. What happened with Bolverk? What happened with Alette or Rook, if you kept them alive? What happened with the other 100 people I saved? End of spoilers Also a smaller complaint is the fact, that every game takes 5-6 hours to finish, totaling to 16-17 hours of gameplay. 40% of it is you, watching people slowly march across beautiful landscapes, doing nothing. There is no reason, to release it in three parts, other than to make 3 times as much money. But I like Versus Evil, so I hope they will use the money to make more games. If I were to rate the series as a whole, it would total into a 7/10: a good game, that any fan of tactical turn-based games should try. But individually, the first game is by far the best. That is an 8-8.5/10, the second is 6-6.5/10 - that leaves me with the third one. And due to it's bare gameplay, stripped features, the most annoying villain ever, and an unsatisfactory ending, I rate it a 5/10. An average game. Certainly the weakest in this otherwise good, high quality series. 5/10 - average

kamaroff, Aug 13, 2018

The 3-rd part is a huge disappointment. 1) Dialogues are written with the left foot. Boring, uncharismatic, with mistakes and, at times, with complete absence of the slightest sense. 2) If you don't have save files from previous chapters, the authors formed the most disgusting version of the previous decisions for you. [spoiler] The bridge of the warls is blown up. We did not take the child of the dredges in the first part. etc [/ spoiler] 3) Backgrounds and music are mediocre. Music - background noise. The backgrounds are faded and unattractive. 4) The final, though logical, but terribly banal. [spoiler] Say "Hello" to Prince of Persia (2008). [/ spoiler] Outcome: - We do not have a choice, we have to buy to find out the end of the story. - Developers know this too, and therefore we got what we got. - The third part gets 4 points out of 10. The first and second parts are 9 out of 10. - If you are not familiar with the series, definitely take the first part, and then decide for yourself shell you continue or not.